Rorey Carroll

Rorey Carroll

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

**What folks are saying about Rorey Carroll: "her voice is superb....she has a wonderfully easy way about her too" ~ "usually I don't find many new singer/songwriters inspiring, but she is an exception" "this girl is AMAZING!"**


Her fiercely independent spirit is reflected in her songwriting as well as lifelong americana folk and alternative country/bluegrass influences. From her life experiences on foot, through the window of a car, the bed of a freight train, as well as recent Berklee College of Music studies, Rorey Carroll has learned to use her guitar as a vehicle to tell a story.

Carroll burst onto the scene with rave reviews in 2010 with the release of her first CD, "Roadside Lullabies". Since then she's performed on stage with folks like Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band), Elephant Revival, Donna the Buffalo, Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon) and many other musical luminaries.

“There should be no filter on experience, so why should there be in songwriting. People listen to music because it makes them feel an emotion, and a songwriters goal is to relate one's own experiences with the audience.” -Rorey


Get your love

Written By: Rorey Carroll

Verse 1-
Well I once had a happy home, I'd always leave too soon
I'd tell my love I'd be back when my traveling days were through
But I left so many times, too many times had gone
and I was heading out for the day, not to leave you alone

But you go ahead you get your love that I cant promise you
I'll sing my songs that cry my heart, address each one to you
And I know that there's no short cut home, but it calls on out to me
The seas that took my heart away are catching up to me

Verse 2
Now you found another one that calls you for her own
I lost my darling country boy to the lonesome gravel road
And she seems to take to showing love the way I aught of done,
but your the only one I want when the restless day is gone


Verse 3
Darling you believe me know when I be telling you
I'll never let another man, love me like you do.
Goodbye my softly spoken love, I'll look to western skies
and think about my long haired boy, with the mountains in those eyes.



Roadside Lullabies: album released 2010 produced by Eric Willson and Rorey Carroll

A Rock By The Sea Christmas :: Volume 2 - released November 8th 2011 - song, "Let it Snow"

Set List

Mostly original songs written by: Rorey Carroll, with classic bluegrass and country mixed in.