Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

London, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF | AFM

London, Ontario, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative




"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: One of Canada's Premier Alternative Bands"

"Today's music scene is filled with an abundance of talent, but Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold stand out from the crowd, leading as one of Canada's premier alternative bands." - ProDrum Blog

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: A Must See Act"

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are high energy, refreshing and modern with a hint of 90s aesthetic. You can't help but fall in love with their full bodied vocals, relatable lyrics, chugging guitars and hard hitting rhythms. A must see act." - D. Davis

"Rose Cora Perry: Raw Visceral Power"

"It's clear that Rose Cora Perry still has a love affair with catchy Rock-based hooks and punch-in-the-gut riffs. The upcoming single titled “Away I Go” delivers a killer chorus with raw visceral power that is tied together with smart lyrics and great harmony vocals. My favourite aspect of her new album, Onto the Floor, is the overall garage sound she is striving for, giving the audience some insight to early influences like the Pixies and The Breeders." - A. Skinner, Spill Magazine

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: Incredibly Inspiring"

"Incredibly inspiring, modest and creative. Sit back and buckle up, because Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold have just kick-fired their engines for what's going to be an exciting ride." - The Eclectic

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: A Successful Marriage of Chugging Guitars & Operatic Vocals"

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold's 'Easy Prey' demonstrates a successful marriage of chugging guitars and operatic vocals. The vocals of the chorus are complex and layered, with a myriad of harmonies and countermelodies weaving seamlessly in between.

A great nod to music from a different age, and the music video sparks
interest in a sea of generic modern videos." - BuzzMusic LA

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: LA Debut at The Whisky a Go Go"

Pretty fast and loud. Two gals with guitars and a drummer. Plenty of pop hooks and an exuberant stage personality. Good music, good performance and a lot of fun. - La Music Scene

"Rose Cora Perry: An Old School Meets New World Rockstar"

"Rose Cora Perry is a modern day example of an old school meets new world rockstar...Rose sings from the heart and shines from the stage." - Elicit Magazine

"Rose Cora Perry: Alanis Morissette Meets Norah Jones"

"With the skill of storytelling like fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette, paired with the emotion provoking vocals like Norah Jones, Rose may draw from influences, but she's truly one of a kind with an incredible talent." - Michelle, Kaotic Notes

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: Breath of Fresh Air"

Dammit, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are a breath of fresh air! Hard-hitting neo-Lilith solid tunes. Great live show! - Choose Epic Toronto

"Rose Cora Perry's Onto the Floor"

"Rose Cora Perry restores the rock album experience." - S. Meyer, Our London

"Rose Cora Perry: Destined for Greatness"

"From what I have seen in my 60 years in the music scene, Rose Cora Perry is destined for greatness." - B. Crompton, Penetanguishene Summerama Cupcake Festival

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: Engaging, Energetic & Rocking"

Rose Cora Perry and The Truth Untold are an act you NEED to see! They light up the room with their performances. The music is rocking, and their energy is amazing! Extremely engaging with the audience, they are true performers. It was a great experience to work with them. I'd most definitely book them again! - A. Thurlow, Alive Inside Foundation

"Rose Cora Perry is Simply Divine"

"Rose Cora Perry has a voice that is divine and a mind above minds." - I. Timothy, CHRW

"Rose Cora Perry: Breathing New Life into 90s Alt Rock"

"Having grown up in the 90s, Rose Cora Perry embodies all we remember being great from that time." - Lady Jaye, AK Music Scene

"Rose Cora Perry: Canadian Indie Legend"

"For the fortunate souls who have chosen to explore the underside world of great Canadian music it’s hard not to know of
Rose Cora Perry." - V. Manzerolle, Soul Matters Magazine

"Rose Cora Perry: Inspires & Empowers"

"Rose Cora Perry inspires and empowers with her melodic driven rock style and intense videos." - Canada's Music

"Rose Cora Perry: A True Professional"

