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"Roots Revealers ready to conquer the reggae world"

Reggae and dancehall music are not dominant in the United States but it drew Caucasian brothers Chris and Josh Mundahl so much that they had to form a group, Roots Revealers.

The Texas-born artistes explained that although they were surrounded by other popular genres, they had a stronger love for reggae and dancehall music.

"We used to collect old 45s and old records and we had, like, a sound system, and we used to play dancehall and reggae. We used to sing over the tracks. There is reggae in the clubs and people play reggae on the radio. It's not an off-the-wall thing. We have been hearing it our whole lives," Chris told The Sunday Gleaner.

Josh added, "I don't know. It's just the music that we gravitated to."

So involved were they in the Jamaican culture that both brothers used to sport locks and joined the Rastafari movement.

"It was the Rasta part that drew us in it first, like Bob Marley, Culture and Burning Spears. The message is what we liked. We used to burn a lot of weed. We loved everything about Rasta," Josh said.

Chris further explained that this was done at a point when they were doing a bit of soul searching.

Personal religion

However, he said they cut the locks in 2001, as it was becoming merely fashionable for some people and real Rastafarians were being misrepresented. Hence, the religion has become more a personal thing for him and is not based entirely on his outward appearance.

"We still live the same life. We are still vegetarians. Still Rasta, but no locks," Josh added.

In 2005, they decided to start recording music on a professional level. And, since then, Chris said it has been a learning experience.

"It was like a learning process - learning how the music is recorded, how it is mixed, and how to actually make a song sound good," Chris told The Sunday Gleaner, adding, "It is something I always loved. We're still here and still pushing forward with it. Maybe we chose it, maybe it chose us, maybe it's a mutual thing."

Josh, on the other hand, described the music business as "very competitive and cut-throat" but also a good teacher.

Their manager, Judia Manning, added that it is very difficult for new artistes to break into the music business.

Since their musical journey began, Chris and Josh have released several tracks, like No More Killing, No Easy Life, Goodbye and Sweetie, which features Chaka Demus. They are currently putting much focus on Sweetie, which reached number seven on Hype TV's top-10 chart.

Along the way, they have also done songs with local artistes like Vybz Kartel, Fantan Mojah, Turbulence and Sizzla. But their album Sweet Jamaica, which was released in June, has very few collaborations.

Immediately after releasing the album, the brothers toured the US with Etana and the Abyssinians. The tour included over 20 club dates and appearances at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and Reggae on the River in Northern California.

They have other major appearances to their merit, as they performed at the (then Air Jamaica) Jazz and Blues Festival in 2008, Spring Break in Negril in 2007 and 2008, and Beenie Man Sizzle in August.

The response to their music, Chris said, has been generally positive.

"It has been overwhelming. I think black audiences like us more than white audiences. People always say we don't sound anything like we look. Some people tell us that we sound like we are from Jamaica when we sing, but we are not really trying to go for that, we just sing," he said.

Jamaican acceptance important

Josh also said that it was very important to be loved by the Jamaican audience. "If Jamaica doesn't accept you, it's hard for you to get accepted out into the world," he told The Sunday Gleaner.

But for Chris, being accepted by all markets will not happen overnight. However, he believes that getting the exposure is more important than being accepted.

And exposure is what they are trying to get while in Jamaica. Their time spent here will be filled with interviews as well as appearances on shows like March Out, Teensplash and Original Dancehall Jam Jam.

Early next year, they will release some more videos and they are already confirmed for tours in Europe, South America and North America. They also have plans to get on some major shows in Jamaica next year.
- The Jamaica Gleaner, Sunday December 27, 2009

"All about Sweet Jamaica for Texas duo Roots Revealers"

Texas-born siblings Roots Revealers have managed to combine Jamaica's vibrant roots and culture with their Texan background to create a unique sound, which has been creating a stir in the music industry worldwide.

The brothers, who were born Chris & Josh Mundahl in the hilly region of the state of Texas, have used their contrasting vocal styles to create a one-of-a-kind sound for which Roots Revealers are known. The duo just completed putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Sweet Jamaica, a 13-track effort, which shows their versatility and deep-rooted knowledge of the reggae genre.

The title track is an ode to the vibe that pervades in the island where the music was born and bred.

Other interesting tracks include, Ready or Not, featuring rising Rastafarian chanter, Ras Goudie, No More Killing, Kali Tree and No Easy Life.

