Rooster RA

Rooster RA

 Oxnard, California, USA

psycho hillybilly ditch jazz from Oxnard, CA


Hillbilly ditch jazz - the description given this Oxnard, CA trio with it's debut release, "High Heel Rockets."

Often compared to the LA-based punk rock group X, Scott Hughes, John Lacques, and Ray Waggoner are Rooster RA. They come from an eclectic background of classical, punk, world and rock roots.

Their guerilla musical instincts are reflected in their marketing techniques as well: RR hit the streets of Oxnard and beyond silently dropping freebie copies of their leadoff single "Oxnard" at coffee shops, bus stops and storefronts, developing a devout underground following and encouraging bootleg remixes of the song cropping up all over Ventura County.

June 15th they will host an official release party at Zoey's in Ventura.

Their cd is now available on iTunes and they are launching their own non-com radio campaign.



Written By: Rooster RA

I was born down is Oxnard
Where the plains is

That fed most the U.S.A.
Where my Grandpappy
Lost his virginity
In a shack
down by the railroad track
In Oxnard

Oh, sugar let it flow
I can feel the moon rising
Oh, sugar swing it low
I can feel the earth move
I can feel the town creak

I was torn from down under a rock
Where the crater is
That bore all the water
Where my Mama
Lost her limpidity
Through a sack
stretched on the sugar-beet rack
Down in Oxnard

Oh, Mama sing your song
Can you feel the earth moving?
Oh, Mama let it go
I can hear your song groove
I can feel the town creak

I was born
I was torn
Down in Oxnard.

Shiny Diamonds

Written By: Rooster RA

You cut me down
As you held my hand so tightly
With an Axe so cold
I never felt the ground
And I fell
And I saw the Shiny diamonds
Painted by blood
Saw you twirling your hair

You cut me down
As you squeezed my heart so tightly
With a vice so hot
I never felt it bleed
And I fell
And I saw the Shiny diamonds
Painted by blood
Saw your million burning suns.

You cut me down


Written By: Rooster RA

On the chance that we
Find a certain branch or bangle
Throw a ditch over it
And the budgeting stealth is frozen

On the cracky-corn fella
Bake what the country would let fodder
Throw a ditch over it
And the ditch is dug and lit

And we can stave off
And belly up the blood shine
And drag about the small bliss
That tallies up the bored men
That live under the rocks and stream

On a slave Moses leaned
Gave a hell to the pharaoh’s knitty scheme
Threw a ditch over it
And the parted narrow was cast from the spleen

On a whipping post
Find the captured lives that fall
From the sky like the frogs
And the ditch is beveled by salt

What is more misleading
Is to avoid the boredom
And run about the thirsty marsh
Stinking and jettisoned against the rocks and stream


Written By: Rooster RA

I’m coming home now
The hawk is swooping down
My heart is being torn wide open LOUD

I will be home soon
I will be home soon

All the ounces that I so forbade
Are being poured in me as I am made

From the ache we stained w/ glory
From the days we quietly knew Nothing

I’ve been out here
For 5 thousand years
The hole I dug is beginning to fall in
My head is being sorted out by
My heart is being torn wide open

Loud, loud, so loud
I will be home soon.
I will be home soon.


High Heel Rockets - debut
"Oxnard" - leadoff single, on non-com radio

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