Liège, Walloon Region, BEL

Roscoe is a talented new Belgian band that recently found its home at [PIAS]. Their debut album ‘Cracks’ will be released this spring and is bound to surprise a lot of people. The first single ‘Enemies’ serves as the perfect introduction: elegant and beautifully arranged pop, epic in scale, but vulnerable and delicate at heart.?Bands as The National, Tindersticks and Elbow come to mind, but Roscoe truly found their own unique voice on ‘Cracks


There are many things to say about Roscoe. However, listening to their debut album "Cracks" leaves you speechless.

If their songs are unique and very consciously built, made with unexpected rhythms and harmonies, the result is always clever and never seems hard to understand. The interpretation floats between expressiveness and reserve.

Thanks to the amazing "Lowlands" and "A Safe Place (to fall)", the atmospheric "String Sat" and "Moment Of Grace" or the furious "Things To Solve", Roscoe takes us on a trip that combines youth and wisdom, crepuscular landscapes and vital energy.


2012 : "Cracks" (PIAS RECORDINGS)