Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Singer - Songwriter - Superhero ... an epic pop-hop fairy tale.


Roquois is a singer and songwriter with an endless love affair with music. Her writing reflects her personal experiences, and those of others she has met throughout her life. Hopes, dreams, the good and the bad parts of life are all echoed in her music. Her sound is eclectic. An infusion of rock, hip hop, doo wop and R&B all packaged up in this petite pop package. Roquois is an artist with substance, seeking to be that singer you long to hear when you're in need of someone to relate to, to help get you through a tough time and to snap you back into the right attitude.

Roquois is on a journey, writing, singing, meeting new people, expanding her world and helping others along the way. Indie music has no limits and no rules. Roquois has no gimmicks, just good music.