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"Rosa Wallace delivers the goods"

Artist: Rosa Wallace
Album: Space to be Free
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Folk
Sounds Like: Dido, Sheryl Crow, K.T. Turnstall
Technical Grade: 8/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Commercial Value: 7/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Performance Skill: 10/10

Best Songs: This I Know, All Fall Down
Weakness: None

CD Review: Raleigh North Carolina Singer/Songwriter Rosa Wallace releases her debut 5 song EP entitled “Space to Be Free” in 2011. Reading her bio: Rosa Wallace shows "a touch for story-telling in song," exploring life through her candid narratives by way of warm, robust vocals and rock-influenced finger-picking. Evoking everything from Country to Soul to Classic Rock, this traveling songstress never fails to captivate.

The EP quickly takes flight with Bad Example” an upbeat intro groove that serves up an inviting vocal groove against driving rock rhythm, rocked out guitar and impressive vocals and harmonies from Wallace. Track 2 “This I Know” keeps thing moving in the right direction with its heartfelt vocal delivery, thought provoking lyrical content and moving harmonies and emotions from Wallace. Track 3 “Something So Heavenly” dishes out a slow moving blues ditty with more emotional vocals and harmonies from Wallace that flow and ebb its way through to emotional fruition. I would classify this music as Folksy-R&B with a touch of Pop and Rock. The production quality is impressive providing much in the way of sonic touches, and the musicianship of everyone involved is clearly above the bar. Along the way you will notice lush instrumentation with things like rocked out rhythm section, sizzling solos, slamming guitar chops, combined with impressive acoustic rhythm guitar and lush vocals and harmonies layered everywhere. The rhythm section pushes the natural accents well. Now turning our attention over to Wallace - as for her vocal abilities her voice works well within the confines of this folksy-earthy catalogue. She has several gold standard harmonies and also takes several vocal risks thought the CD indicating to me a strong and confident vocal ability. I suspect some of her vocal influences are – Cheryl Crow, Dido, and perhaps a dash of K.T. Tunstall. Just to name a few. Song for song this is a very “sing-songy” marketable statement from Wallace. Space to be Free” from Rosa Wallace delivers 5 compelling tracks all providing thought provoking wisdom with no holds barred messages that are uplifting, positive yet defiant in nature. From passionate “All Fall Down” to the perfect finale statement “Danger Signs” this 5 song EP has something for just about everyone.

From start to finish “Space to Be Free” by Rosa Wallace delivers the goods and is an impressive collection of music nonetheless. Wallace has a gift to boldly tell the truth through her amazing voice and music thus making a strong emotional connection with listeners. The music is highly passionate, emotional and thought provoking. The songwriting – all songs are consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair and signature groove. Note for note, song for song this catalogue is rock solid and extremely consistent. The writing and playing abilities of Wallace and her band are rock solid, the melodies and harmonies are brilliant. The lyrical content is packed to the hilt with priceless conventional wisdom. Overall Space to be Free” from Rosa Wallace provides an interesting snapshot of a up an coming talent from North Carolina. I look forward to hearing the full length release hopefully this Summer. - Cyrus Rhodes for Muse's Muse

"A touch for story-telling in song"

Amherst, NY, May 19, 2011 -- Singer/songwriter Rosa Wallace is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina who cut her chops on the local punk rock scene. Even while rocking out for three chord glory, Wallace showed a deeper side, spending hours writing poetry in notebooks and playing on her mom's classical guitar. Rosa eventually graduated to the sounds of folk, blues, soul and classic rock. A student of musical theater in college, Wallace worked her way across Europe from 2007 to 2010 while writing the song that would come to make up her debut EP, Space To Be Free. Now based in New York City, Wallace has already been featured on podcasts in both the US and UK, and has received airplay on WomensRadio Music Channel and Radio Crystal Blue.

Space To Be Free opens with "Bad Example", a catchy fit of folk rock with a memorable chorus. The overall sound here is good, with Wallace crafting a solid musical palette that opens the album nicely. "This I Know" is a personal narrative to a friend who needs but cannot love. Personal demons and dysfunction are the focus in a powerfully written musical entreaty. Wallace sings from the heart here in a convincing performance. "Something So Heavenly" is a sing-song love song that dances. Wallace closes with "Danger Signs", an easy-going pop number that tends to highlight Wallace's range. The song itself is well written.

