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The best kept secret in music


"Ressurrection of Good Times"

With a band bearing his name, it’s only natural to focus the spotlight on the casually charismatic front man of The Rory Lowe Band. But it’s a reluctant leadership role that he willingly pawns off on his equally outspoken band mates and often discards altogether to react with uncontrollable laughter to an off color moment from his politically incorrect guitarist. By default, Rory is singled out and pushed to the front. But The Rory Lowe Band is a product of the musical chemistry between five great friends who love the music they make and quite simple, want to rock.
Following in the college genre footsteps of The Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer, The Rory Lowe Band delivers what its name suggests. “When you see our name on the bill you don’t expect to hear thrash metal,” said bassist Kevin Godek. Their catchy, energetic brand of pop rock is uplifting and entertaining in a familiar way, yet they avoid comparisons to others that can be classified in the same category. They’ve taken a combination of musical influences from within the singer/songwriter genre, blended them with a bit of blues in the guitar riffs and a touch of hardcore in the drum beat, threw a in a strong dose of personality and produced a mixture of sound that “just seems to click with people,” said Greg Kass (percussion, keys).
The Rory Lowe Band has only been playing together a little more than a year, after a spur of the moment opening slot for Dispatch at Rory’s Rhode Island college brought the high school friends scrambling together in front of their first and biggest audience. Inspired by the energy of a 3,000 plus crowd, they’ve been riding the wave of rock and roll dreams ever since. In the past year they’ve not only quit the real world (school and jobs) and recorded their debut album, So Far No Near, over a six-month rock-star stint at a beach house in Mattituck, but have also earned a reputation, on Long Island and beyond, as a great live act.
With the recent addition of Pete Worontzoff, after they parted ways with the original drummer a few months back, there is a general agreement that The Rory Lowe Band is moving forward upon a flow that is better then ever before. “Peter was what we needed,” said guitarist Patrick “Packy” Fetkowitz. “He brought in a total different flavor,” he said adding that the live sound had risen to a whole new level of fun since his addition.
On Stage, the enjoyment is obvious. There is a friendly vibe when they play that welcomes the audience in and invites them to stay for a beer. More then likely, once the set is through, they’ll be sitting on the stool right beside out at the bar. It’s this live dynamic that helped them add a first place prize in the 2003 Long Island Music Festival to their resume, as well as lure a team of major industry players into The Rory Lowe Band camp. With manager Inga Vainshtein (she discovered Jewel in the back of her van) and John Mayer’s attorney Reid Hunter behind them, the Rory Lowe Band is attracting major industry attention.
With the media calling the local music scene the “next Seattle,” all of a sudden Long Island has become a feeding ground for A&R execs looking for fresh talent to propel into the MTV spotlight. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, the music industry found something that sold and exhausted its viability in a matter of months. As much as we’re proud to hear LI represented on K-Rock, 7,000 times a day, post-emo pop-punk bands are a dime a dozen these days and, as is so often the case, oversaturation has resulted in boredom.
But with the “Long Island Factor” keeping music industry eyes focused on local bands and the momentum slowing on the alterna-pop genre, it’s an exciting time to be The Rory Lowe Band.
These guys have already begun thinking about their follow-up album and are hoping that with label backing and a more professional mentality, their next album will be more mature and highlight their growth as a band. They’ve been preparing for big time label showcases by rehearsing with Tim Bradshaw, the keyboardist for David Gray, who played keys on So Far So Near.
The Rory Lowe Band wants to reach out to their market playing an extensive college tour. “We want to play ever college on the East Coast from Suffolk Community to Harvard,” said Rory. But seriously, urged the rest of the band, The Rory Lowe Band just wants people to hear their music and enjoy what they consider to be something different and refreshing.
“It’s so clichéd, but we’re doing this because we love it. If we get somewhere, it’s an added bonus,” said Rory with the nodding agreement of the rest of The Rory Lowe Band who have all put their lives on hold and dedicated themselves to a band they truly love and believe in.
In a pool of talented bands, all trying to be discovered in the midst of the hype over the Long Island music scene, there is no other band on Long Island that can compare to The Rory Lowe Band. Their sound is heartfelt and happy and as Pete said, it’s damn near impossible not to like their music. The boys of The Rory Lowe Band remain quietly hopeful and casually humble. “We just want to make kick ass music and make people smile,” said Packy. “If people buy our record, that’s cool. We just want to rock.”
- Goodtimes Magazine

"Rory Lowe Band Captures"

