Rochester, New York, USA

21st Century Dry & Heavy Livetronica DubCore


Since September of 2010 these crucial 4 points of the illest of light have touched down on Earth and emerged onto the scene as RootsCollider; the definitive 21st Century "Dry & Heavy Livetronica DubCore" act that continues to push the sonic envelope toward enlightenment.

The future fab four is dedicated to bringing the listener only the freshest cuts of live original punishing Drum & Bass, crushing Dubstep, destructive Electro-Rock, and fresh Future-Funk, with the rude-boy elements of the most crucial Dub Reggae.

The act's sole purpose is to collide these roots genres into a single unstoppable aesthetic force, and they are known as one of the last definitive almost completely analogue defenses against the digital 21st Century.

RootsCollider has been described as a powerful visceral artistic experience for the mind, body, and soul. The band has quickly become regional favorites for so many and has gained wide recognition by sweeping upstate NY off of it's feet as one of the fastest growing live original acts from Rochester, NY.

RootsCollider has shared the stage with these national touring acts:

- Dub Trio (Matisyahu's band)
- Conspirator (members of the Disco Biscuits)
- Telepath (members of ArchNemesis)
- Brothers Past
- BioDiesel (Clay Parnell of Brothers Past and the infamous Johnny Rabb)
- The Werks
- The Manhattan Project
- Dirty Paris
- Psychedelphia
- Fundimensionals
- Broccoli Samaurai
- LouLou Ghelichkhani (member of Thievery Corporation)
- RubbleBucket
- John Brown's Body
- Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
- ThunderBody (former members of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad & Dufus)
- Sophistafunk
- Roots of Creation

RootsCollider has shared the stage with these national touring DJ's:

- Diesel Boy
- LudaChrist
- 12th Planet
- Kill the Noise
- Terravita
- Big Basha
- Sammy Bananas
- Skeet Skeet

RootsCollider records and produces their studio records at the infamous Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY ( where these international performing artists below have recorded:

- DangerMouse
- The Black Keyes
- Matisyahu
- Dub Trio
- Charlie Hunter
- Black Thought from the Roots
- John Scoffield
- Jojo Mayer's Nerve
- Moby

RootsCollider has performed at these national venues:

- WaterStreet Music Halll (Rochester, NY)
- Westcott Theater (Syracuse, NY)
- Town Ballroom (Buffalo, NY)
- Castaway's (Ithaca, NY)
- Red Square (Albany, NY)
- Java Barn (Canton, NY)
- The Crooked I (Erie, PA)
- The Grog Shoppe (Cleveland, OH)
- Nectar's (Burlington, VT)

RootsCollider has performed at these national festivals:

- Tweed River Music Festival (Stockbridge, VT)

RootsCollider has also been featured in the:

- "Bands on the Rise" section of Relix Magazine in June/July of 2011
- "Unsigned Bands" section of High Times Magazine in July of 2012


EP - 2010
SuperNova - 2011
Phoenix - 2011

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