“As Co-host of The Real Radio Show in Times Square NYC, we had the pleasure of having Rose Cora Perry on our show. Not only is she a
talented performer, she was a great interview: intelligent, sincere, and witty, with a great sense of humor. Her stage presence is that of a true professional.” - H. Khan, The Real Radio Show, NYC

"Rose Cora Perry: The Perfect Antidote"

"A storyteller in the finest tradition, Rose Cora Perry is the perfect antidote for the empty calories of today's 'pop' music. I want to hear more!" - Jonathan Holiff, Filmmaker: My Father and the Man in Black

"Rose Cora Perry: Punk Rock"

"Rose Cora Perry is about as punk rock as one can be without attracting suspicion...A product of the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) attitude, she admires Joan Jett and plays guitar speedily with a voice that can snarl while sounding sweet..." - A. Grant, Toronto Times

"Rose Cora Perry: Messenger of Hope & Change"

“Rose Cora Perry is a true artist determined to spread a message of hope and change in today's crazy world.” - Sean D.I.Y., Tattoo Hodge Podge

"Rose Cora Perry: A Vocal Powerhouse"

"It's hard to imagine much of a voice coming out of someone this small, but it does. Loud, clear, eloquent and non-stop in a way that makes you think it's had some practice…And it has." - A Kenny, Soundline

"Rose Cora Perry: Inspiring, Courageous & Provoking"

“From the moment Rose Cora Perry walked onto the grounds, there was positive energy. She is such a powerhouse on stage. She glows with courage, sings of strength, and speaks of truths. We can all take a little from her music and become the better for it.” - A. Meadows, Dream Acres

"The Truth Untold's First Single is a Crunching Rock Tune, Full of Hooks!"

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold's first single, "Easy Prey" from their forthcoming debut EP is a crunching cool rock tune! So full of hooks! Sooo freakin' talented!! And the video proves that the medium is still so important and viable!" - Bill Welychka (former MuchMusic VJ)

"The Truth Untold's "Easy Prey": a Potent and Memorable Musical Experience"

"Easy Prey is a powerful and compelling 1990’s inspired alternative rock tune that combines exceptional melodies, hauntingly beautiful harmonies with the gritty energy and crunching riffs for a potent and memorable musical experience." - Music Life Magazine

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: NYC Debut Review"

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are a tight trio from London, Ontario that means serious business with their 21st century upgrade of the Fort Apache guitar pop sound." - Rock and Roll Globe

"Rose Cora Perry: A Uniting Force"

In a time of great divide, it’s nice to be able to look towards uniting forces like Rose Cora Perry. With killer hooks and riffs for days, and the credibility and talent to carry it all, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold have got it all together as they embark on the next phase of their career. - V13

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold Release "Killer" New Single"

"'Not My Time' is an endlessly bombastic track with tons of high-octane energy that hits all the sweet spots of alt-rock that's crisp enough to be on the radio for sure." - Recording Artist Guild

"New Single "Not My Time" : Energetic, Heavy & Precise"

"Merging elements of Alternative Rock and Hard Rock, they deliver an energetic song in "Not My Time", with good riffs, heavy and precise rhythmic part and great vocals." - Roadie Metal

"Not My Time": Heavy & Intense"

"Impossible not to get carried away with a song as heavy and intense as 'Not My Time', and all its power, as well as an affective memory. " - Roadie Music


Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: Not My Time (Single)
HER Records (2022)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Released Nov 13 2022

Featured as the only Canadian single on Lifa Global Compilation Album.

Music Video for "Not My Time" (released Nov 13 2022) premiered by V13 and featured in Spill Magazine, Canadian Beats, Recording Artists Guild, I'm Music Magazine, Lakeshore News and Guitar Thrills Magazine.

Named the Top #2 most downloaded single released by a Canadian indie artist (PlayMPE) and achieved commercial radio play within 72 hours of its release.

