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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Pop R&B





I have been listening to this next artist nonstop ever since our interview a few weeks back. She is full of energy and sings songs that make you want to get up and dance or mean mug while bobbing your head. On top of that she has such a beautiful spirit and this kindness about her that makes you want to become her friend. In today’s’ interview we discover Roquois love for music and the passion that keeps her going.

STB: Please tell me a little bit about your background and how you started in music?

Roquois: I started in music as many young girls did, in church. I sang on the childrens choir then the young adult choir. I was one of those girls who loved going to church because I got to sing all the time.

STB: In your blog post you referred to music as being therapeutic for you. Do you share personal things in your music?

Roquois: Yes I share personal experiences in my music but I also think of myself as an actress, I will create stories and scenarios in my mind that I know others can relate to, so even if I haven’t gone through it personally I can put myself in someone else shoes.

STB: In your blog post dated January 6, 2014, you referred to 2013 as a “365 day long lesson.” What lessons from 2013 have you taken with you into this next phase of your life?


a. Go Hard or Go Home

b. I can still have faith in God and still achieve my dreams of music.

c. Don’t worry about what other people think of you, they aren’t you.

d. Your biggest supporters will be people who don’t even know you

e. Think of every mistake you made as a lesson… Think Positive, you’re wiser now.

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STB: You describe yourself as an eclectic individual. Does this show in your music and fashion choices?

Roquois: Yes, my eclectic individuality shines through my music and fashion. I currently have 5 songs on my soundcloud and they are all completely different genres, I bounce from doo wop ish, to hip hop, to R&B. My fashion is the same way, one day Ill be in a maxi dress the next Ill be in electric green pants, a purple shirt and a striped blazer.

STB: You’ve described your style in one word as “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Could you please explain this?

Roquois: My “supercalifragilisticexpialadocious” style is when I don’t worry about what others think and I will wear what I feel good in. Sometimes I will want to mix prints and wear things that maybe either “out of style” or “fashion don’ts” but I don’t care, I look good and feel good in it so I will bring it back or make it a fashion “do”. Its those days when I get the most compliments on my style.

STB: You’ve mentioned dreams of becoming a fashion icon. What fashion icons do you look to for inspiration right now?

Roquois: Fashion Icons I am inspired by are: Gwen Stefani, Natalia Kills, Iggy Azalea, Janet jackson and Aaliyah. So many others but I think these are the top 5.

STB: I love the cute T-shirts, crop tops and lashes on your site! How did this come about? Were you approached about this opportunity or is this something you are doing solo?

Roquois: I wanted to think of a way to fuse my music, fashion and social media and then T-shirts came up. I saved up some money and thought of two strong statements that embody me and that’s how “Music is my lifestyle” and “Fashion is a lifestyle” came about. I knew other people could relate to it also. I also have my bachelors degree in computer graphics/animation so when I think of fun ideas I go straight to adobe and start making mock ups.

-Emerald B - Sweet Tart Beauty


Pronounced Ruh-Koi, the multi-talented
singer and model who grew up in PG County,
Maryland, has been singing since the age
of four. Absorbing all the music around her as a
child such as Doo Wop and Hip Hop, she decided to
make it her career during high school. She began
recording music in her own home and reaching out
to producers via MySpace. Roquois shares the highs
and lows of her fashionable career in music.

EV: What is most challenging for you?
RR: The most challenging thing is dealing with both
the hyper sexualized images of females, and skin
tone issues. I love music and I have interesting things
to say in my music. I am not the type to portray
myself as an object just to get a record deal.
I am also trying to break the stereotypes that dark
skin female artists can't be successful solo pop

EV: Describe your music.
RR: Eclectic. I love many different genres of music. I
also have so many different things on my mind; love,
dancing, traveling, drinking coffee, heartache, and so
on. I want to create music that makes people want to
figure out the lyrics.

EV: Describe your style.
RR: Unique. In fashion, I'm guided by my emotions
not trends. If I want to wear a cat suit or a sweat
shirt with leggings and stilettos, I will and I don't
care what other people think. Fashion is what you
make it. My advice is "If you aren't comfortable with
yourself in what you are wearing... TAKE IT OFF!"
EV: How do fashion and music come together for

RR: Fashion and Music come together for me in
an expressive way. Sometimes during a show I can
express my emotions by what I'm feeling. Fashion is
the visual to my music and music is the soundtrack to
my style. There is never one without the other in my

EV: What is in store this year?
RR: I will release an EP, a few more singles and more
videos of me being me. I will also have a few fun
events for my fans. I love showing them love.
For more info see - EnVie Magazine


Let us introduce Roquois formally to you all.

The soulful Orlando, Florida R&B crooner makes a powerful professional debut with her newest single, “Coffee Cup” – which dropped around a month ago. HYPEFRESH® Magazine had to give this girl some serious props when we finished listening to this record, mainly because of its true originality and distinctiveness. Many new R&B singles, especially from rising artists, are cookie cutter tracks that just don’t deliver. But this record right here? It’s in a class of it own.

“Coffee Cup” tackles the issues of a relationship that has apparently gone south for a variety of reasons. “Sleepless nights” due to staying up all night waiting for her love to come home, only to be derailed by unhonest intentions on ‘his’ end. Why does the guy always have to screw things up? (joking) Obviously, we all know what how this story ends up.

This track is definitely a ‘must listen’, especially if you’re tired of always hearing the same ol’ same ol on the radio. Enjoy the vibes of Roquois here, exclusively on HYPEFRESH®, and also visit her Soundcloud page to get more music from her most previous works.

A big, special shout out to:

Photographer: Alvaro Cruz
Hair: Roquois
Make Up: Mel Morgenstein
Custom Fashions Designed By: Cheero Citizen []

Track Credits:
Produced & Engineered By: Mistah B
Written by: Roquois - Hypefresh Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Roquois is a singer and songwriter with an endless love affair with music. Her writing reflects her personal experiences, and those of others she has met throughout her life. Hopes, dreams, the good and the bad parts of life are all echoed in her music. Her sound is eclectic. An infusion of rock, hip hop, doo wop and R&B all packaged up in this petite pop package. Roquois is an artist with substance, seeking to be that singer you long to hear when you're in need of someone to relate to, to help get you through a tough time and to snap you back into the right attitude.

Roquois is on a journey, writing, singing, meeting new people, expanding her world and helping others along the way. Indie music has no limits and no rules. Roquois has no gimmicks, just good music.

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