Rory Clark

Rory Clark

 Southbank, Victoria, AUS

The most sublime jazz trio around that performs covers and originals that touch the soul and elevate your emotions.


Rory Clark began his professional career as a musician at age fourteen. Since then he has developed his own unique sound as a musician, performing in a range of bands as well as solo gigs all over the country. Rory has been invited on several occasions to appear at high profile festivals such as the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival, Adelaide Jazz Festival, Paynesville Jazz Festival and The Palmer Street Festival in Queensland. Rory has also performed internationally throughout south-east Asia and north America.

He performs regularly at Dizzy ’s Jazz Club in Richmond as well as appearing regularly at many other venues around the City. Rory performs in various ensembles, playing a range of styles: Jazz, Latin, Funk, Reggae, Blues and Lounge music. The various bands range in size from duos and trios to eighteen-piece jazz ensembles (Dizzy ’s Big Band). Rory Clark also regularly backs singers in a range of situations.

Having gained a vast amount of experience over many years in a multitude of situations, Rory is capable of highly energetic performance spontaneity as well as very controlled subdued playing. He has developed a reputation as a pianist for his use of rich harmonic chord structures, melodic ideas and strong timing.


Train Stop

Written By: Elizabeth Stewart

Train stop
People hurry down the aisle
I could be a million miles away
I smile & stay in a reverie
You’re all I see as I pull into the

Train stop
Sun is setting in the sky
They’re wearing shirts & suits & ties
It hurts my eyes, I’m lost thinking of you

I dream all day
At night this dream comes true
Surely, I’ll be
Drifting in a dream with you

Train stop
Wake me from my reverie
Only 1 more stop till you’re with me
Till then, I’ll be
Sittin’ here thinking of you…

Follow Me

Written By: Rory Clark

The stars, and the sea
Follows you, and me
Oh, you must know
How I feel, about you

You, came along
Now I’m lost, for words
To describe, how I feel
About you, can’t you see?

Sun, in the sky
Shines for you, and I
I fell for you, like the leaves
From a tree

Now, follow me
And you’ll see, we can be
Floating like the breeze
Running through the trees
Swimming in the seas
It will be, heavenly
You and me


Debut recording: 'New Beginnings' recorded at the ABC with Chris Corr. Due out in July 2010.