Root System

Root System

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Everything this band does is from the heart. A singer/songwriter approach mixed with world intsruments and a musically educated, Jazz influenced rhythm section. Didgeridoos blend with double bass and djembe's. Root System can play intricate, heartfelt folk songs and next a steady, reggae groove.


With a string of energetic live gigs behind them, Chris Mapstone and Rootsystem, have emerged as front runners in the Vancouver roots music scene.  2010 has seen them play a series of gigs in venues such at the Backstage Lounge, Falconettis and the Courdoury Lounge. 

This coming February, Chris Mapstone and Rootsystem will bring their charismatic and captivating live performance to venues throughout Vancouver Island. 

Singer songwriter and passionate world traveller Chris Mapstone's musical repertoire consists of playing the guitar, didgeridoo, djembe, bongos, harmonica and singing. His lyrics reflect his passion for cultural equality, freedom of speech, self reflection, relationships, and the environment.

In 2007 Chris attended the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival in Australia where he was impressed by the creativity, lifestyle, and beauty he found there. Shortly after his arrival in Byron Bay, Chris met bass player Thomas Morgan, a jazz-schooled international bassist who commands a superb technical fluency on the double bass, and six string electric bass. The musical chemistry was instantaneous. Tom’s intricate, and captivating, groove inspired bass lines complimented the raw resonant warmth of Chris’s voice and lyrics.

Upon relocating to Vancouver, Chris and Tom joined forces with Justin James, a Hawaiian born jazz schooled drummer. It is Justin’s soulful, rhythmic, beats that have given Root System the grounding it needed.

Root System continuously captivates while displaying the talent, and enthusiasm, to excel in the music industry. In Chris’s words, “we don’t do this because we seek fame or fortune we do it because we believe in what we do. Our hearts and souls are in the right place.”

Chris Mapstone and Rootsystem, have just finished recording their debut album with top Vancouver producer Todd Simko (Xaiver rudd, The Be Good Tanyas and Current Swell)  and will be touring to support the album launch.


Live of the floor E.P. 2010 independant release

Of The Earth L.P.- January 2011 independant release

Set List

SET 1 (50 mins)
Melody Of Your Soul
I hope You're Smiling
Of The Earth
Touch The Sky

SET 2 (50 mins)
Drum intro
So Far Away
Sing About Hope
These Days
My Roots
This Time Around

ACOUSTIC SET (35 mins)
Where Are You Going?
Seen Enough
Gotta try
I Believe