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"Artist Spotlight By Stephanie Colucci:"

When listening to Rosanna’s music, you can't stop yourself from wanting to dance. The joy of the Lord is contagious in her music. This is the kind of music to listen to in really bad traffic. While everyone else is battling road rage, you can be singing and praising your Savior. Being stuck in traffic just means more time to listen to some good music. On a bad day, a good song can change your perspective.

Rosanna has a real heart for God and it really comes through in her song writing. She came to know Christ in 1996 and that is when she started writing new music. She started her ministry singing in front of anyone who would listen. Today, she brings a sense of openness to the Christian music scene. Her music will make you feel comfortable and at ease. With just one listen, you get the feeling that she would be just as content leading worship at a local church or in a stadium in front of 20,000 people.

On her latest album “Haven’t you heard”, Rosanna wrote 10 out of the 11 songs on the CD. The only one not written by her was written by Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker. Mitch also sings on her version of My Deliverer.
The song “I am Free” expresses the joy of someone who has truly been set free by the grace of God and just wants to share that freedom with everyone. The song “Have mercy on me” features Rosanna calling out to God and finding shelter in God’s grace. My favorite song on the CD is “Dancing with my Savior”. This is the song about someone who knows that her Father delights in her and can relish the freedom only He can give. Someone who has experienced mercy can sing, laugh and dance with their savior.

If there is one common thread that runs throughout her music, it is hope and joy. I hope you take the time to get to know Rosanna Fiorazo. You will be blessed. Make sure to check out the scripture that inspired this CD, Isaiah 40:28. - Christian Pulse

"Christian Music Review"

There’s a hint of modern country sprinkled throughout this very nice self-produced release. Not too surprising given that bands members from Faith Hill and Brooks & Dunn provide instrumental support. The simple, straightforward lyrics follow a similar theme; God is full of glory. - ALPHA OMEGA NEWS

"REVIEW by Philip Crawley"

Rosanna has a real music pedigree having performed with Bobby Kimball of Toto, but since being saved she has turned her talents to God's use...She plays it straight down the middle of the road, but it is all so polished and well done you can't fault her for being formulaic - it sounds so good that it just gets in there and you're humming those country-tinged pop and rock tunes all day. The lyrics not only speak of worship but how you can find God every day ... because it is just so singable you don't feel like you're being preached at. - UK

"Haven't You Heard, Review by Trevor Kirk"

"Haven't You Heard" Album Review
Over the last few years I have been very impressed by the number of CCM artists who turn out quality product on what must be a small budget, small compared to the mega-buck projects of the big labels. Singer, songwriter and worship leader from Wisconsin Rosanna Fiorazo is a case in point. Of the 11 songs on this CD, she wrote 10 of them, the odd man out being the Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker-penned classic from 'The Jesus Record', "My Deliverer". Mitch himself adds his own voice to a reading that is nothing like the kiddie chorus and anthemic orchestral arrangement of the original. Rosanna's style is good, straightforward pop, her voice is clear and accurate with a good range, and her songs are direct, challenging and unambiguous - there's no doubt where she's coming from. Mix in accomplished musicians and singers, and here we have a very good quality indie release that is worth investigating.

- Cross Rhythms UK

"MEDIA * CD Comments"

Extremely professional songwriting, vocals, and production! Rosanna Fiorazo's music features stellar production and vocals that bring to mind the combined talents of the popular vocal quartet, Point Of Grace. ~ Steve Orchard - THE DAILY NEWS, Iron Mountain, Michigan

Rosanna's songwriting takes you down many familiar roads of life, and is not shy about dealing with the cracks, potholes, and uneven pavement. Grace Journey has a fresh sound and a much needed message... ~ The Wisconsin Christian News

Your music is a breath of fresh air. Only One God is an awesome song! ~ Bob Shaw, 95.9 The FISH, Los Angeles, California

We play Rosanna’s music on WPFF radio and we had her band at our festival. People greatly enjoyed her performance - top quality musically, and encouraging in ministry. We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her for your church or festival. ~ Mark Schwarzbauer GM, WPFF, Sturgeon Bay, WI

Congratulations on your excellent work on your new CD. It is a phenomenal project! The great lyrical content along with the tremendous quality background music are a huge blessing to the listener. ~ A. Ramos, Kingdom FM WJYO 91.5/88.3 - Naples, Florida

