Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

 London, Ontario, CAN

"She sings like Benatar, plays like Jett and has a penchant for writing 90s-inspired anthems."



  • Vans Warped Tour (Toronto)
  • International Pop Overthrow (Chicago)
  • East Coast Music Conference (Virginia)
  • Jersey Shore Festival (New Jersey)
  • Yellow Springs Street Fair (Ohio)
  • Twin City Ribfest (North Carolina)
  • Taste of Wisconsin (Kenosha)
  • Great Canadian Kayak Fest (Timmins)
  • "Headlining Act" for Day of 1000 Musicians (Niagara Falls)

Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

2016 marked the triumphant return of Rose Cora Perry
(former frontwoman of signed touring act Anti-Hero) with the
critically-acclaimed release of her sophomore solo album, "Onto the

A "one-of-a-kind talent", Perry's vocals have been said to be the "perfect blend of Alanis Morissette and Norah Jones" (Kaotic
Notes), while her songwriting is full of "raw viseral power, killer
hooks and punch-in-the-gut riffs" (Spill Magazine).

In conjunction with the album's release, Perry formed high energy powerhouse duo, The Truth Untold, featuring the exceptional talent of Tyler Randall (ex-Blind Mag/Swerve) on Drums; Perry handles Vocals, Guitar & Songwriting. Multi-instrumentalist / soundwoman extraordinaire Amber Gorham joined them in 2018 as their Touring

Acclaimed one of the Top #10 indie talents across Canada, within a mere six months of forming, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold conquered audiences of 25,000+ , performing at notable festivals and winning over crowds of 20-somethings & babyboomers

The band's captivating live performances, coupled with their award-winning film noir Music Video trilogy series for "Onto the Floor"'s singles have taken Canada (and soon the world) by storm.

* Named among the Top #10 indie talents across Canada (Starbeat)

* Hand-selected by the founder to perform on the ONLY Canadian date of the final Vans Warped Tour

* Ranked as the #1 local "Rock" act (ReverbNation)

* Selected as the ONLY Canadian act to showcase at Summer NAMM (Nashville)

* Winter NAMM/Ultimate Jam Night showcase at the legendary Whisky a Go Go (Los Angeles)

* Music Video for second single, "Six Feet Under" reached 500,000+ views

* Rose Cora Perry named among "favourite singer/songwriters" by famed media personality and former MuchMusic VJ Bill Welychka

* Selected as 1 of 400 bands to participate in the Guinness World Record Attempt for the Longest Concert by Multiple Artists

* Nominated for "Best Rock Artist" (Toronto Independent Music Awards)

* Awarded Best "Pop Rock" Music Video for "Away I Go"

* "Away I Go" single named in Top #10 most downloaded/streamed singles by indie artists (DMDS)

* "Onto the Floor" ranked in Top #30 album radio charts (Earshot)

* Achieved commercial radio play for "Onto the Floor" within 24 hours of its release

* Featured as an internationally "buzzworthy" act (MusicDish China Network)

* Profiled as a Featured Artist by the Songwriters Association of Canada

Barrie Waterfront Festival
Toronto Ribfest (200,000+ attendees)
Great Canadian Kayak Festival
Night it Up! (100,000+ attendees)
Soundtrack of the City Festival
Belle River Sunsplash
Cambridge Ribfest
Aurora Ribfest (other acts incl: Platinum Blonde, Rik Emmett)
Stars & Thunder (other acts incl: Simple Plan, Lights, Hedley)
Riverfest Elora (other acts incl: Sloan, MGMT, Monster Truck)
Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Regatta (1.5 million attendees; Opening act for SmashMouth)
Peterborough LIVE Music Festival
Chatham Ribfest
London Ribfest
Toronto Vegan Food & Drink Festival
Taste of Kingston
Concession Streetfest
Carmel Fine Arts & Music Festival

DaisyRock Guitars, Blackstar Amplification, Mapex Canada, The Benefit Solution Inc. & Spartan Nutrition Byron



Curtains Close

Written By: R.Perry

V1: It’s easy to be so young and naïve
It’s easy to see all things as you want to see
It’s easy to need what you want to be
So damn easy

Prechorus: But when that mindset starts to shatter
Everything you thought becomes so scattered
You’ll find yourself at odds with those you love and trust
You’ll find yourself at odds with your own self

Chorus: Tell me, what am I fighting for?
When all the things of which I was sure
Are nothing more than dreams
I tell ya it’s heartbreaking

Sweet innocence was pure
I wish that there was a cure
For growing up, and growing old
And learning truths…I wish I was never told

V2: It’s easy to love before they break your heart
It’s easy to think there’s a plan from the start
It’s easy to live your life without a care
Too damn easy

Prechorus: And when that mindset starts to unwind
You want nothing more than just to crawl inside
Erase the knowledge that led to your own self-destruct
Erase the memory of childhood things

Outro: Tell me why don’t you see when you look at me?
Tell me why don’t you feel when you’re touching me?
You say that you hear, but are you listening?
You say that you care, but you’re still giving in

Tell me why don’t you taste when you’re experiencing?
Tell me why don’t you breathe if you are living?
You say that you’re real, but all the symptoms show
The lights are out, your story ends when the curtains close

All music and lyrics: R.Perry
Copyrighted by SOCAN, SAC, & HER Records 2016.