Radio airplay on 50 Stations: CJMQ, CJKP-DB, Ken's FM 89.1,  PopCanRadio, EyeonJamz, 91.9 FM KSOI, 98.7 The Shark, 99.3 The Rock, Indie 617, Front Range Radio, KFFR 83.3 FM, Praise the Rock Radio, WERU 89.9 FM, Evolution 107.9, KPEO, Zeno Radio, Ripper Radio Live,105.1 Mike FM, RCPFM 92.6, CFMF 103.1, RCG 91.3 FM, The Summit 91.3 FM, WRUW 91.1 FM, KGTN 106.7, WGDR 91.1 FM, WRKC 88.5, Alt 94.9, Camel City Radio, 99.1 KBUU, WXMB 101.5, CHLY 101.7, CKCU 93.1, KZAP, The Lion's Den Radio, WINR-FM, Revolution Radio, Radio Lagoa 99.4 FM, Z Radio, CKIA FM, CKGN FM, 90.9 The Light FM, Rac Man Christian Radio, DFM Radio, 101.3 FM Island Radio, CCNB Radio 103.3 FM, All Stars Radio, WSNL 106.5 FM, KPCA 103.3 FM, TLA Radio,  The Antidote Radio, 105.5 Forester Radio, WHST Z Radio & 94.9 The Rock.

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: Other Side of the Story

HER Records (2019)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Released Sept 23 2019. 

Music Video for "Easy Prey" (released March 26 2019) premiered by BuzzMusic, and featured by Spill Magazine, Music Life Magazine, Ldn Reverb, ArtNoir & Real Rock'n'Roll Blog. Nominated for "Best Rock" at the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards.

Music Video for "Rolling in the Deep" (released July 23 2019) premiered by Canadian Beats and featured by Music Video Meaning & Song-a-Day.

Music Video for "For What It's Worth" (released February 4 2020) premiered by Aesthetic Magazine and featured by Tru Rock Revival, Women in Music & Rock Music News.

Rose Cora Perry: Onto the Floor
HER Records (2016)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Worldwide commercial radio play.

Music Video for "Away I Go" (released September 6th 2016): received 7000+ views within its first week, a cover story in Our London, is currently featured on One Avenue's iTunes music app, was awarded "Video of the Week" by FemMusic Magazine, "Best Pop Rock" Music Video and second place in an Ontario-wide talent search, named in Top #10 most downloaded/streamed singles released by indie artists (DMDS) and achieved commercial radio play in less than 24 hours of its debut!

Music Video for "Six Feet Under" (released October 18th 2016): received 10,000+ views within ONE day of being featured on, a feature on Reality TV Show Nashville Mixtape, interview coverage on CHRW's "Hardboiled" & Artist on the Rise Radio, and an A+ review on Kaotic which denoted the track as "beautiful and haunting". As of Nov 2017, reached 500,000+ views.

Music Video for "Empty" (released November 14th 2016): commercial radio play in less than 24 hours, featured as "Video of the Week" on Maclyr Services and and received a top review on Canada's Music, describing the track as "empowering" and "intense".

Rose Cora Perry: Off Of the Pages

(HER Records 2010)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Worldwide radio play. Music video for "Mad World".

Anti-Hero: Unpretty
(HER Records 2005. Re-released in 2006 by Universal.)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Worldwide radio play. Music video for "Unpretty".

Rose Cora Perry: Feisty
(HER Records/Cdbaby 2004, Digital only)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Local radio play. Music video for "Unspoken Words".

HER: Straight from the Loft
(HER Records/CdBaby 2003)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Local radio play.



