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"Torch Singer With Jazzy Backup"

The artist sometimes known
as Rose Ranucci brings a delicate,
often fragile vocal quality to her
versions of pop standards and
jazz classics alike. She is the anti-
belter, abandoning the popular
fashion with its goal of shaking
the rafters for her alternative
approach, which is to reveal the
essence of the songs instead of the
loudness of her voice.
Always looking beyond the
present, experimenting with new
material and a freshened
approach, she has turned yet
another page with this collection
of “amalgams, allusions, relevant
dualities of ‘classic’ music.” She
claims not only to have turned the
page but to have “re-invented”
herself. Thus we have a “Rory”
making further inroads to
innovation and taking additional
“Chic to Cheek” is a bright,
easy to listen to collection that
sprinkles a little classical music on
top of some familiar jazz and
Brazilian pieces. Rory is joined by
a couple of very competent
musicians on guitar and bass
named Jon Wheatley and Dave
Zinno respectively. Together, this
threesome give you sounds you
won’t hear anywhere else. How
about Lieber and Stoller’s “Some
Cats Know” punctuated with
“musical quotes” from Rossini?
Or Jobim’s “How Insensitive” in
league with a Chopin prelude?
Hey -- try it, you’ll like it.
Then move on to a “La Vie
En Rose” that will make you think
you are hearing a true descendant
of Edith Piaf.
There’s more to like. The
medley “Down in Brazil” will
have you swaying to the rhythm.
“Love You Madly” spotlights
Rory’s ability to freely syncopate
with some pretty fancy bass riffs.
Want some Spanish? You may not
understand the words to Rory’s
“Solamente Una Vez”, but you’ll
feel its soul.
Are the risks worth it? You
can decide for yourself, but
chances are you’ll want to re-visit
the songs in this CD. Rory and
company are to be credited with
attempting a new “chic”, and
mostly they have succeeded.
In a time of “American Idol”-
style outsized vocalizations, it’s
nice to know there’s plenty of life
left in some tried-and-true
traditions. And it’s nice to know
that traditions can evolve, as is
evidenced by Rory’s brand of
understatement and style that is
“Chic to Cheek.”
Hey Rory, thanks for the
P.S. Background vocals by
Rick Ranucci don’t hurt a bit.

- Richard Bolig


CDs available at
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selections in the near future.
"Sea Shanties For The Road" 1999
"Jazz In My Coffee: 2004
"Let's Party" 2005
"Jazz: The Works" 2006
"The Masters And Me" 2006



"Music is organic". Anything, even the sound of a train rattling on the tracks brings forth rhythmic verses in my mind." - Rory

The richness and diversity of the new CD “Chic to Cheek” is reflective of Rory’s own multifarious musical journey. She began studying “classical piano” at the age of five and developed her technique performing many of the most notable works in the classical repertory. She went on to study viola and performed with a local orchestra in Rhode Island, her home base. Her interests took another turn as a multi-keyboardist/vocalist with a very popular Newport, RI Top 40 band.

After many successful years with the band, she began developing a love of Jazz, which continues to be the true and abiding musical love of her life. She formed several different trios and quartets, which ran the gamut of R&B, Folk and Standards, performing in Boston, New York, Florida as well as Rhode Island. Recent years, she has spent time as pianist in the rare Big Band scene. Her far ranging musical interests led to a brief stint doing vocals and guitar in a local Blue Grass Band. As her history suggests, crossing genres and transcending styles comes naturally to her. For as she says, “its all music”, and this conviction continues to influence her art in both live as well as studio work.

Fortunately, Rory found a soul-mate with a distinctive personality and a penchant for all things musical. Along with her husband, Ric Ranucci, they lend their fresh musical stylings to Rock, Standards and even Classical pieces and always with verve. When the versatile duo performs live, audiences are often heard to comment, “they do everything” and “ it is mesmerizing to watch them”. Ric’s contribution to this new CD “Chic To Cheek” is that of producer, but his talents were enlisted for the background vocals of Nat King Cole’s, “Hit That Jive, Jack” on the third track. This was the Cole’s trio most famous group vocal, and Ric’s background vocal tracks added the feel of Cole’s cool sidemen.

The arrangements on “Chic To Cheek”, similar to a live set, are so varied and eclectic that finding a suitable title must have been a challenge. One of Rory’s talents is a knack for coming up with just the right phrase. "Chic To Cheek" cleverly captures the varied content of the CD’s diverse styles from the “Chic” of Sophisticated Lady” and “How Insensitive” to the “Cheek” of “Some Cats Know” and “Love You Madly.”

The first track’s intro begins with a mellow motif from Gioacchino Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” and then kicks-off unexpectedly into the Lieber and Stoller’s tune “Some Cats Know”. Musical quotes from Rossini’s familiar mad-dash theme, used in the vintage TV program "The Lone Ranger," are married to the cheeky tune recorded by Peggy Lee. Hence, the reference to the unlikely combination becomes clear.

Track two traces the origins of Jobim’s durable bossa classic “A Insensatez” to Frederic Chopin’s timeless “Rainy Day Prelude.” Op. 28 No. 4. Parenthetically, Chopin's favorite instrument was reputed to be the guitar. In this arrangement, the prelude gently and seamlessly morphs into the bossa and gently slides back into the completion of the Chopin, so that the simpatico between these two works is physically experienced. Rory’s smoky vocals in the original Brazilian Portuguese intensifies the latin mood. Then, the English version, brings a new appreciation for the chilling poignancy of the lyrics.

Track four is one of Duke Ellington’s most evocative musical compositions “Sophisticated Lady.” The haunting lyrics by Mitchell Parish perfectly unite with the music to create the ultimate jazz standard. The treatment here by Rory, Dave and Jon, give the tune new life.

Michael Franks' love of Brazil as expressed in "Down In Brazil" is joined to "One Note Samba" and "Garota De Ipanema", both written by the man Franks greatly admired, Antonio Carlos Jobim. The langorous feel of this medley transports the listener to beaches in Rio and the swaying of the coconut palms.

Truman Capote’s lyrics on the next track “A Sleepin' Bee”, bring to mind the folky tunes of the Old South summoned by a muse that had most definitely not a drop of “cold blood.” “All Or Nothing At All” lends itself to many different styles, several of which are explored on this track. Dave’s moody bass intro lays a lush carpet upon which enter the various styles of this performance of the classic Sinatra hit.

A perfect choice is the following “La Vie En Rose”, which is both respectful of the original and signature performance by Edith Piaf, yet exhibits new possibilities. A less familiar tune, albeit a Duke Ellington creation, is “Love You Madly” performed in breathtaking double time for an uptempo take, giving the sense of racing down a melodic hill with total abandon. This treatment reminds the jazzer of Anita O’Day in the video of “Jazz On A Summer’s Day” recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival.

The final track “Solamente Una Vez” i