Roscoe Project

Roscoe Project


The Roscoe Project is a Canadian outfit bringing melodic 12-string Pop / Rock back to the forefront of international live performance.


Influences: Bob Mould (Sugar, Husker Du), 1970's Pop and Rock'n'roll

Radio stations playing the Roscoe Project:

KFMI - Power 96.3 FM - California, USA
VOA Music Mix - Washington, D.C., USA
WJMX - 970 - South Carolina, USA
KIXY - 94.7 - Texas, USA
KNDE - 95.1 FM - Texas, USA
WIFX - 94.3 FM - Kentucky, USA
KJCK - 94.5 FM - Kansas, USA
KLBQ - 99 FM - El Dorado, Arizona, USA
KNHC - 89.5 FM - Seattle, Washington, USA
WNDV - 92.9 FM - Indiana, USA
KSCQ - 94.5 FM - New Mexico, USA
KCDY - CD104 FM - New Mexico, USA
WJKC - 95.1 FM - U.S. Virgin Islands, USA
WVIQ - 99.5 FM - U.S. Virgin Islands, USA
KLDR - 98 FM - Oregon, USA
KBEA - 99.7 FM - Illinois, USA
KDAO - 99.5 FM - Iowa, USA
KGLI - 95.5 FM - Iowa, USA
WMVA - 1450 - Virginia, USA
KKBJ - 103.7 FM - Minnesota, USA
WPPY - 98.5 FM - Illinois, USA
WMQT - Q107 FM - Michigan, USA
WMGI - 100.7 FM - Indiana, USA
WAFL - 97.7 FM - Maryland, USA
KMOQ - 107.1 - Missouri, USA
WAFL - 97.7 FM - Delaware, USA
KMGJ - Magic 93.1 FM - Colorado, USA
WSPT - 97.9 FM - Wisconsin, USA
KNEN - 94.7 FM - Nebraska, USA
CFNY - 102.1 FM The Edge - Toronto, Canada
105.5 FM - Huntsville, Ontario, Canada
Mix 97 FM - Belleville, Ontario, Canada
CBC - Radio One - Canada, Entire nationwide network


- Publishing deal signed with ATTACK Records. Industry heavyweight producer Mark Berry (President of the "Attack group of companies") is known for his work with artists such as David Bowie, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Yes, Kool & the gang, etc., as well as his production years at Vanguard Records in the 1970's. The Roscoe Project is proud to be a part of the "Attack group of companies". Attack records affiliates include Cherry Lane publishing, Universal music publishing, as well as many others.

- "Outside of Reno" - New CD Release

- "Not Lame Records" - New Cd is now available through "Not Lame"

- Celebrate Toronto Street Festival - Performing for an estimated 1 million event goers over the festival

- International Pop Overthrow - Chicago, USA

- International Pop Overthrow - Los Angeles, USA

- International Pop Overthrow - Baltimore, USA

- International Pop Overthrow - New York, USA

- Partnership with industry pioneer "Howard Rosen" Promotion of Van Nuys, California results in radio campaign of over 600 Top 40 Radio stations throughout the United States. Howard Rosen successfully promoted many of the largest acts in the music business (i.e. - KISS, Van Halen, Temptations, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, etc.) as Senior V.P. of Promotions at Casablanca, Elektra, Warner Brothers, Motown, and A&M Records from 1970-1985 and now as President of "Howard Rosen Promotion".

- Top 40 stations across the United States pick up focus track "Sleight of hand" for regular rotation in excess of 300 spins per week across America.


Founded by front man Laurence Roscoe, the Roscoe Project is an original pop / rock outfit which has brought the “show” back into live music. Equipped with a collection of twelve and six string guitars, three part harmony, and eclectic musicianship, the band has captivated audiences with their live performances and melodic approach to songwriting.

Since the start of their musical careers, each member of the Roscoe Project has been actively involved with performing live music. Members include Laurence Roscoe (composer, songwriter, and engineer), Joe Calbery, and Richard Baker. Throughout the years the members have joined forces to inspire a variety of musical accomplishments. Inevitably, this crew have come together to form the Roscoe Project with each member contributing his own unique characteristic.

