Rosann Winn

Rosann Winn


Rosann Winn is a acoustic singer-songwriter and jazz vocalist. She is a seasoned vocalist and recording artist who has performed in many musical settings - from solo acoustic to duos and trios to big bands. She is an engaging performer with a strong and melodic voice, presenting captivating songs.

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Set It Free Music
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Looking Back, LP, 1999
An Acoustic Collection, LP, 2003
Wish & Smile, EP, 2007

Set List

Rosann's typical set list when playing solo or with her duo, trio, or band is a mixture of original music, pop/rock covers, and jazz standards. Original music includes love songs such as "Constant & True" and "Love Looks In Your Eyes" and empowerment songs such as "Standing Strong" and "Set It Free". Covers include 80s pop like Bryan Adams, 90s folk rock like Jewel, and contemporary acoustic rock like Sheryl Crow.
Jazz repertoire includes standards and torch songs.

Sets are typically 50 minutes long, and Rosann can perform up to 3 sets in a solo or band setting. The band can be a combination project that features originals, pop/rock covers, and jazz tunes - or, Rosann also has a jazz project that can perform up to 3 sets of solely standards and torch songs. This group can be a piano-vocal jazz duo to five piece jazz project with horn player.