Roots Ensemble

Roots Ensemble

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The music is Acoustic based folk rock with an eye toward Pop. Big choruses wrapped in harmony suported by stories that come from real life. We are passionate about what we do.


I’m currently residing in Woolwich Township, New Jersey, I played drums and sang in my first garage band in high school. Shortly after, I started playing out at local bars in a blues band. I first started writing songs at age 17. I wrote mostly lyrics until learning to play guitar during my second year of college at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. We formed a band in college and played every nook and cranny of West Chester. We mostly played Gratful Dead covers interspersed with our original music. There were three of us writing in the band and we wrote individually and together for a few years while playing out.
Wrote and recorded my fist studio CD entitlled, “Thomas W. Bruggemann” in 1997 at Roadside Studios with local Philadelphia engineer and producer Paul Brown. I finished work on my second CD “Catywampus” in 2003 in my home studio. Just released my third CD "10 to 1"
We play a folk & rock style music. Major influences being; The Band, Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beatles, and Springsteen. Latley you can find us playing at the Swedes Cafe in Swedesboro, NJ. The core of the band has been playing together for over 15 years. We have stayed true to our musical beliefs and our goal is to just get our music out there to a larger audience.


Straight On Through

Written By: Tom Chirip

Straight on through.
V1. If you listen closely on the air tonight you’ll hear
the sound of my voice coming through the air
might be the wind or the rain or a boat or a train might be that midnight phone call that just never rang
I can still hear the song that pretty little angle sang.

led me straight on through,, the deepest part of the night
straight on through to you , tonight

Last night I heard your voice coming down the stairs, swear I saw you standing there, Our love was still alive
I couldn’t find my music, I’d miss placed my fear laid down my anger was to tired for tears I couldn't find you though I searched through all those years

Chorus: Still I went straight on through the deepest part of the night, straight on through to you , tonight

It always seems were so far apart.
But I’m leeaving this town behind me know, aint that a

I wish the door would open, you’d be standing there, but all my wishing aint gonna bring you here, but maybe the wind or the rain , a boat or a train this time that midnight phone call's gonna go ahead and ring, someone on the line is going to call me away from here

take me


Full length Lp's Available at
Thomas W. Bruggemann 1997
Catywampus 2003
10 to 1 2007
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CDs available at in the rock section
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Set List

Sets are varied we shoot for 50 % cover 50 % original
New York: Ryan Adams
Green River: Credence
20th Century Fox: The Doors
Understanding: T. Chirip
Last Kiss: Pearl Jam
1st. Angel: T. Chirip
Before you Accuse Me
Say Hello: T. Chirip
Don’t Pass Me By: Beatles
Tangled Up In Blue: Dylan
Ferromonte: T. Chirip
Higher road:T. Chirip

Interlude: in stead of a break
(Right at Set End Joe and Dave exit, leaving Bruce,Tom& Johnny on for
County Stomp: T. Chirip

Thunder road: Springsteen

Set 2

Greetings: T. Chirip
Angel of Harlem:U2
Mr. charlie: Greatful Dead
Carry a Heart :T. Chirip
909: Beatles
Not Waiting:T. Chirip
Long Black Viel: The Band
She’s the One: Springsteen
Needle & groove: T. Chirip
Soul Climbin:T. Chirip
Church of Slim:T. Chirip
Rescue Blues: Ryan Adams
Road House: The Doors
Sgt. Peppers - With a Little Help
Alt. songs
American Band
Soul Kitchen
Drops of Jupiter
Sunday Morning
Get Back