Based out of downtown Toronto, the Roscoe Project has been performing at the finest venues that Toronto has to offer. After frequenting the stages of the Toronto club circuit the band moved on to securing regular performances at the world renowned Hard Rock Café, Toronto.

Next stop, the United States. As a result of their performances and overwhelming response at the Hard Rock Café, the band managed to grab the attention of many key music industry professionals which has since led them to perform at the “International Pop Overthrow" series of festivals in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Baltimore. As one of America's most recognized music festivals, the "International Pop Overthrow" has launched the Roscoe Project into the American market.

Radio airplay is one of the many accomplishments for the Roscoe Project. Their songs are receiving nationwide airplay across the United States and Canada at a rate of over 300 spins per week on the HotAC and CHR airwaves. In addition, they are currently showcasing at several renowned Canadian events & festivals as well as incorporating distribution of their music throughout Canada and the United States.



Written By: Laurence Roscoe


I’ve had my favorites on the radio
Not satellite, TV, or video

I used to feel it in my bones
I’d sell my soul for rock’n’roll


My records grooved, my sounds were analog

Now CD’s skip, my one’s and zero’s lost

No more samples left to steal
It’s time to get back to what’s real


I’ll never lose what’s left behind
My music’s changing all the time


Perfect Pitch

Written By: Laurence Roscoe

Perfect pitch

Brit pop, Emo, whatever happened to Rock’n’roll

I’m aging I know, for the music has got no soul

Stick to the middle of the road
Never vere to, nor fro

Such is music as we know, it to be today

This my art, always singing from the heart

So near yet so far, try to please the A&R

They can’t like what they cannot hear

My blood, my sweat, my tears
The strife, the pain, my song. How can it be wrong

In harmony we delve
And always stay true to ourselves

It’s the life, to love, to sing, that music can bring

Little Things

Written By: Laurence Roscoe

Little Things – w/ chord patterns
© Laurence Roscoe. SOCAN 2003. All rights reserved.

Pounds and pounds to make the wheels go round on the motorway
But mere pennies for the ferry across the isle
I would take the time, just to mind all the little things
If we could simply just sit here for a while

And all the money spent, well it’s really not important
When all I really want is to see you smile…

It’s alright to take bits and bites, cause it’s mutual
But lady, where should we go from here
Maybe you’ll stay tonight whether it’s wrong or right, cause it’s mutual
And baby, it feels good to have you here

And all the love we lent, well it’s really not important,
When all I really want is to see you smile…

All the little things we do, make it hurt, to love you….
I will stand to serenade if it would change the games we play

Maybe there’s enough to make us hold on
Maybe there’s enough to make this last
Maybe it’s not too late if we don’t hesitate, so long…
As we put all of those little things in the past

And all the love we lent, well it’s really not important,
When all I really want is to see you smile…


1. "Paradox" - First release

2. "Sleight of hand" - EP - Second Release

3. "Outside of Reno" - Third release

4. "Red, white, and news" - Fourth release

Set List

Set lists: (4 full sets with a variety of original and cover material)

Original songs include:

1. Sleight of Hand
2. Bipolar
3. Niddrie Mill
4. Kith & Kin
5. Louise
6. Five
7. These last few hours
8. Dismal Writer
9. An Odd Facade
10. Outside of Reno
11. Ghost
12. Little Things
13. Misk Knowes
14. Show & Tell
15. Urban Steel
16. All we're not
17. Jester
18. 49th Parallel
19. Last dance
20. Wishing Well
21. Perfect Pitch
22. Apathy
23. Red, white, and news
24. Analog

Cover songs include:

1. Electric Light Orchestra - Do Ya, Do Ya
2. Police - King of pain
3. Sugar - Believe what you're saying
4. Simon & Garfunkel - Kathy's song
5. Fleetwood Mac - Big love
6. Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky
7. Bob Seger - Mainstreet
8. Nazareth - Sunshine
9. Elvis Presley - His latest flame
10. The Who - 905
11. The Cure - Friday, I'm in love
12. Travelling Wilbury's - Handle with care
13. Blind Faith - Can't find my way home
14. J.C.S. - Strange thing