Roots Posse

Roots Posse

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Unique blend of Caribbean flavored Funk, R&B, Jazz, Island Reggae and Urban fusion with their bouncy bass lines, hard driving riffs and cosmic synths lacing it all together.


An amazing Guitarist, started playing guitar at age 12. A seasoned musician, Orell loves to play guitar. Jimi Hendrix, Ernie Isley, and Eddie Hazel of the Funkadelics (Old School) positively influenced his musical style. His ability to play the guitar behind his back and with his teeth is a crowd pleasing novelty that is displayed at every ROOTS POSSE concert. He has toured professionally on the road, and his stage presence, which also includes singing lead, is incredible.

Bass Guitarist was musically inclined at an early age. He picked up the E Flat Alto Saxophone and Bass Guitar at the same time. He plays each instrument with a high degree of accuracy. As Director of ROOTS POSSE, his musical knowledge of theory and arranging makes him the energy of the band. Audience encounter an aura of fascination just watching Ebb perform.

Grew up with a family where music played a very important role in their lives. His father is a master vocalist, who performs and records in several studios. Greatly influenced by his father’s talents, Deon picked up the saxophone at age 13 and keyboard at age 16 and began to skillfully master both instruments. Today, his musical talents are totally awesome. This progress includes building a recording studio and creating a record label. He has recorded and produced a CD entitled Reborn, which is a Christian jazz masterpiece where Deon wrote, arranged and played every instrument. An astounding task for an accomplished musician.

Percussionist Extraordinaire, became interested in drums at an early age. He played drums with his high school band and furthered his skills by playing with the Marching Bulldogs band at Alabama A&M University. Donte’ graduated from Alabama A&M University with a degree in Biology. Since being formally trained and educated at his musical skills through high school and college, Donte’ has become a spectacular Drummer.

Lead Vocalist, has a silky, smooth voice that reminds you of Phillip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire. Billy is a master vocalist who grew up in a musical motivated family. His singing career began at an early age with is brothers and sisters. After his initial singing experience, he began singing with a band named P.T. & Fun, where the B stood for Billy. With this wonderful experience came notoriety and a strong desire by other groups to acquire him as First Tenor Vocalist. Beautiful is the only word to describe his voice.