Roots of Creation

Roots of Creation

 Keene, New Hampshire, USA

"A Touring Powerhouse" - Philip Lucas / "Reggae -Funk - Rock that erupts on stage, severing artist-audience barriers...summoning fans to join them in an awakening." - Devin Madden / Relix Magazine "America's contribution to Reggae music: the Jam-Reggae hybrid." - Brent Hagerman


"The Reggae-Jam Dubtronica Hybrid"

Bolstered by a sense of it's own colorful history and urged onward by the promise of a fruitful future, Roots of Creation approaches it's 4th year of full-time touring having evolved into a musical force of nature. With a hard-working ethic and an arsenal of upbeat, substantial songs, Roots of Creation have ascended to the top of their profession by putting their fans first and doing business with focus and respect. Writers, DJs, venue owners, and booking agents alike have joined ROC's steadily growing army of fans in heaping praise upon the New Hampshire quartet, and not just for the music - the band has forged a unique connection with their listeners that provides concert attendees with a highly personal experience. They also walk the walk when it comes to social and environmental activism. Having raised money for many causes.

The sound captured on their latest album, Live Vol. 1, is the result of years of absorbing diverse influences into their bedrock of "jam-meets-reggae." The latest style to work its way into the ROC sound comes courtesy in part of new bassist Chris Beam, whose background in electronic/trance music helped facilitate the band's recent shift incorporating lengthier dance-driven explorations, which are still spiked with ROC's own special dub/rock/reggae flavor. Beyond the amazing music contained within, and in keeping with their history of conscious efforts, the album's packaging is 70% post-consumer product recycled cardboard.

There's no better representation of ROC's recently perfected, bigger, badder sound than the fast-paced experience of Live Vol. 1, released by Harmonized Records on June 24th. From addictive reggae pop songs to consciously charged roots rhythms and berzerk electronic improvisations, the grace and precision with which ROC execute their bass-heavy works is overwhelming. Their roots are tinged with rock, their rock brushed with electronica, and they're as likely to dash off into a 10-minute guitar-led groove as they are to perform righteous vocal songs that resonate like the roots-rock classics of old. From the steamy opener "Oh Lord" to the extended jams on "Void" and "Proggae," both favorites from their critically acclaimed Rise Up album, there's an urgency and dedication to perfection unmatched by other live releases.

Besides signing with Harmonized, Roots of Creation's most recent praises came in the form of sponsorship from the well-known outdoor sports company Eastern Mountain Sports, who obviously see a connection between ROC's diverse, active fanbase and their products. In 2007, Rise Up garnered the band a nomination for Best World Music Act at the Boston Music Awards. On top of that, the band have recently found themselves in high-class musical company as they shared stages and audiences with artists such as chart-topping rapper Lupe Fiasco, reggae legends like Culture, The Wailers, Israel Vibration, Pato Banton, Toots, and Yellowman, plus well-known acts from all over the musical map such as Matisyahu, Slightly Stoopid, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and Melvin Sparks.

ROOTS OF CREATION have rocked many a College and Private High School campus such as...

UNCA Ashville NC, Eastern Carolina University, NCSU, Virginia Commonwealth University, Warren Wilson, Franklin Pierce University, Southern NH University, Plymouth State University, Keene State College, University of Vermont, Green Mountain College, Colby College, UMaine Orono, Unity College, Berkshire Academy, The Kent School, Vassar College, Bridgewater State, UMass Amherst, North County Community College, St. Lawrence University, and Simons Rock College of Bard, to name a few.

...Shared the stage with national acts such as...

The Wailers, Pato Banton, Eek-a-mouse, RZA, Bassnectar, Tom Morello, Les Claypool, Barington Levy, EOTO, Conspirator, Toots and the Maytals, Matisyahu, Badfish, Paranoid Social Club, Zox, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Max Creek, Dubconscious, Melvin Sparks, SOJA (Soldiers of Jah Army) and Strangefolk. They have also shared the stage with members of Culture, Israel Vibration, Yellowman, Slightly Stoopid, and John Browns Body.

...Love to support a good cause...

ROC are philanthropists and have played numerous benefit concerts for various humanitarian causes most notably, the Peace and Justice Rally on the Boston common (in front of 10,000 people).

Here are some other examples of organizations they have donated money to and played and organized benefit concerts for: Peterborough NH food bank, Save Sudan, Livestrong Foundation, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Bands for Cans and Strangers Helping Strangers food drives, NORML, Students for a Senseable Drug Policy, The Boston Aids Walk, and The NH and ME Fair Trade Fairs, War Child.

Here is what the press has recently had to say about ROOTS


Another Song of Freedom

Written By: Brett Wilson

It feels like it’s been such a long time since I’ve been feelin’ up
I’ve been in a rut with a half empty cup
I didn’t realize what I had, cause the complications made it seem bad
But I’ve got to keep my head up, I can't look back
Take that chip off my shoulder and give myself some slack
Listen to this message if your feelin’ bad
Think about all the good things that you have
That you take for granted, the seeds you planted
As you fill up the palms of the empty handed
Cause sometimes when you see that sliver of sun
shining through the clouds on everyone

It sparks a revelation, about what to do son
You got to give thanks and praises to everyone
You got to give props to people that give you love
And give props to people that stand you up
What really matters is not what you say or do
What game you play, or who’s with what crew
It’s all about stickin’ with your true friends
Cause there’s only one thing that matters in the end
I said there’s only one thing that matters in the end
I said there’s only one thing you must understand
Cause the only thing that matters in the end…
Is what you did with your life
Did you fight the war against injustice?
That shit we can’t afford so I busted this
To help fight for the freedom of love
We can’t resist the power of love
So open up your heart and then you’ll see
What love has done to me

