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Rory Jordan-Stevens

Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
Band Folk Alternative




"Rory Jordan-Stevens: The Flowers Are Budding"

Rory Jordan-Stevens is just barely old enough to get into the bar and play a set, but the song he sings exposes a soul as old as the earth. His self-produced, independently released EP, The Flowers Are Budding, may well be scientific evidence of pure, unadulterated musical genius. Like some of the most acclaimed singer/songwriters on the scene today, (Hawksley Workman, Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams et al.) Rory shows an unfaltering ability to think outside the box of formulas and subject matter and deliver truly unique, unforgettable music that quiets even the rowdiest of patrons. With a satiny smooth, moody-dramatic voice that could belong to someone twice his age, Rory steals your heart as soon as he opens his mouth.

On The Flowers Are Budding – Rory independently and quite professionally lays down multiple tracks of vocals, guitar, keys, nature sounds and percussion. The result is a heart-gripping ode to some of his most-loved people, places and things, and a six-song album that is personal, natural and faultless. If this emotion-soaked EP is Rory’s contribution to music at only nineteen, it’s hard to imagine what kind of magic he will produce in the long future that waits ahead of him. - Ashlea Jonesmith

"Rory Jordan-Stevens Realeases “The Flowers Are Budding”"

Outside the snow is beginning to melt, and the sun is warming the frozen earth. The birds have returned, and the air is filled with the iconic chirps that signal spring is on its way. And little known alternative/folk artist Rory Jordan-Stevens has just released his appropriately titled album, The Flowers are Budding, an album that signals spring and rejuvenation as much as the songbirds in the trees.
A one-man acoustic act hailing from Muskoka, Ontario, Rory is an artist you may not have seen in the roster at your local record store. However, he is certainly an artist you’ll want to keep your eye on. A musician and performer, Rory wrote, performed, and recorded The Flowers are Budding completely on his own, while the artwork was created by fellow musician Dylan Rykse, making The Flowers are Budding a true D.I.Y. venture. Rory has presented an album that is aesthetically beautiful, adult in its audience, and most of all, a challenge to label.
The Flowers are Budding is not your standard folk album. The album clearly carries a sleepy and almost ambient tone to it on tracks such as “Pink Trees (For Christopher).” The music often touches on a sentimental chord, sending rushing feelings of childhood nostalgia through the listener. It is very much a remedy album, one that calms and soothes your soul as you listen. This is especially true on the opening track, “Budding Flowers,” and closing track, “The Flowers are Budding (For Sheila).”
Musically, the album is impressive. It features arrangements using an array of instruments from the standard acoustic guitar to the piano and spinet. The album is very treble heavy, with minimal use of bass and percussion. The composition is well thought out and creates a steady flow from track to track. Lyrically, Rory presents poems that are honest, if not traditionally structured. Vocally, Rory has a unique style that is characterized by a low and often drawling tone. While the style contributes to the overall feel of the album, it can also overpower the softness of his instrumentals at times.
The Flowers are Budding is a very intimate and quiet release, one that proves Rory Jordan-Stevens is still growing as an artist and has not yet reached his peak. It also showcases his talent as a musician and singer as well as a rare maturity that is not often found in musicians, especially ones of his age.
- Canada Magazine


The Flowers Are Budding- 2011



Alternative folk artist, Rory Jordan-Stevens, has been hushing crowds around Ontario with his haunting voice, wise songs, and large presence for the past two years. His first independent release, The Flowers Are Budding, was finished in the winter of 2011 and is now available for purchase. Many kind words have been spoken about the album. Musician, Ashlea Jonesmith writes, “His self-produced, independently released EP, The Flowers Are Budding, may well be scientific evidence of pure, unadulterated musical genius.” Jesse Cole of Cadence Magazine writes, “It showcases his talent as a musician and singer as well as a rare maturity that is not often found in musicians, especially ones of his age.”
"Rory is one of the most engaging performers I have ever seen, that along with his unique voice and moving songs make him an artist who will carry the torch for a whole new generation of singer songwriters"

Mike Roth:
Former head of A&R at Sony Music Canada, professor at Fanshawe’s Music Industry Arts program, and manager of Juno nominated group Dala.

As a graduate of Seneca’s Independent Music Program he has had many great opportunities, performing at The Hugh’s Room, The Rivoli, The Cameron House, and The Algonquin Theater. He has been part of two very successful Borrowed Tunes: A Neil Young Tribute shows and was seen sharing the stage with several Juno nominated artists at The Windsong Music Festival in Powassan. He will be performing at the Hugh's Room in Toronto on February 21st.