Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandSpoken WordSoul

Digable Planets, Floetry and Jill Scott wrapped into one.


At the age of 12, Kala thought it was time to grow up and put away childish things. She would lock herself in her room and read encyclopedias, different religions, self-help books and poems. So she began to write her own poems, songs and movies. It was her way to escape Life and a way to get over the death of her father and cousin in the same year. She wanted to speak out to the world and didn't know how!

As a kid, she was extremely shy. Yet, her mom got her out of that when she started putting her in talent shows, plays, church groups, organizations and things she couldn't pronounce. After being a runner-up in Hal Jackson Talented Teens in New Orleans, she was in many more pageants.

The older she got, the more she found herself loving her writings even more. One day after a class debate, an English teacher gave her incite. The name Rootsology was born to her because no matter where she went, people wanted to hear her speak in her smooth, mellow voice. "The class would actually pay attention to what she had to say," said the teacher.

She decided to put modeling on the backburner and try other things. She moved to Georgia, only to find herself with 3 guys Devon, Nebraska and Mike. "I'd never heard of spoken word with music on a CD before, but I wanted to try something different".

A band was born called A GROUP CALLED KARMA. They were rock, They were poetry, They were soul, They were jazz, They were ONE. Some called them Digable Planets and others called them Floetry. They could get into any studio and create a full CD of songs within 3 hours. That's including writing the poems out in a format and the band that played behind them was on point. That's how easy the flow was! But yet, they came together years after Digable Planets and years before Floetry. With 3 CD's, they got many great reviews not only from the masses but from several US Major Record Labels.

Now as she takes the world on her own without the guys, she is making waves and turning heads to her nice gentle voice and funky sounds that blast into your speakers. Guaranteed that once you hear the CD and the message that is delivered that you will be pleased!!


At the Coffee Shop

Written By: Rootsology-Kala Brown

Hey Ken

Ken's voice------How you doing?

I think I'll have a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese

Ken's voice------that'll be 5. 43

any tables free?

Ken's voice------Over there by the window

oh, ok, thanks
Now I got to walk over her

Someone left a newspaper

Oh the Lakers won


I remember my granny gave me newspapers to read as a kid
made me believe that I could and I did
Neighborhood breeded good kids back in the day
All day the air was filled with childs play
never had to worry about to many crimes
as long as we were home before the street lights shine
and if I didn't mom would surely come looking in her robe
embarrasing me in front of friends
twist the earlobes


(paul---) Cause at the coffee shop is where I come to chase my blues away

(paul---) Cause at the coffee shop is where I come to chase my blues away


I look out the window and all I see is people in a hurry
trying to get somewhere busy bees
and nobody even cares or dares to look at the man
with a sign in his hands who demand that GOD will be returning soon
and I believe
so I look up and out across the room to see
laptops, books and someone studying Chemistry
and a little old man in his chairs who stairs back at me
looking like my grandfather
Luther Darden
Rest in Peace


(paul---) Cause at the coffee shop is where I come to chase my blues away

(paul---) Cause at the coffee shop is where I come to chase my blues away

(paul---) at the coffee shop is where I come to chase my blues away

(paul---) cause at the coffee shop is where I come to chase my blues away

(song fade out)


The No Worries Era 1997
We the Poets 2001
Shakespheres in the Alley/2002
Verb to be a Poet/2005
Coffee Shop Talk Vol 1. Decaffeinated/2007
Coffee Shop Talk Too: Caffeine To Brains 2009

Set List

At the coffee shop
The Soul sista Ad
Reason why I'm alone
Lemon Mocha
birds of a black feather
What he don't know
Ride without You
Ode TO Mr Lynch
Hat of a Different Color
Talk to Me

I do covers for the 6 songs above, with a band containing upright bass player, drummer, keyboardist, saxphonist and background singer.