My music I believe can be described as country soul. I mostly rely on personal experiences and put them to music. It's just plain feel good music.



“Country Music’s Shocking Surprise”

Rosalyn Tiffany Goodwin, formerly Rosalyn Williams, was born in Columbia, SC . She was reared in a small closed knit community, on the outskirts of Columbia, called Arthurtown. She is also the daughter of a former truck driver, Lenwood Williams, and a retired school teacher and domestic worker, Rose Williams. Her love of music and singing started at an early age. She was singing in the church choir by the age of three and loved performing even then by doing makeshift concerts for her parents and family. By age twelve she started writing songs and poetry and noticed that her gift was something special. Because her father worked part-time in a local bar and community gathering spot, Boogie’s Grill, she was exposed to different types of music at a very young age. She developed a love of country music through her father. He often played songs around the house and sang them to her. So she learned her first country song,” Stand by Your Man“, by Tammy Wynette, at age 10.

Through the years Rosalyn has continued to sing and develop her songwriting skills. Though
her roots are in gospel music, she has concentrated on her gift of country singing and
writing. Some of her favorite artists include: Gretchen Wilson, Rascal Flatts, LeAnn Rimes,
Toby Keith and Tim McGraw just to name a few. To date she has written several country
songs to include the ever popular underground hit, “Carolina Heat”. A song, she states, is a
tribute to her hometown.

Rosalyn sees her songs as ‘feel good music’, as well as inspirational, and often writes them
through personal accounts and defining moments in her life. She is married to her biggest
fan, Christopher Goodwin and they have three sons Landon , Emory and Christopher Jr. Her hope is that her music reaches all people and bring them the comfort and joy that it has always brought her.


Butterfly Wings

Written By: Rosalyn Goodwin


You appear and out of my cocoon my love unfolds
Now you’re here and you bring life to one once dark and cold
And your love lifts me up to heights I’ve never known
And the shadows of my past show how much I have grown
While my world is bright and new with so many things
I want to thank you for these butterfly wings

Now my life is filled with so much joy I can’t explain
How your touch has cleansed my heart and taken all the pain
And your smile warms my soul and your kiss makes me whole
As we soar into the sky like an angel oh so high
Everywhere I go I’ll take you in my dreams
Because you gave me these butterfly wings

Flying high___________flying high______________oh oh oh ohhhhh
I’m flying high_________flying high_____________oh oh oh ohhhhh

And you came into my life and you made it oh so right
And nothing can compare so I want to meet you there
At our castle in the sky and I’ll be standing by
Waiting for you by that blue and crystal stream
Waiting to hold you in my butterfly wings

Written By: Rosalyn T. Goodwin
Copyright @2001