an incredible blend of jazz, pop and rock


Ropa11 is a musical project born in the fall of 2005 from the meeting between Eugenio Mirti, one of the better known jazz guitarists of the Piedmont area, and Chiara Onida, an up and coming voice on the Torino scene.

The artistic idea of the project was and is to create a style which combines the energy of rock (classic mainstream to grunge and avantguard) and the groove of improvised jazz (especially modern and modal).
There are alternating moments of acoustic quietness and aggressive distortion but the drive of the band is the classic rock guitar sound of the 70’s.

The band recorded the first album "infrangibile", in the spring of 2006, with both italian and english lyrics.

The group did a short tour in Las Vegas (Nevada, US) during december 2006, with a final show at the lerouge club, in the heart of MGM GRAND resort of Las Vegas.

During the summer 2007 Chiara left temporarly to study design; on march 2008 "mark III" came out, a brand new cd with all instrumental material, from rock to contemporary jazz.


infrangibile (2006)
mark III (2008)

Set List

mainly we play our originals; covers may range from blues to hard rock to jazz to contemporary jazz... according to the occasion.