Roots Rock Jazz

Roots Rock Jazz

 Bridgetown, Saint Michael, BRB

It is a cup of roots, a tablespoon of rock a teaspoon of jazz, with a pinch of hip hop, the sound is new, and the connotations are ancient. The main ingredients in the music is the Congo drum and vocals giving it a poetic flair.


It is a cup of roots, a tablespoon of rock a teaspoon of jazz, with a pinch of hip hop, the sound is new, and the connotations are ancient. The main ingredients in the music is the Congo drum and vocals giving it a poetic flair.

Blak Kla Soyl on Vocals and Percussions...Jamal Browne on Traps, Marius Hawk Bass Charlomaine, and Jay on guitar

Blak Kla' Soyl is the sound of her band. She considers herself an ancient modern, and her sound will take you back and send you to the future.

As a performing artist, she launched her first sound, Earth Roots Jazz in Barbados, with her father, drum icon El Verno Del Congo and guitar.

Her love is Music Fashion and Theater. What better way to do all, through performing. She played her drum in Germany, Jamaica, St Lucia and keep performing as solo Artist in Ghana Africa, Jamaica and Bermuda.

Music is her first love, and her main influence are the drum and the lifestyles of other people, she also admires Nina Simone, Prince and Sting.

Blak Kla Soyl composes and produces for the band. In 2004, she produced and recorded her debut album entitled Blak Kla Soyl the Chromatical. She toured in Bermuda, Jamaica, St Lucia and Germany to promote the album.

In 2006 she took a spiritual break to take care of her father while she pursued her quest and acquired the secrets of drumming.

When she returned to the performing scene two years later, Blak Kla Soyl released two singles entitled a Real Mama's Boy and Women Celebrate. She received great recognition and was nominated at the Barbados Music Award 2009 she will vie for the title again in 2010 for Best Jazz Artist.


A real Mammas Boy

Written By: Blak Kla Soyl

Sister got a son
He's a real mammas boy
He cooks
He cleans
He nah use woman like toy
He took heed to the things that his Mamma did say
He's not a player not a gangster
He moves Jah way .

A real mammas boy
They say
Ya soft when ya mammas boy
But hey
A reall woman wants a real man
A real mammas boy

A real mammas boy loves his Mamma like life and when he loves his woman he makes her his wife
He nah ramp or skin teeth you cant dis your queen or youths
A real mammas boy defends the truth.


We come to make positive this mamma boy phrase
Sisters we are strong we don't Raise our men for the grave
We show them by example the meaning of queen they grow to be Kings
Knowing a Queen being a King
A Real mammas boy is a real man
Cause mamma showed him Truth threw Jah plan.



Written By: Onika Best

Hollow inside, nothing at all. chat you still give with your lies you will fall. and everybody knows cause ya nose it grows and grows and grows. its hard to be real when ya false and you can feel ..your a puppet..what would you do if your nose grew everytime that you told a lie..what would you do if your nose grew everytime. cant understand why the lies fly so free. remember another man carved your destiny. you are the lier you are his tool, alot of peple too want to be someones fool, and every body knows cause your nose it grows and grows and grow. its hard to be real when ya false and you can feel ..your a puppet

Lion Heart

Written By: Onika Best

I see you in the depths of the ghetto.
working in babylon
builing forces to contend with
so that we all can trod on home
your the foundation of your home
your youths nah wan leave you alone.
the evil man
they want all your land
but as we breath the breath of life
ethiopia still stands free

lion heart..lion heart. lion heart heart

only you can change a babies diaper
comb for your woman childs hair
walk in your natural position
with your chin pointed to the air.
this one is dedicated to all man of the universe, who practice to do good
the road it is a winding one
but you gotta stand where christ him stood
chorus end

Asher moon

Written By: Onika Best

shine on me asher moon
shine shine shine on me
shine on me asher moon
i want you to shine on me
shine shine on me

the moon it represents jah woman
the sun it represents jah man, if you can fathom
the moon and the sun they are one
in light in life in love


Suburban truths

Written By: Onika best

How can you care about me
when you dont care about yourself
how can you know me
when you dont know yourself
how can you love me
when you dont love yourself

What is in the dark must come out to light
light light
day run to night catch it today
do you hear what i say do you really really overstand what i mean


to care is to love
to love it is Jah
Jah is creator
he is our maker
through wordsong
we manifest


all of you with hatred inside
put it over there
that side
represents the tares
put them to burn

chorus end

king of queens

Written By: Onika Best

Do you know whats a King of Queens
And what significance does it bring
Oh is it a good thing
to be a King of Queens..

Suzie got a hard slap today
for saying something out the way
like going for a morning walk alone
or sitting to long on the phone
suzi suzi suzi suzi ...oh lord

Jane has a broken leg
for making soft hard boiled eggs
and now shes wearing a cast
and her husband sends her flowers that never last
oh Jane OH Jane Oh Jane..lord

Sheila is a casualty
her husband cut her up in lil peices
now all the women on her job are still seeing shrinks today
cause he carved her in an unartistic way
Shiela Sheila....sheila!!!! shiela...oh lord
chorus end


Written By: Onika Best

Woman of today
listen what i say hey say
ya gotta yod it queen
queen omega way hey way
na run ya run ya body
in the name of love
jah is love
hold on to your virginity until the right time comes

woman you are the queen of queens
woman you sit next to the king of all kings
woman no matter what a nuddah man say
keep praise jah always

come out of babylon
let go of vanities
dont get me mek me wrong
its a balance nah see
we gotta stand up for our rights...not lesbian lib
conglomorates for we
cause woman we are strong
we can achieve in unity


some dont check for bible newspaper or nuttin
thats the man me call a poonanee glutten
so be careful
so be careful
so be careful all woman


in this iwa

Written By: Onika Best

In this Iwa
nuff tings a go on
people perverting the dawn
day time seems so much
then comes a new day called night
spiritual iniquities roam the earth
creating folly for their own death
life it is for living
the sun shines bright

in this iwa
in this iwa
in this here iwa
nuff tings a go on
so you better watch out

rainy season

Written By: onika best

i love
rainy season .......rainy season...

verse one.
lightning clap....................thunder roll
the greens they are thirsty
the spring was slow and now it flows
makes me want to say
verse two
when it rains water...
and when the water breaks comes forth
in the womb of a pregnant woman...there is water
and when the water breaks
life comes forth
makes me want to say
music end


Written By: onika best was so long ago
i was to young ...i didnt know...what they i know
but ....i will let it go......cause i know jah knows.

goodmorning vietnam.....mash my mentality
yeah go ahead...make it funny
i will never laugh ...your so sic.
so so sic.....just drop it
make me opium high
so i wouldnt have to cry
when i see my brothers head get blown to the sky


Blak Kla Soyl the chromatical- Album

A Real Mamma's Boy - single

woman Celebrate- single

Set List

Spoon Feed Me
Ill Will
El Verno Del Congo
House of the Rising Sun
Life Has Taught Me
La Vie En Rose
Just Fine
A Real Mamma's Boy
Woman Celebrate

They can be variations to the sets and timings. One set of an hour, an hour and and half, two hours, two sets, Blak Kla Soyl and her band can adapt to the type of shows and settings