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Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands

Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands
Band Pop Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Rose in Speakers"

Afgelopen donderdag 18 oktober gaf de Haagse zangeres Rose met haar band een concert in Speakers in Delft. Het onlangs uitgekomen en voor de Haagse popprijs genomineerde album ‘Livin ‘it’ dat lovende kritieken ontvangt valt in het niet bij de live-show in het Delftse Speakers. Eén ding is zeker, Rose heeft het helemaal.

De ‘Addictive Soul Tour’ van de Haagse zangeres heeft na omzwervingen door Nederland de Haagse regio bereikt. De ter promotie van het album ‘Livin ‘it’ opgezette tour doet ze donderdag 18 oktober Speakers Delft en vrijdag 19 oktober het Bel Air in Den Haag aan. Rose is met haar eigen band nog niet zo bekend in de regio en dat is jammer. De zangeres van o.a. Kraak en Smaak verdient juist voor haar eigen werk veel meer waardering.

De media hebben Rose wel opgepikt want de zangeres was de afgelopen weken te zien bij o.a Loretta Schrijver bij Omroep Max, Goedemorgen Nederland, Het friends of Warchild concert in Ahoy en in het regionale Westpop van TV West. Juist daarom is het vreemd dat de Haagse programmeurs de act missen.

Speakers in Delft programmeert Rose wel en zet daarmee een bijzonder goede act neer. De muziek van Rose kenmerkt zich tussen R&B, Dance, Jazz, een vleugje rock en een grote dosis soul maar laat zich niet in een hokje duwen. De hoge zaal Speakers vult zich langzaam en niet volledig het geen een relaxte sfeer geeft die het clubgevoel uitstraalt. Juist in deze sfeer voelt de muziek van Rose zich thuis. Het duurt dan ook niet lang voordat de bezoekers meebewegen op de dansbare nummers die afgewisseld worden met intieme ballads waarbij in het publiek hier en daar een traantje wordt weggepinkt van emotie. Niet alleen de zangeres springt eruit. Ook de andere, uitstekende bandleden verrichten uitstekend werk waarbij ze binnen het geheel de ruimte krijgen.

De songs ‘Alone’ en ‘Say A Prayer’ vallen op in positieve zin. Hoewel het album te beluisteren is op de My Space site van de zangeres, komt ze live veel beter uit de verf. Soul moet de ziel raken en Rose weet dat op een af en toe kippenvel opwekkende wijze als geen ander te realiseren. Na een toegift is de koek op en gaan de gesigneerde cd’s als zoete broodjes over de toonbank. - VPRO 3voor12


Rose - Livin' it (album 2007)
Rose - Alone (single 2007)
Rose - Trust (album 2002)
Rose - Why are you Nervous (single 2002)



After an extensive period of touring (both solo and as a vocalist on the Kraak & Smaak tour), writing and producing, the true Rose has finally emerged on her second album Livin’ It. The Dutch singer/songwriter has obviously grown, both personally and musically. “I wanted Livin’ It to sound raw and organic, less polished than my debut album. I wanted to emphasize that I’m first and foremost a live artist.”

For her new album, Rose – literally and figuratively – stayed close to home. She recorded most of the songs in her own living room and that personal approach has worked very well. The close cooperation with keyboard player and Rose’s life companion Sven Figee and producers Dutchflower and Roland Dirkse has resulted in a coherent collection of soulful songs. Livin’ It blends vintage soul and contemporary influences into a style that is typically Rose. “On my debut, I was more passive. This time, I was able to fully depend on my own abilities and talent. I’m a better songwriter and performer than early in my career. In addition, for this album I was able to work with people who know me very well and who know what works best for me.”

On Livin’ It Rose returns to her roots; she has African-American, Indian, Jewish and Dutch blood in her veins. Rose grew up in an artistic home; her mother is a visual artist and her father, who passed away, was an African-American jazz musician. “I grew up with the music of Joan Armatrading, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday, but I managed to create my own style without copying the things I was influenced by. This record shows where I’m coming from, but the songs are still very much Rose songs.” Livin’ It is a pop album with a heavy dose of soul, blues and solid funk. The Hammond and Wurlitzer keyboards that were used on many songs give the album a laidback Motown vibe that perfectly fits Rose’s warm, sultry vocals.

The album contains contributions of Floris Klinkert (FLORiS, Room Eleven) and American soul diva Sandra St. Victor of The Family Stand. She and Rose co-wrote the song ‘True Love’ and she is also a backing vocalist at both ‘Shame’ and ‘When Love Calls’. For Rose, who wore out the Family Stand classic album Moon In Scorpio, it was a very special experience. “I got in touch with her through one of my backing vocalists. After hearing my demos, she told me how glad she was to finally hear some real soul music from the Netherlands again, which is a great compliment. Our cooperation was very intense and personal.”

The quality of the album is consistently high, but, for different reasons, several tracks stand out. The personal title track ‘Livin’ It’ is about a period in Rose’s life in which things didn’t go so well for her. “My songs are basically profound conversations with myself to gather new insights. The title track expresses where I am right now in my life. It’s about self acceptance.” ‘Voodoo Tricks’, on the other hand, is more frivolous and sexy; it’s an ode to 70’s funk, of which the singer is a huge fan. The gospel-like ‘Sunny Day’ is special because of its emotional lyrics. Rose wrote this song for friends who lost a baby. “That event had such an impact on me. It was very liberating to sing this song.” The cover of John Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’ is remarkable because of its female approach. Rose recorded the track in the middle of the night, accompanied by just a candle and a glass of brandy. She doesn’t fear any negative reactions. “Of course, this song has been covered many times before, but that’s not a reason for me not to do it my own way. It really comes from the heart.”

When she was young, all Rose wanted to do was become an artist, just like her dad, jazz saxophonist Glenn Spearman. She took every opportunity that came her way, starting with jumping on stage and grabbing the mic during a DJ Tony Humphries gig in New York. From then on, she worked with internationally renowned DJ’s like David Morales, Roger Sanchez and DJ Roog. Her debut ‘Trust’ (2002) was top of the bill, certainly for a Dutch artist; it was produced by American celebrities such as King Britt, James Poyser & Vikter Duplaix (known from their work with Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill) and with string arrangements by the legendary Larry Gold. The album had a broad international sound and got raving reviews. Despite that, and her excellent live reputation, the album wasn’t as successful as Rose had hoped for, and she had to reconsider her options. “On tour with Kraak & Smaak I discovered that my priority is life itself. However, I also discovered that making music, singing, is an absolute necessity for me.”

It’s a good thing Rose has come to this conclusion; Livin’ It is an honest, raw and organic record with catchy beats and a real live vibe. As she herself concludes: “This album is spot on. It clearly shows who I am; it shows the real Rose.”