Rosa Wright

Rosa Wright

 Roswell, Georgia, USA

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Wanting You

Written By: Rosa Wright


Since you left I thought I’d be alright,
Still I have feelings for you deep inside
I must convince myself I’ll be all right
That is what I tell myself so why am I still wanting you

I want see you, I want to feel you, I want to be with you
Wanting to see you, wanting to feel you, wanting to be with you
Why am I still wanting you
I want to hold you, I want to kiss you, I want to love you
Wanting to hold you, wanting to kiss you, wanting to love you
Wanting you, wanting you

I think we felt we had no other choice
I heard it echoing in your voice
Breaking up is what we had to do
We thought we’d be better off, so why am I still


I thought with passing time feelings would change
But in my daydreams, there you still remain
Haunting my inner thoughts with memories
We now live in different worlds, so why am I still

What You Get

Written By: Rosa Wright

What You Get Rosa Wright

I can be bad and I can be good
Most of the time, I’m just misunderstood
I sing in the closet and watch late night TV
When I tell a joke, there’s no one laughing but me


You try to tell me who you think that I should be
But I don’t ever see you looking at me
I want to be someone that you won’t forget
But baby what you see is what you get

I like to dance and go out and be wild
I’ve always said, it’s fun being a child
Things come out of my mouth I can’t believe that I said
I’m a little naïve, with a strong level head


Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry
Most of the time, I try to act dignified
Everyone laughs while I’m chasing my dreams
Ten years from now, let’s just see where they’ve been

All Right

Written By: Rosa Wright

All Right R. Wright

I woke up this morning to another day
I turned on the news, but they had nothing to say
There’s really no place I should be
And the sun’s not shining for me /

If I should call you on the phone
Is there a chance I’d find you there at home
Because I’m feeling kind of down, And you said you’d be around
Just to help and remind me that

It’s going to be all right, (I know it’s going to work out fine)
And I don’t need to cry myself to sleep tonight
It’s gonna be ok
It’s going to work out fine / It’s gonna be all right

Can we just hang here on the phone
Talk to me so I won’t have to sleep alone
You’re very far away from here and I need to have you here
Just to help me and remind me


I know tomorrow is a brand new day
Let’s get together and go out and play
Let’s go hear a band, would you hold my hand and
Tell me everything’s all right


I don’t want to bother you at all
So I’ll just sit here waiting for you to call
But I’ve been feeling upside down and I wish you were around
Just to help me and remind me