Rory Miller Band

Rory Miller Band


The Rory Miller Band takes its name from the singer/songwriter at its helm. Rory Miller's poetic, honest lyrics coupled with her melodic guitar style ignite the creativity of her band mates. Motivated by Rory's song writing, band members convene; inspirations flow and dynamics evolve seamlessly


" I’m the bad cop and I’ve got nothing bad to’re a hard act to follow...great band, really emotive, affecting songs
Aaron Burgess - Spin and Revolver Magazines

"You’re starting from a really solid place. You write very, very good songs -- strong images and well above par language choices, all delivered with a firm, confident voice. The guitars work well together, and the whole band is tight in a way that really serves the songs. You also demonstrate some range with this pair, which is what anyone in the industry wants to see from an artist who’s in audition mode. These songs and performances are evidence that you’re someone both industry and fans should start paying more attention to.
Gary Graff - Billboard and New York Times

(It’s Been A Long Day)"Whether by design or not, the spatial effect on the voice is really what makes this song, a slight otherworldliness that helps take it out of the realm of conventional country-derived singer-songwriter territory. But even without that, the song is strong… Reminds me more of Cowboy Junkies than anything else (that’s a compliment)"
Steve Hochman – Los Angeles Times / AOL


Rory Miller - 2002 EP
Rory Miller Band - Summer 2008 - CD

Set List

Mostly Fast moving with some slower ballads.