Rosanna Cenci Band

Rosanna Cenci Band

 Fountain Valley, California, USA

The Rosanna Cenci Band delivers an edgy, no nonsense rock and roll vibe with just the right amount of clever cut to the chase lyrics and melodic tunes. Experience a riveting showcase performance capturing Rosanna Cenci's powerfully exuberant "in command" vocals and dynamic band.


California native Rosanna Cenci is a fresh face in the world of music today. Experience a sweet edgy sound of a voice that expresses heartfelt experiences.
This multifaceted artist launched her singing/songwriting career after recovering from a serious knee injury in 2003. Having been a dancer, Rosanna found herself transitioning her creative energy in the positive direction of singing/songwriting during her recovery. As a result, she has worked with several musicians, songwriters, and producers to create her first debut Album "Revealed", consisting of original lyrics and music. She is currently writing with her band in Orange County, California on her second album, which will also include acoustic and some Spanish versions of her creations.
Rosanna Cenci has been influenced from a wide range of genres, from artists such as Linda Rondstadt, Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton John, The Beatles, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Heart, Roxette, Bryan Adams, Billy Joel, Shania Twain, Gloria Estefan, Gwen Stephanie, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and many more.
The eclectic rock vibe on Rosanna Cenci's album "Revealed" is not only captivating but will draw listeners across generations, due to it's strong lyrical content and catchy melodies.


Who I am

Written By: Rosanna Cenci Lyrics/ Music Jim Warino

Who I Am

I took a chance at love
But it always knocked me out
I took a chance to trust, baby
You didn't wipe away all my doubt

I saw myself diminishing
I couldn't find my way
Don't want to keep pretending
Everything would be okay

Just wanna be who I am
No games, I can't wait
Just want to give my love away
To the one who'd never leave me

I feel the danger to my soul
Your shallow words I will not hold
Until you prove your love to me
I must let you be

Losing me should never be
Wasted time carelessly
Eyes that shine
Hearts that glow
Feeling free

You were never really here
My love was lost in fear
Was blinded by your fantasy
Now I see reality

You Want It

Written By: Yariv Valknin

You Want It
You're, looking for success
Looking for the way
To make your dreams come true
Now, it's harder to impress
No matter what you say
No matter what you do

Things are going out of hand
You think you're gonna go insane

You want it, you need it, you like it
Yeah,yeah yeah
You want it, you need it, youlike it
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah ah
Yeah, yeah yeah ah ah

Most, would lie right in your face
With a smile and no disgrace
Just misleading you
But don't let them take you down
Once they make you go around
They don't have a clue

Things are going out of hand
You think you're gonna go insane

You want it...

So just send your mp3
You are star quality
Don't give in to those who think not.
It is their reality
In your case a fantasy
Just ignore and show what you've got

You want it...

Voice in My Head

Written By: Rosanna Cenci/Yariv Valknin

Voice in My Head

I knew something felt so wrong
Turned my back on intuition
Should have listened all along
To my feelings
Taking all I've learned to show
That I'm building better boundaries
Into deep I should have known
I'd be hurting

There's a voice in my head now
telling me I should stop
Trust that voice in my head now
You will not get me down

Now I turn away from you
Finding strength to move on slowly
Not some girl that you can use
When you're lonely
If you're really wanting more
And you want to make me happy
Need to see you at my door
Feeling ready

There's a voice in my head now...

Easy time comes to an end
Cannot take the pressure:

It's haunting me
It's pushing me
It's shoving me

Confusing me
Disturbing me
Deceiving me

Undercover Woman

Written By: Lyrics: Rosanna Cenci/ Music: Thomas Appell

Undercover Woman

You know you're out of it
You're working too hard
Thinking too much
Gotta get a new start
Wound up tight
With those restless nights
Why do you complicate your life
You don't play enough
Working 40 hours a week
You know that is a symptom
Girl that you're a freak
Get back from behind the closed door
It's time to get a little more

Undercover woman
It's time time to live your life, today
Let the music shake you up
Now let your body rock the night away (2x)

Searching for security
Your work's a safety net
Enticed by a perfection
That you'll never get
Adrenaline keeps you pumping, yeah
Addicted to your boring mess of a life

You try to be tough
Pleasing everyone you see
You're mind's a revolution
Girl you need some speed
A fast move , get a life, let go
Of that mess you call your own

Undercover woman
It's time to live your life, to day
Let the music shake you up
Now let your body rock
The night away (3x)
You know that is a symptom


Album: "Revealed"

Songs/album available for purchase on sites such as itunes and CD baby.

Song List
1. Windows
2. Get Me So Good
3. You Want It
4. Undercover Woman
5. Some Kind of Lovin'
6. Who I Am
7. Never Love Again
8. New Groove
9. Gone Goodbye
10. Can't Buy Me Love ( Beatles)

Set List

1. Undercover Woman
2. You Want It
3. Voice In My Head
4. Some Kind of Lovin'
5. Gone Goodbye
6. Who I Am
7. Windows
8. Freeway
9. Feel You In My Heart
10. Take a Chance
11. Remember
12. Loving Me
13. Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles)
14. New Groove
15. Finding You