I got something to tell you
What it is I don’t
I don’t know yet but I’m thinkin’ out loud
I think it’s
Another song of freedom
Shootin’ down to the rhythm of my hand

I’ve been searchin’ so long to find my place
My place in space, on this here earth with the human race
I think I finally found that note that I can hold and bend and sing with my throat
The gift of life is worth all its pain
Cause even if you haven’t met fortune or fame
You can still remember all the names
Of all your friends, the ones that went and came
The ones you lost, the ones you loved
The ones that made you rise above
I’m so blessed I didn’t even know that the kids that came out and went to my show
Would take it all so to heart and give it back with constant support
I thank you all with all my soul
Listen close and hear it all…

As I blaze the chillum, the smoke of freedom
Rises up from the chalice and hits your eardrum
Hear the vibration, herbal meditation
Calmin’ you down white, black, or Asian
And the circle of life keeps on spinin’ around
Ringin’ strong and ringin’ proud
And the circle of life keeps on spinin’ around
Ringin’ strong and ringin’ proud
And the circle of life keeps on spinin’ around
Ringin’ strong and ringin’ proud

I got something to tell you

What it is I don’t
I don’t know yet but I’m thinkin’ out loud
I think it’s
Another song of freedom
Shootin’ down to the rhythm of my hand

Rise Up!

Written By: Brett Wilson/One Volcano Music Publishing Company (ASCAP)

1.  Rise Up! >
(B. Wilson)
Rise up
everybody rise up
Won't you hear these words
Rise up
everybody rise up
Or there will be danger
(come on come on)
(everybody sing)
Gather 'round all your brethren and listen to what I say
It's them who will destroy our land
If you love reggae music and know how to use it
It can be a weapon
Everyday I try to stay on the path of righteousness
But they keep gettin' in my way
If they don't stop, don't call the cops
Just let their bodies drop
To the sound of your PA
All you brothers and sisters (come on, come on)
All you children and elders (get up, get up)
Get up stand up for your rights
So we don't hafta to see another man die tonight

Oh no!

Universal Soldier

Written By: Brett Wilson/One Volcano Music Publishing Company (ASCAP)

10. Universal Soldier
(B. Wilson)
This is for my universal soldier
Who's fighting as we speak
Tryin' shed some light upon the situation bleak?Just listen to your heart guide
A language we all speak
This is for my soldiers
When your feeling weak
This is for my soldiers who stand by me
Tryin' carry the torch of the human being
Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red
You see colors, but all I see is family
Whether it be on planes or in the sea
Army, Marines, or in the Navy
On the street tryin' raise a baby
Or a soul rebel tryin' to change a country
Whatever your cause is, you'll hear my applause 'cause
Stand up for what you believe
It's all about what you perceive
('Cause) it's our leaders not our soldiers (that) are heathens
So if you wanna give your life for Allah
So give it

And if you wanna live your life for Jah
So live it

But if you wanna liberate a country
Make sure its people agree
Cause its our people's sons, mothers, fathers, and daughters that face defeat
Just listen to your heart, listen to your heart, listen to your heart, yeah, listen to your heart (2x)
Listen to your heart guide, just listen to your heart guide (2x)
Oh yeah

Thats How Strong My Love Is

Written By: Jamison

original made famous by
OTIS REDDING (original lyrics)
That's How Strong My Love Is

If I was the sun way up there
I'd go with love most everywhere
I'll be the moon when the sun goes down
Just to let you know that I'm still around

That's how strong my love is, oh
That's how strong my love is,
That's how strong my love is, baby, baby,
That's how strong my love is.

I'll be the weeping willow drowning in my tears
You can go swimming when you're here
I'll be the rainbow when the sun is gone
Wrap you in my colors and keep you warm

That's how strong my love is, darling,
That's how strong my love is, baby,
That's how strong my love is, oooh,
That's how strong my love is.

I'll be the ocean so deep and wide
I'll get out the tears whenever you cry,
I'll be the breeze after the storm is gone
To dry your eyes and love you warm

That's how strong my love is, baby,
That's how strong my love is,
That's how strong my love is, darling,
That's how strong my love is,


1. Go Back to Your Roots E.P. (2000) OUT OF PRINT
2. Live at the Jaffery House (2001) OUT OF PRINT
3. Another Song of Freedom E.P. (2002/2003)
4. The End of the Beginning (2004) 2,000+ SOLD!!!
- Tracks #5 and 6 on "The End Of The Beginning": "Another Song of Freedom" and "Baby" get airplay on 92.5 The River, NPR, and college radio across the nation.

5. Live @ The Stone Church
Limited edition of 1000- OUT OF PRINT (2005)

6. RISE UP! (September 2006)
Played on internet, college, and indie radio stations across the country

7. Live Volume #1 (June 2008)
Charted on the radio charts.

Set List

Roots of Creation plays one, two hour set, or two, one hour and fifteen minute sets. It depends on what the venue wants and how many bands that are on the bill. Always factor in a 15 minute encore.

Roots of Creation have a large and constantly evolving setlist of original tunes to draw from, BUT... occasionally perform select covers with the ROC seal of approval, ranging anywhere from a jammed out-funky version of Ray Parker JR's "Ghostbusters", to a haunting reggae-rock version of Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls on Parade".

New Cover Songs (currently in rotation):

Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello)
This Must Be The Place (Talking Heads)
Night Nurse (Gregory Issiacs)
Hungry Like The Wolves (Duran Duran)
Satta Massagana (Absynians)
7 Nation Army (White Stripes)
Lake of Fire Dub (Meat Puppets)
Timebomb (Rancid)
Unity (Operation Ivy)
Legalize It (Peter Tosh)
Roots of Creation (Sublime)
Mellow Mood (Bob Marley)
Dyer Maker (Led Zepplin)
Organ Donor (DJ Shadow)