Rosalyn McClore

Rosalyn McClore


The Rosalyn McClore Trio is a classy powerhouse presentation of vocals and piano stylings. A sultry trio that will lull any listner into an intoxic reverie. A trio well worth it for the most descerning jazz lover.


When you think of sophistication, elegance, seduction, jazz, and blues, not many artists come to mind. There is one singer/pianist however that brings all of these adjectives to life, ROSALYN McCLORE. Rosalyn is committed to making a great show for the audience. Born in Memphis, Tennessee , Rosalyn grew up playing gospel music in church starting at the age of 13, and it shows in her playing. Rosalyn has studied with Phinewas Newborne Jr. and was the only student he ever had. In addition to giving a great show she is also a great entertainer. "I am always baffeled at jazz artists that simply walk on a stage and play a whole concert without saying more than 2 words to the audience. People want a show!!! I always say be great and be entertaining. If it's not spectaular, it's a failure". Since moving to NY Rosalyn has done private parties for Sting, Micheal Jordan, Martha Stewart, the Kennedy family, and Ron Perelman. She finished a successful tour of Italy in 2006 and is preparing for an upcoming CD to be recorded in September 2007, and a return to Italy in 2008. Rosalyn presently expands her musical horizons in the area of artistsÂ’ development and acts as musical director for several artistic situations worldwide.

Set List

Sample Set List.

My Baby Care For Me......Nina Simone
Sugar In My Bowl............Nina Simone
Children Go Where I Send Thee....
Not While I'm Around.......Stephen Sondheim
I Just Want To Make Love To You....Etta James
Mississippi Goddam.......Nina Simone
Go to Hell......Nina Simone
I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good......Duke Ellington

My shows are typically 1 hr long. The number of sets depend on the venue. Usually no more than 2.