Our listeners love your music, and I was blessed by your song “He’s Exalted” even more when I got to see you sing it live in Green Bay. The whole project is sweet but that song just takes me to God’s throne. Thanks Rosanna! ~ T. C. – WGNV Radio, Miladore, WI

Your lyrics are heartfelt and committed to the Word, Rosanna. You are certainly gifted, and your music works well for worship. ~Dan Michaels, INO Records - Nashville, Tennessee - Various

"Fans comments on Rosanna's music"

Well, I got your CD finally! I left Amarillo after Christmas and drove to Dallas, then Houston and it is still the only CD I'm listening to in my car, it is just beautiful!! I am so grateful I found you." ~ Robin, Texas

I was feeling pretty bad, I popped in your CD and just felt so uplifted, your lyrics went straight to my heart and started healing my heart. The Lord truly has blessed you with a gift to minister to others through their trials. I literally listened to your CD all day the next day on repeat. Praise the Lord... Thank you for sharing the tremendous gift the Lord gave you. ~ D. Murphy - Simi Valley, CA

My absolute favorite Christian CD! I have a large collection of Christian music, but I can't recommend Rosanna's CD enough! It's better than 90% of the music played on the Christian radio stations. ~ R. Smits, Louisville, KY

Rosanna, the songs are really feelings I've had all my life! The CD is wonderful, it's the only one I play in my car! I cannot tell you how much you have inspired me to open my heart to the Almighty! ~ L. Villiard - Oshkosh, WI

Hello Rosanna , I just want to tell you about your new CD. I just now enjoy it yesterday for the first time....I find all the work wonderful and very professional, and of course with the beauty of the Holy Spirit. The company just took a week to put the CD here at Mexico....excellent service! May God bless your ministry. ~ D. Rios - Monterrey , Mexico

No one like You is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! It puts me on my knees in tears and a state of extreme humility and thankfulness for what the Lord had done for me/us. Rosanna has the most beautiful voice. ~ D. Olson, Appleton, WI

My son and I recently took a trip to Arizona, 6 hours in the car, and we listened to your CD for much of the ride. His favorite is Help Me To Remember, and he knows most of the lyrics now. ~ K. Smith - Laguna Niguel, CA

I am listening to Grace Journey right now as I type this. In fact, it's playing for the second time, and I like it a lot! Thank you again and good luck with everything! ~ M. Smith, Oklahoma City

I find myself listening to your CD over and over. It has been a blessing and an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your passion...It makes me want to strive to be more like Him. ~ M. Bellantoni - New York, NY

Thanks again for your wonderful music this past weekend. The Lord truly used your ministry to work in my heart. It was a joy to listen to you and your band while sitting there in the sun watching the wind sway the treetops in the background. You have an awesome voice! ~ J. Rucinski - Kingsford, MI - From all over the US


* Haven't You Heard ... 2006
* Grace Journey ... 2004

He's Exalted
Only One God
I'm Free
Help Me To Remember
Warriors Of Prayer
My Deliverer



Haven't you heard? Rosanna’s current CD was recorded in Nashville, and features Brooks and Dunn band memebers. Also appearing on the record are two former members of Rich Mullins’ band, Dove award winner Mitch McVicker, and Cobra Joe Curet. One highlight and honor for Rosanna was to record a version of Rich’s, “My Deliverer” with Mitch who co-wrote the song. She also had the experience of having a small choir on two different songs. The CD was mixed by Grammy Award winner Jim Watts, along with Jeffrey David in Los Angeles. It was a very long, character-testing road!

Rosanna has toured extensively and you can see her TOUR HISTORY on her main web site. After her first CD, Rosanna won the “Best New Music” award from the FISH Radio station in Los Angeles. That unexpected blessing opened up the door for her to perform at a Southern California festival between Crystal Lewis and Jeremy Camp! Her music gives a sense of joy and the hope of heaven.

In the early 90’s, Rosanna left her hometown of Toronto, Canada and became the backup vocalist for Toto’s lead singer, Bobby Kimball. She became a born-again Christian in 1996, started writing new music, and began leading worship for home Bible studies and various ministries. Rosanna attended Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, CA and sang on the worship team led by Tommy Walker of Integrity Music. She currently leads worship for various churches, coffee houses and evangelical outreaches. She relocated from California to Wisconsin in 2004.

From Festivals to Women’s retreats to Christian Coffee Houses, Rosanna prays that those who don’t know Jesus will be introduced to His grace and mercy through her songs, and that Christians will be encouraged in their faith. *For complete BIO please see ROSANNAFIORAZO.COM