Away I Go

Written By: R.Perry

V1: What a lovely dream before it fell apart
All those lovely things you said would break my heart
And I was wrong, you were right
Can't separate the truth from all your pretty lies

Away I go into the darkness
Away I go I turn from all this
Cannot cope with love and madness
Away I go so I don't tell you to go

V2: What a lovely speech, you rehearsed it so well
What a lovely act with your show and tell
I thought I knew who you really were
But when the curtains fell what had seemed so real disappeared

You left me crumbling in the darkness
I had to turn away from all this
Pretend I'm strong and that you're worthless
Away I go so I don't tell you to go

Just like before I fell
I knew deep down inside
Somehow you knew exactly what key to turn on my insides
Just like before I fell
I knew it'd fall apart
Maybe I love, just to love and earn a broken heart

All music and lyrics: R.Perry
Copyrighted by SOCAN, SAC, & HER Records 2016.

For What Its Worth

Written By: R.Perry

V1: I miss the sound of your voice, your kiss, and embrace
Your touch, and your laugh - your everything
Why make me want you when you won't let yourself be true?

V2: I miss seeing your number come up on my phone
Getting done up when I know we'll be alone
Why do you hurt me when you know that I'm perfect for you?

Chorus: And you've spent your whole life searching
For what was right in front of you
And you've spend your whole life waiting
Just for me to be with you
Yet you turned away
Said you couldn't stay
Said you couldn't love me in that way
Yet you've spent your whole life chasing haven't you?

V3: I miss the look on your face when you try hard to resist
The desire you feel, when I'm with you, you're in bliss
Why do you fight it when you know what's between us is real?

V4: I miss your cute loving side that you won't share with the rest
your crazy addictions – are things I've never forget
Why did you come back when you knew you'd be leaving so soon?

Bridge: Yes I'd give you everything
I'd give you anything
I'd give you everything
But I gotta watch myself, I've gotta love myself, and take care
Cause I don't know how I could possibly hold you without shaking
No I'm not aware of how I could possibly love you without aching
Baby, this is the last honest love I'll ever give
Baby, this is the last honest love you'll ever live

V5: I miss the cute little words and how you know me so well
I can't hide a thing because you see through it all
Why build my trust just to walk out on me?

V6: I miss the good and the bad; when you think that I'm mad
And you run for cover - you know you've made me sad
Why hold on when you're just gonna let me fade away? Fade away?

All music and lyrics: R.Perry
Copyrighted by SOCAN, SAC, & HER Records 2010.

Note: Bridge & Final Overlay lyrics homage Tegan & Sara's "This is Everything" (Under Feet Like Ours, Plunk Records, 1999)


Written By: R.Perry

V1: I wanna sing to you
A little lullaby
Not too sure of the words
Just seem to pass through my mind
I wanna sing to you
But I've lost control
Can't seem to find my voice
Let alone my soul

Prechorus: Feeling so lost inside
With all this on my mind
It gets so hard sometimes
Just to stay in time
But when I sing to you
My little lullaby
I know that I'm safe here babe

Never felt so alive

V2: I wanna fight the stars
Just to seal our fate
I wanna fight the words
We're both too scared to say
I wanna fight the world
So we can live our way
I wanna fight for you each
and every day

Prechorus: But I just worry so
Seem to lose control
I try to run away
It's easier that way
But when you kiss my face
You seal our fate
I know that I'm safe here babe

And I'm alive

All music and lyrics: R.Perry
Copyrighted by SOCAN, SAC, & HER Records 2016.


Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold: Other Side of the Story
HER Records (TBA)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry

Rose Cora Perry: Onto the Floor
HER Records (2016)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Worldwide commercial radio play.

Music Video for "Away I Go" (released September 6th 2016): received 7000+ views within its first week, a cover story in Our London, is currently featured on One Avenue's iTunes music app, was awarded "Video of the Week" by FemMusic Magazine, "Best Pop Rock" Music Video and second place in an Ontario-wide talent search, named in Top #10 most downloaded/streamed singles released by indie artists (DMDS) and achieved commercial radio play in less than 24 hours of its debut!

Music Video for "Six Feet Under" (released October 18th 2016): received 10,000+ views within ONE day of being featured on, a feature on Reality TV Show Nashville Mixtape, interview coverage on CHRW's "Hardboiled" & Artist on the Rise Radio, and an A+ review on Kaotic which denoted the track as "beautiful and haunting". As of Nov 2017, reached 500,000+ views.

Music Video for "Empty" (released November 14th 2016): commercial radio play in less than 24 hours, featured as "Video of the Week" on Maclyr Services and and received a top review on Canada's Music, describing the track as "empowering" and "intense".

Rose Cora Perry: Off Of the Pages

(HER Records 2010)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Worldwide radio play. Music video for "Mad World".

Anti-Hero: Unpretty
(HER Records 2005. Re-released in 2006 by Universal.)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Worldwide radio play. Music video for "Unpretty".

Rose Cora Perry: Feisty
(HER Records/Cdbaby 2004, Digital only)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Local radio play. Music video for "Unspoken Words".

HER: Straight from the Loft
(HER Records/CdBaby 2003)
All Music & Lyrics: R.Perry
Local radio play.

Set List

Electric Setlist

1)      For What It’s Worth

2)      Away I Go 

3)      Six Feet Under 

4)      Empty

5)      Easy Prey

6)      Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover)

7)      Curtains Close

8)      Lost 

9)      Darkest Days

10)    Alive

11)    Close

12)    More or Less

13)    Don't

14)    My Oh My (Aqua Cover)

15)    The End