Rootz Underground

Rootz Underground


We are the "modern antiquity" that is to say a foundation sound reggae music band with a 70's feel yet with current appeal. At a time when Jamaica has mostly Dancehall artists we have revisited the recipe of the traditional reggae band. Raw, edgy and revolutionary!


The Rootz Underground revolution emerged on the scene in a blaze of high energy performances and conscious lyrics in 2000. All the band members had crossed paths and sometime or another since childhood. Individually, each had embarked on a road of truth, seeking musical and spiritual harmony, and when their paths inevitably forged to form Rootz, they got together to offer up a striking and refreshing mix of conscious lyrics, and a harmonic alternative reggae sound that marries their intellectual, spiritual and creative energies. This marriage has birthed music that is inspiring, energizing and real, progressive, unique, and with edge their reggae has a modern hip hop feel infused with slivers of jazz, rock and revolutionary dub. It pulses with message, from social to love revolution, from the poignant Rain to the guttural and revolutionary How much Longer, and the witty In the Jungle. Their music is so powerful, so raw and real, they have effortlessly enlisted a core of followers who revel in their reggae rock sound, and in the aura created by the bands old soul. Their performances to date include Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, numerous showcases at The Caves in Negril, Re Unplugged Bob Marley Tribute Concert in February 04, Tuesdays In Stereo at the Village Caf, and A.T.I. Temptation Live 05. They are slated to perform at Return to Red Bones on the 5th of November, a follow up to their showcase there last year. They will also be showcasing their talent and competing for national standing as .. 1 in the Battle of the bands on the 13th of November. They are also looking forward to their return to the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, with a performance on the grand stage in January 06. Having built a long repertoire of songs and a strong local fan base, the members of Rootz Underground are ready to take their sound (and their message) to the universal market, with their first album which they are currently recording. The Album is currently available.

Set List

Our sets can be anywhere from half an hour to two hours of original music. We rarely do covers and when we do its always from a band that has influenced us greatly.