Roost specializes in momentous Jam building, that is exciting for the audience as well as the players in the band. Roost fuses elements of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Pop, and Folk into their constantly growing repertoire of original songs.


ROOST formed in the spring of 2005. Although the history of the band is not that old, they have already gelled into crowd pleasing performers. The bands abilities have been proven time and time again as they consistently morph renditions of their originally written songs to create new and innovative atmospheres for their listeners. This credits their rapidly growing fan-base throughout the north-east. Together, the members of Roost bring their wide array of influences and transform them into a new, original sound of their own. With each live show, new faces come aboard and old fans are offered new takes on songs that they have come to know and love.

Tim Cutler (guitar/vocals) Transferring his
experience as a solo performer, Tim blends
his energetic stage presence with smooth
vocals and comprehensive guitar rhythms.
With catchy “sing-a-long” chorus lines,
audiences are instantly drawn to his positive
attitude and contagious smile.

Aaron Mallah (drums) Aaron lays down
exploratory rhythms with lock tight precision.
Aaron's influences stem from both the Punk
and Alternative genre's, lending their styles
to his explosive tendencies and the ability to
maintain atmospheric energy.

Bert Macdonald (guitar/vocals) Joining the
effort to seek unexplored musical territories,
Bert offers his interesting take on the electric
guitar. His songs flow on numerous levels
with an intricate labyrinth of lyrics and
meaningful guitar harmonies.

Jeff Cutler (bass/vocals) Playing the soulful low
end of Roost’s musical spectrum, Jeff unifies
his heartfelt lyrics with innovative bass driven
progressions. As the rest of the band interacts
with Jeff’s momentous jam building, audiences
are cheerfully carried into a night of ambient grooves.

Over the past two years, Roost has performed on over 100 stages ranging from intimate bar settings to expansive outside festivals. They have shared the stage with such nationally touring acts as Reid Genauer and the Assembly of Dust, Raq, The Ryan Montbleau Band, and Zox. In hopes of distributing their creativity through music, Roost hopes to take to the road and experience new venues and people.



Written By: Roost

Lyrics can be found on our homepage:


Roost is Currently working on a debut album, scheduled to be released during the summer of 07'

Set List

*Play 90% original tunes (+/-)

*Have covered songs from the likes of The Band, Doobie Brothers, Bob Marley, etc.

*Set length of 30 minutes to 3.5 hours