The album is set to be released later this year... - Chat! Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Roots Revealers Sweet Jamaica"

With an album title like Sweet Jamaica it might surprise you to learn that Roots Revealers in fact originate from Texas and were formed by Caucasian brothers Chris and Josh Mundahl who now reside in Kingston. The Sunday Gleaner featured an interview with the pair last summer in which it was revealed that they had been listening to reggae from an early age, being influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Culture and Burning Spear, with both also becoming so immersed in Jamaican culture that they grew locks and joined the Rastafarian movement. The locks have since gone, but the Rastafarian belief and sentiment is still there.
The sound they have created here is defiantly a sweet Jamaican rootsy one, a kin to the Mighty Diamonds I would say. Their riddims are original and well crafted and to which they add a clean vocal style with patois edge. The album is gently paced with some of the songs like the title track having a real feel good brightness about them. There are a few collaborations on here from the likes of Ras Goudie, CP Inc. & John TI plus of old style rub-a-dub dancehall from Chak Demus on ‘Sweetie’.
There is a serious side to the Revealers amongst these easy flowing vibes with tracks like opener, the simply titled ‘No More Killing’, the anti-authoritarian ‘Freedom’ and the everyday concerns of ‘Worries and Problems’ plus the acoustic and soulful ‘No Easy Life’. I believe this is their first album although they have been releasing material since 2005, it's been a long time coming, and good things come to those prepared to wait...... - springline jamaica


Roots Revealers- "Babylon Crumbling" Star Creation 2005

Roots Revealers- "Dancehall Vibes" Star Creation 2005

Roots Revealers feat Fanton Mojah- "Balance and Level" Star Creation 2006

Roots Revealers feat Sizzla Kalonji- "No More Killing" Star Creation Music 2007

Roots Revealers feat Turbulence- "Freedom of Speech Star Creation Music 2008

Roots Revealers feat. Chaka Demus- "Sweetie" Family House Music 2009

Roots Revealers Album "Sweet Jamaica" Family House Music 2010



Armed with music and culture from Kingston, Jamaica, and with roots in the Hill Country of Texas, the contrasting voices of Chris Mundahl and Josh Mundahl create the one-of-a-kind sound of Roots Revealers. The brothers developed their talents by singing over rhythm versions on a sound system they owned. In 2005 they began recording and producing music in Kingston, releasing singles like “Babylon Crumbling”, “Dancehall Vibes” with the Tamlins, “Balance & Level” featuring Fanton Mojah, “No More Killing” featuring Sizzla Kalonji, “Freedom of Speech” with Turbulence, and were featured on “Weh Dem a Try” by Vybz Kartel. In 2008 the singers began collaborating with musicians from the Manning family, sons of Donald Manning of the Abyssinians. They formed the label, Family House Music and began recording material for their first album. After being chosen from the highly competitive, island-wide talent search, known as the Art of Music Initiative at the Decks in Kingston, they performed at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Fest 2008 in Montego Bay. They have also performed at Spring Break in Negril, in 2007 and 2008. In June and July of 2009 they toured the US with Etana and the Abyssinians. The tour included over 20 club dates and appearances at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2009 and Reggae on the River in Northern California 2009. Shortly thereafter, they performed at Beenieman Sizzle at the National Stadium in Kingston where they received a standing ovation. During the same period, they shot the video for "Sweetie Come Brush Me" featuring Chaka Demus, directed by Nordia Rose, with a special appearance by Carl Bradshaw. This was the first single off of their album , "Sweet Jamaica", set for release later this year. The video climbed the Hype TV Video Top Ten and Top Twenty singles charts in Jamaica. The duo appeared twice as guests on "Up and Live" on Hype TV and performed at March Out 2009, Teensplash 2009, and Original Dancehall Jam Jam 2009. "Roots Revealers ready to conquer the reggae world" Jamaica Gleaner December 27, 2009 Sadeke Brooks “Texas-born siblings Roots Revealers have managed to...create a unique sound, which has been creating a stir in the reggae music industry world-wide…their debut album, Sweet Jamaica…shows their versatility and deep rooted knowledge of the reggae genre.” -Chat Magazine 08-11-2009 Kingston, JA “The white group Roots Revealers of Texas, USA showed true class…” -X News 03-28-2008 Kingston, JA “American brothers Roots Revealers were among those who shined bright during their time in the spotlight…” -The Star TASHIEKA MAIR, STAR WRITER