Rosa Wallace puts forth a solid effort on Space To Be Free, showing off a pleasing voice. Wallace does show something of a touch for story-telling in song. Space To Be Free is a solid start that shows some real potential. - Wildy's World

"Writing and voice are outstanding"

Greendell, NJ, May 19, 2011 -- I enjoyed the songs very much. Your writing and voice are outstanding.

"1" Indicates the Lowest Score
"5" Indicates The Highest Score

Recording Quality/Production: 4.5

Lead Vocals: 4.5

Musicianship: 4.5

Lyric Writing: 4.5

Music Composing: 4.5

Melodies: 5

Song Arrangement: 4

Overall Delivery: 4.5 - Dr. Eugene Foley - Foley Entertainment, Inc.

"You will definitely enjoy this lady"

Norfolk, VA, April 3, 2011 -- "She's coming out with a new EP, actually it's her debut EP, called 'Space To Be Free.' She writes and sings her own material and I think she has a great voice. I think if you really enjoy acoustic females with really great voices, I think you will definitely enjoy this lady." - Ann's Musical Menagerie Podcast

"Develop an ounce of the ability she has to make folks feel good with her music"

Phoenix, AZ, January 14, 2011 -- Be sure to tip this talented, hard-working gal good! As an aspiring musician myself, I admire her and hope to someday develop an ounce of the ability she has to make folks feel good with her music. - Wandering Hen Blog (Alaina Miller)

"Physically and emotionally unable to stop listening to Rosa Wallace"

London, UK, March 15, 2011 -- Physically and emotionally unable to stop listening to Rosa Wallace - the EP will be stunning. - Jellyfielders Podcast


Space To Be Free - EP [2011]






Ever the gypsy at heart, Rosa Wallace has never been one to be pinned down. With past musical projects ranging from Post-Hardcore to Electro-Pop, her genre-spanning acoustic songwriting is a testament to a very broad musical background. Having lived on three continents in the past five years, she is happier living out of a backpack than a bureau. With a striking voice and a strong vision, this independent DIY artist treats the business of her music as a calling that she must answer.

Wallace grew up in Raleigh NC, and began songwriting at the age of twelve. During the early years spent honing her skills in various punk and metal bands, she always took time to write alone, whether in notebooks at school or on the walls of practice spaces, using a classical guitar that her mother had played in college. Sifting through her parents' vinyl collection, she found a second home in the sounds of Folk, Blues, Soul, and Classic Rock.

Wallace continued to write songs while studying musical theatre in college, and while she worked her way across Europe and Asia in subsequent years. Her exposure to countless musicians across the globe and her own equally diverse musical history have influenced her compositions, while her astute and straightforward observations lead to a directness in her lyrics that can be both humorous and painfully honest. Her songs are tiny portraits of all life offers: love and loss; mischief and atonement; success and failure; but most of all, the power of a resilient spirit.

In her debut release, Wallace has paid tribute to her roots in hard rock while staying true to her core acoustic pop sound. Wallace wrote the songs of "Space To Be Free" while traveling the globe from 2007-2010. As a collection, the EP is a representation of Wallace's genre-spanning songwriting, creating a fusion of alternative rock, pop, and country: from Rock anthem “Bad Example” to Folksy lullaby “All Fall Down,” from Country-inspired confession “This I Know” to Blues love ballad “Something So Heavenly.”

Wallace's music has been featured internationally on various music podcasts, and has been selected for broadcast on multiple radio stations across the US and abroad (see below). She has toured coast to coast in the US, including the "Heart on a Suitcase Tour" with award-winning singer/songwriter Shane Cooley (


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1 World Radio - Madiera Beach, FL
Old Grumpy Radio - Monticello, AR
IMS Radio - Manchester, United Kingdom
Cash Box Magazine Radio - Ridgeway, SC
Somojo Radio - Kent, United Kingdom
WXRY 99.3 FM - Columbia, SC
WDKK Radio - Dayton, OH
BRCFP - Kent, United Kingdom
Subway Webradio - Genoa, Italy
Baie Des Anges Radios - St. Laurent Du Var, France
WomensRadio Music Channel - Carson City, NV
Radio Crystal Blue - New York, NY
Women of Substance Radio - Los Angeles, CA
Who's Next Radio - Los Angeles, CA
Error FM - Atascadero, CA
Madd Radio - Chicago, IL
LMC Radio - Austin, TX
Hound Dog Radio - Loganville, GA
Radio Clandestino - Cloquet, MN
Dekadance Radio - Bayonne, NJ
Webxradio - Saint Clair, MO
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