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Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Oakville, Ontario, Canada




"Seaway -Album Review"

Seaway takes the A side with three quick jams. Obviously, there’s a sense of urgency here, with the rapid drums and fast-fretted guitars helping the vocal trade offs of Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton keep the energy maxed out throughout “Homewrecker.” Ken Taylor keeps the pace behind the kit, while Locke and Carleton trade off each other’s words in Set Your Goals fashion throughout the chorus. “Middle Finger” is sure to be Seaway’s highlight on the split, with Andrew Eichinger’s guitar work dominating the track. Seriously, it’s almost hard to pay attention to the vocals due to focusing on drum and guitar combo throughout the chorus. Their last cut, “Lifted,” has Set Your Goals written all over it due to call and return vocal delivery. However, the track suddenly slows down at the bridge, making me rewind to that point. This simple moment of slowed pace brings something different and unexpected to the table, making me very interested in what Seaway could pull off on a full length. - AbsolutePunk

"Seaway "Sabrina The Teenage Bitch" [NEW MUSIC]"

If the title doesn’t shout it loud enough, the first two lines – ”I have nothing to say/Except ‘I hope you burn in hell!’” – should make it pretty clear. Angry, fast, and loud. The hook is catchy, the guitars riot and clatter off each other and the cracking rhythm section. This might not be the song that gets these dudes popular past the southern border of their county, but it will push them much, much closer. The track also features a prominent guest vocal from Melany Doran, a YouTube discovery. I’m not sure how the decision was made to feature her (or if she decided to cover one of the band’s songs before or after she did her spot) but it’s a really cool way to capitalize on the internet “scene” and incorporate new, talented performers while getting the music out to people who might not normally hear it.

Why You Should Watch It: It’s a hell of an energetic way to kickstart your Monday morning. There’s something seeping into in the water up North – might be minerals, might be copies of old New Found Glory records – but whatever it is, it’s seeding a scene I want to watch grow.

Click the band’s photo up top to listen to the rest of the EP! - Music Without Labels

"Rosaline "A Constant North""

You can go far with an interesting song structure, for most hardcore bands it seems like it's important to be loud and aggressive with the key to melody being lost in the process of the song.

Rosaline has created a varied album of massive riffs to progressive parts and entertaining harmonies.

We get the typical mix of screamo and clean vocals, all done very professionally.

It's always enjoyable to hear a band being real heavy when they are heavy and really melodic when they are melodic, sure it ain't that groundbreaking but "A constant north" is a good album. -

"Rosaline Navigate Life's Troubled Waters In "A Silver Meridian""

Since band names referencing oceans and bodies of water are all the rage now, it makes sense that it would seep into a metal band's lyrics as well. Seafaring imagery as a metaphor for life's struggled has had a rich legacy in literature, and Rosaline 'A Sliver Meridian' -- off of 'A Constant North' -- makes wonderful use of this abundant source of life. "The imagery of both the song and album is a nautical/geographical picture, a meridian is a line of longitude on a map, which runs north to south," the band told Noisecreep.

"The imagery of both the song and album is a nautical geographical picture," they explained further. "A meridian is a line of longitude on a map, which runs north to south. A constant north in this symbolizes the ultimate destination, the unshakable object that you are connected to by an invisible line or force, and whether you're getting pulled to it or pushed towards it, the album constitutes the imaginary line becoming tangible."

'A Constant North; is representative of the theme of the album as a whole. "The song and this album hold a theme of brotherhood and friendship in the face of adversity. The song is about reaching a goal or achieving an accomplishment fueled by the strength of your bonds with whoever is helping you. You just can't do it all on your own, but together you can overcome the most treacherous and difficult journey." - AOL's


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