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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Always Right, As In I Am.."

The new Rory EP, Always Right As In We Are, should be out late May to early June, and the tracklisting is below. How good is the EP? Well, basically it's going to take alot for me to find a more promising debut EP. 111 Records will never cease to amaze me. Think Northstar, a tinge of dark-pop, add what Chris Fudurich is famous for doing, and remove what I am known for liking. This EP will make waves, mark my words. More news on these guys when we get it.

1) Deja Vroom
2) This Could Have Been a Dance Dance Revolution, But Now It's Just a Dance
3) Conversations With Strangers
4) Packed More Trunks Than The New Jersey Mob
5) The Sick 600

[AIM] Twenty8FootFall - Jason Tate - Absolute


Always Right As In We Are - 5 song EP - Released June 22, 2004 One Eleven Records

Demo EP 03.05 (recorded in May 2003 - never formally released)


Feeling a bit camera shy


As each person has a plan and each plan has a goal, the members of Rory, Chris Moore, Jeremy Menard, Marc Ispass, Joel Setzer, and Jordan Shroyer, arrive together with the goal of creating a musical aura not only to be heard, but to be felt. Sensationalizing with melodic guitar-playing, dreamy vocals, and decorative rhythm, juxtaposed with technical riffs, lung-wrenching screams, and rhythmic barrages, Rory shines on a new facet to the ever-expanding rock and roll genre.

Rock-borne in 1998, Rory has been making continuous progress. Surely, they are not the first band to spend 5 years, constantly building and rebuilding, writing and rewriting, forming and reforming, but central Florida rock band, Rory is the rising band that no one should pass up experiencing. With the oldest member at just 21 years old, and the youngest barely old enough to vote, the amount of experience the band has collectively, is sure to shock everyone. With close to 30 years of combined band experience, each member brings a hearty portion of skill, creativity, and work ethic to the table. Upon striking gold with a sound line-up of members, Rory has been traveling the state, making fans out of whole audiences, earning respect, and, as no band is ever done doing, learning and growing.

Rory's live show is the backbone of their music. On any given day, the band performs with as much energy as and the toughness of all the rap community's pit bulls combined, while maintaining the style and beauty of a Swan Lake performance.

From Jeremy's smooth croons and Chris's flawless vocal accompanyment, the two vocalists switch to chilling screams and back, alternating on cue, providing for a tennis match-like scene to watch. While, maintaining marathoner's stamina, Marc bounds from one side of the stage to the other, weaving between his bandmates and sweating on fans in a tornado of fearlessness for his and his bass's wellbeing. Not to be outdone in the least, guitarist Jordan may as well have springs in his shoes, as his feet are seldomly on the ground for more than a measure or two of music, (aside from when he performs guitar solos which allow the audience to witness his vast display of facial expressions as well as his guitar skill). Meanwhile, Chris keeps a cooler composure when playing lead parts on his green and red SG's. Finally, how much entertainment can a drummer provide? With a verse's worth of spectating Joel Setzer, one will share his notion of having fun and be completely enthralled in the intensity of his performing at the same time. As a conglomerate, Rory will quite simply, rock your face; (which is simpler than specifying your ears as well as your eyes).

Rory regularly plays in the central Florida area and has recently shared the stage with acts such as The Early November, Silverstein, Diffuser, Fallout Boy, Count the Stars, Spitalfield, The Lyndsay Diaries, Junction 18, Alexisonfire, From First to Last, Unsung Zeros, My Hotel Year, Bayside, and many others.

Heavily influenced from both modern alternative rock and indie rock scenes, the band roughly describes the style they create as straight-forward rock with a tendency to touch bits of indie and hardcore in a progressive fashion. Still, it is tremendously difficult to transcribe the edgy, but catchy melodic-ness Rory creates to perform, especially as the band has grown by leas and bounds during each song-writing process. However, the band insists for their music to be enjoyed by much more than just one demographic, but to all audiences. Rory's musical creations have a tremndous amount of originality, making it a necessity to stand out on its own in the midst of any surroundings.

Thanks to unyielding drive, classical music training, and youthful views, among other, tangible constituents, such as consistently intense, even tiring, self-promotion (they distribute hundreds of flyers for EVERY show they play, frequently being thanked by touring bands they support), Rory smiles widely with accomplished feats that only a band with immense independent strength could produce. With these powers combined, Rory will not be overshadowed or stand to be ignored.

You will dig Rory.