NEW SINGLE: "Not My Time"* Top #2 most downloaded track released by a Canadian indie artist * Commercial radio play within 72 hours of release and is currently in rotation on 50 stations in the US, Canada & Portugal
* Selected out of 1500+ submissions for a feature on Pause & Play Magazine and was the only song to be included by a Canadian band
* The music video was profiled just below Metallica's new single on the 99.3 The Rock website
* Within 4 months of release, the video has already received over 20 press features and achieved 70,000+ views on Youtube


  • Vans Warped Tour (Toronto)
  • Summer NAMM Showcase (Nashville)
  • Whisky a Go Go / Winter NAMM Showcase (Los Angeles)
  • "Longest Concert by Multiple Artists" (Guinness World Record)
  • PVDFest (Providence)
  • Music is Art (Buffalo)
  • Mesa Music Festival (Arizona)
  • Three Rivers Regatta (Pittsburgh)
  • Stars & Thunder (Timmins)
  • International Pop Overthrow (Chicago)
  • East Coast Music Conference (Virginia)
  • Jersey Shore Festival (New Jersey)
  • Montreal Ribfest (Montreal)
  • Yellow Springs Street Fair (Ohio)
  • Twin City Ribfest (North Carolina)
  • Taste of Wisconsin (Kenosha)
  • "Headlining Act" for Day of 1000 Musicians (Niagara Falls)

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Acclaimed one of the Top #10 indie talents across Canada (Starbeat) and ranked the longstanding #1 local rock band in their hometown (Reverbnation), Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold have quickly established a reputation for equally writing catchy songs and compelling audiences.

Named a "favourite" by media legend Bill Welychka (former MuchMusic VJ), in the short time they've been a band, they have already rocked audiences of over 200,000 and shared bills with 90s hitmakers SmashMouth, Canadian legends Platinum Blonde and Rik Emmett (Triumph) as well as The Mahones and Courage My Love.

Beyond their impressive touring resume, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold have achieved "Top 30" radio singles, been awarded 8 artistic grants, are endorsed by Blackstar Amps, Mapex Drums and Daisyrock Guitars, and have been featured in multiple high-profile media outlets including: BuzzMusic, All Guitar Network, California Rocker, Highwire Daze, Music Life Magazine, Canadian Musician, CBC, Unrated Magazine and Spectre Sound Studios.  

A "one-of-a-kind talent", Perry's vocals have been said to be the "perfect blend of Alanis Morissette and Norah Jones" (Kaotic Notes), while her songwriting is full of "raw visceral power, killer hooks and punch-in-the-gut riffs" (Spill Magazine).

Expect a high energy rock'n'roll experience reminiscent of "all that we remember being great about the 90s." (Pittsburgh Music Magazine).


* Hand-selected by the founder to perform on the only Canadian date of the final Vans Warped Tour

* Selected as the only Canadian act to showcase at Summer NAMM (Nashville)

* Music Video for second single, "Six Feet Under" reached 500,000+ views

* Music Video for "Easy Prey" nominated for 'Best Rock' Video at the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards and 'Best Alternative' Video at the International Independent Music Video Awards

* Music Video for "Easy Prey" featured at Global Home Music Fest

* Music Video for "For What Its Worth" nominated for Best Rock at the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards

* Rose Cora Perry featured on Songstress Hall of Fame website

* Selected as 1 of 400 bands across Canada to participate in the Guinness World Record Attempt for the Longest Concert by Multiple Artists

* Featured performance & cameo on Spectre Sound Studio's acclaimed Youtube channel (200,000+ subscribers)

* Nominated for "Best Rock Artist" (Toronto Independent Music Awards)

* First Canadian act showcased on AOTV's "Local Sounds" (Massachusetts) 

* Acclaimed "must see" local talent at London Music Week

* Awarded Best "Pop Rock" Music Video for "Away I Go" (Akademia)

* "Away I Go" single named in Top #10 most downloaded/streamed singles by indie artists (DMDS)

* "Onto the Floor" and "Other Side of the Story" ranked in Top #30 album radio charts (Earshot)

* Achieved commercial radio play for "Onto the Floor" within 24 hours of its release

* Featured as an internationally "buzzworthy" act (MusicDish China Network)

* Profiled as a Featured Artist by the Songwriters Association of Canada


DaisyRock Guitars, Blackstar Amplification & Mapex Canada 

Band Members