The 11th annual Long Island Music Festival hosted by Good Times Magazine proves yet again that Long Island friggin’ rocks! This year the very best local unsigned bands came out to do battle and face-off in this classic event and it was a thriller.
Every year there is always a steady blend of bands from all genres mixing it up to friendly competition and this year was no exception. There were hard hitting metal bands such as Stryk-9, Unsettle, Guernica, and Jacob’s Ladder. There were melodic rock acts like True, Alive and Rory Lowe Band. There were punk-induced bands such as Blue
Scene and Mammacat. There were rap/rock ska acts like Harold’s Trousers and prog metal sounds like Alien Canopy. All these terrific bands, all these different genres, all with the common goal…To win the 2003 LIMF.
It all began this past June when 140 eager and determined bands went toe to toe in the preliminary rounds. The winners then advanced to the semi-finals where they duked it out through guitar chords and double bass lines for their slot in the finals. So now, there they were, the cream of the crop, 11 great bands all wearing their game faces, all dressed for battle with well tuned instruments and a set list. With picks and sticks carefully in hand they were prepped and itching to rumble and ready to put on a performance that would make them stand a hundred watts above the rest for the winner of the 2003 LIMF not only gets bragging rights but also wins the $1,000 prize. The big shin-dig was held at Mulchay’s in Wantagh and was emceed by Eric Harris, who did an excellent job and got a few free tee-shirts out of the deal. DJ Sparky was also there spinning the tunes between sets and keeping the night thumping along. Good Times publisher and editor, Rich Branciforte was also on hand as were the nights judges who included two musicians from two legendary Long Island Bands- Zebra’s Felix Hanemann and The Good Rats own John Gatto. Their presence helped make this event an even bigger local extravaganza then it already was….
…The First prize winner of the night was the Rory Lowe Band. They were an underdog of sorts who played their melodious pop-rock set in-between the angst reddled metalcore of Stryk-9 and the hard charging stoner metal of Unsettle. Rory Lowe used this to his advantage and he and his mates surfed on the intensity left by Stryk-9 and easily won over the Mulchay’s crowd with solid songs and a friendly stage presence.
The Rory Lowe Band; who also includes Patrick Fetkowitz on guitar, Kevin Godek on bass, Pete Worontzoff on drums and Greg Kass on keys; wowed the judges with their smooth meolodic rock stylings and tight craftsmanship. A cross between John Mayer and Nine Days the Rory Lowe Band demonstrated their solid musicianship accompanied with contagious rhythms and addictive hooks. They provided and up-beat college rock feel that drew the audience in from the opening chords of their set.
Lowe is a wise front man who seems wise beyond his years both socially and musically as he sings about life, love and happiness and now he has plenty of happiness and love in his life. The Rory Lowe Band, who has been together since 2002, have proven that in the end it’s not the bark that matters, it’s the bite and that is why they are the 2003 LIMF winners….
…Overall the 2003 LIMF was an awesome night for local music proving that Long Island is much more then just some small extension of New York but a true hotbed of musical talent. What more is there to say, Long Island friggin’ rocks!
- Goodtimes Magazine


Rory Lowe Band - "So Far So Near" - 2003
Rory Lowe Band - EP - 2005

Wonderful - Regular rotation on 107.1 WLIR (New York), Z104 (Washington DC)

Watch Over Me, Stay In Bed, Hurry Scurry - Hofstra University Radio WRHU. Each song was #1 Most requested for a period of 2-3 weeks each track.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Though unsigned, the Rory Lowe Band has managed to achieve an enormous amount of success reserved usually for the label-pushed, established acts. While only in their late teens/early twenties, the Rory Lowe Band has secured major corporate sponsorships with several multi-million dollar companies such as Olympus Cameras, and Southern Comfort, and have full endorsements by both Fender and Dean Guitars. And the perks from these generous companies of good taste go far beyond strings and picks with RLB stamped on them - look for the Rory Lowe Band to be featured in an upcoming issue of the 2005 Fender Catalogue which is distributed worldwide. The band was also a finalist in the national Got Milk? Shake Stuff Up Tour band search competition (, as well as rated by Billboard Magazine as in the top 10 best Unsigned bands in America.

Rory Lowe Band are the current artist spokespersons for Rockin' For Kids( and have visited kids at hospitals from New York to Atlanta. They have been featured in PEOPLE magazine with praise from parents and hospital staffers who have seen firsthand the positive feelings the shows generate for the kids and the artists alike. The Rory Lowe Band members relate so well with the hospitalized youngsters partly because they aren't much older than their courageous audience. They have also persuaded other talented recording artists like Katy Rose and The Lost Trailers to perform at events.

Having a song on a recently released DVD compilation of Dawson's Creek episodes (and on the DC web site has surely helped the Rory Lowe Band get some national notice as well. In this past election year, they were the featured performers on the steps of the United Stated Capitol for the Mobilizing America's Youth Rally - introducing key note speaker, Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

On the touring front, RLB has cracked both the college market and the club scene with resounding authority. Opening for Graham Colton at Frostburg State, guess who got the headline and photo on the FRONT PAGE (copy provided) of the school newspaper? Graham showed no hard feelings though. In their short career, they have also opened for Maroon 5, Head Automatica, Howie Day, Ninedays, Pat McGee Band, David Gray and Kyle Cook of Matchbox 20. The quintet of young rockers has vowed to pursue a college - heavy East Coast and Midwest touring schedule. "We want to play every college on the East Coast from Suffolk Community to Harvard," says Rory.

The Rory Lowe Band came together in late 2001. Having just returned from Australia where he found his muse to write songs for their current CD, Rory put together the band with several musicians he knew from school on Long Island.

Meet the Rory Lowe Band - they are Bassist Kevin Godek, Guitarist Packy Fetkowitz, Percussionist Greg Kass and Drummer Pete Worontzoff. The band hit the road until early in 2003 when they entered the studio with producers Chris Keup (Jason Mraz) and Stewart Myers (Jason Mraz, Agents of Good Roots), to begin production of their debut record entitled "So Far So Near". The record highlighted their catchy, energetic brand of pop rock and attracted renowned producer Jeff Juliano (Dave Matthews Band, Elvis, John Mayer) to lend a hand in mixing the album. The record was mastered by industry veteran Fred Kevorkian (Dave Matthews Band, The White Stripes). Tim Bradshaw of David Gray guest stars on keyboards. Some of these talented individuals have contributed to new songs that are being produced for the new record.

The team representing RLB includes attorney Michael Goldsmith of Grubman, indursky, and Schindler (his firm's clients include Madonna, P. Diddy and Jessica Simpson) and manager Inga Vainshtein (Jewel).

The record is selling well at AwareStore and at the Starbucks-owned Hear Music chain. One of the tracks from the record, "So Near", has been placed on the AWARE compilation, which was featured as one of the two soundtracks for the O.A.R. Festival, "Feeling Better Than Everfine" last summer