Republic of Safety

Republic of Safety


Political party punk primed for dance-floor attack.


Republic of Safety is a rock band/fake nation that was founded at an International Congress in Toronto in Dec. 2003. Its five Prime Ministers also contain dual citizenship in The Hidden Cameras, The Barcelona Pavilion and the Wavelength music collective. With its combination of socialist/feminist-positive vocals, jagged guitar riffs and booty-quaking rhythms, the RoS has garnered favourable comparison to post-punk superpowers like Sonic Youth, Le Tigre, Wire, Hot Snakes and Mission of Burma. The Passport EP is Republic of Safety's first recorded document, and it was independently issued in March 2005 to extensive critical acclaim and radio airplay. Most recently, three Prime Ministers were the subject of an hour-long interview on Canadian national radio programme Brave New Waves on CBC Radio Two, with host Patti Schmidt. Audiences in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Guelph, Brantford and Hamilton have all experienced a Republic of Safety ATTACK, or intense/inclusive live show -- Tim Ford of The Ford Plant in Brantford declared RoS's June 6 gig to be one of the top five shows ever performed at that venue.


I Like To Work

Written By: Maggie MacDonald (lyrics), Jonny Dovercourt Bunce (music)

I like to work
I like to fuck
My mind is my body
And my body is a truck
In the morning I fill up
On coffee and food
I arrive at work
In a really good mood

I don't need your poser complexity
I already went to university
And all I learned from my degree
Is I like to work
I like to fuck
My mind is my body
And my body is a truck
I drive real hard
Then I go parking
I get a good feeling
When I'm busy and I'm working

I read the daily paper
And I make up my own mind
You might have your own opinion
I don't feel so far behind
Maybe we're smart, dumb
Maybe you're smarter
But I don't fucking care 'cuz

I like to work
I like to fuck
My mind is my body
And my body is a truck
Drive drive drive
Work work work
Fuck fuck fuck

Get Your Horses Back

Written By: Maggie MacDonald (lyrics), Jonny Dovercourt Bunce (music)

You thought it would mean
Cheaper shopping
I mean, cross-border shopping
Lower taxes
The joke's on your asses
Check the colour codes
On your new border passes
Green, yellow and red
Check your head

North of the nation of fear
We have a responsibility
To build a Republic of Safety

Get your horses back
Get your horses back
Get your resources back (ATTACK!)

Hewers of wood
And drawers of water
Killers of mothers
And stealers of daughters
Here comes the CIA
Bearing their orders
What will you say?
What do you say?

I don't want Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Telling me and my friends what to do, who to bomb, right or wrong
Just remember, my friends:
We might be a small country in population, but
We burned down the White House once

Let's talk about commodities
Import, export, it's of no import
What you want, we got it
What you need, we got it
We got water, we got rocks
We got oil, we got gold
And it's going, going, going
Going, going, going, going
Gone and SOLD!


Written By: Maggie MacDonald (lyrics), Jonny Dovercourt Bunce (music)

Don't wait for a vacation
If you're gonna do it once, then do it now
Do it once, you'll do it again
If you like it that much, then quit your job

You and that guitar gotta fight
You and that pen, you gotta write
Grab a coffee, stay up all night
If you're gonna start, then start tonight

You don't need a job
And you don't need a plan
Just write your book
And start your band

Start right now.


Passport EP (six songs; independent, 2005)
"The Moon" (track on Good Grooming for Girls compilation, Shameless/Permafrost, 2004)

Set List

Sets average 30-40 minutes in length.

Set list:
Baby I'm It
Quoin Quoin
The Moon
Get Your Horses Back
The Roaches Will Not Survive
I Like To Work
Ketchup Chips
Jessie Stein
Who Will Protect Us/Ticking Bomb
Closer To The Ground
The Favourite Game
A Million Tears (The Pastels)
Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)