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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Rock





Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Rosechild has released their debut EP, titled Remedies.

There’s a certain enjoyable ’90s alt-rock sound to this four-piece band. Only three songs in length, Rosechild’s first EP leaves you wanting more. The songwriting is superb and lead singer Haile Meirow’s voice is reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s rockers Edie Brickell (particularly her big hit “What I Am”) and Natalie Merchant. There’s a Warpaint aspect to the band, though Rosechild isn’t as jam-driven and is much more traditional in its song construction.

All three songs are strong, beginning with the opening track “You.” The song opens with a dreamy guitar intro that leads into Meirow’s whimsical vocals quite nicely. Guitarist Joshua Martinez showcases his skills that suggest he would have fit in the ’90s Seattle grunge era rather well.

The second song “Used To This” features a pretty guitar arrangement from Martinez to begin. Meirow again does a good job of captivating you with her vocals. There’s quite a throwback feel to Rosechild’s music, it is very firmly planted in alternative rock roots with just guitar, bass, and drums — a nice change from the fact that most new bands these days employ the use of a synthesizer liberally. The truth is that Rosechild doesn’t need any additional gimmicks, with Meirow’s vocals, Martinez’s guitar prominence, Dan Boos’ bass chops and Oscar Silva on drums, there’s no need for additional noise.

The EP concludes with the song “Sea of Green,” a solid four-and-a-half minute track that features much lighter guitar than on the previous two songs, though it builds as the song goes on. For the final chorus, Silva’s drums and Martinez’s guitar complements Meirow’s vocals extremely well as the tone hastens. Meirow unleashes a beautiful and loud yell prior to concluding the final chorus that showcases how powerful her pipes are quite impressively.

If these first three songs are a sign of what is to come from Rosechild, they’re definitely a Los Angeles band worth keeping an eye on. - Grimy Goods

"Sea of Green Music Video Official Premiere"

Rosechild began shortly after singer-songwriter Haile Meirow moved to L.A. from the Rocky Mountains and met guitarist Joshua Martinez. The duo privately collaborated for a year before declaring their moniker and recruiting a rhythm section. Their debut EP, Remedies, was self-recorded at their compact Glendale-based studio and mixed on analog tape by engineer Pete de Boer. The result is a soul-based fusion of psychedelic passion and raw rhythm that conjures an uncanny 90’s alt-rock vibe which is blatant on their single “Sea of Green”: - Free Bike Valet


Still working on that hot first release.



As the dust picked up in the desert, the moon set behind the mountains and the ocean made amends with land it was here, at this place, we found ourselves.

A few months after moving to Los Angeles, by the way of The Rocky Mountains, frontwoman singer-songwriter Haile Meirow met Joshua Martinez. The Native Californian boy had the right remedy to blend with Haile's artistic style. Being a subterranean duo for a year, without a trace, the two saw eye-to-eye and began calling themselves 'Rosechild'. The like-minded two knew what was next on their musical voyage. Adding a drummer to the mix and being a trio for a while exposed the group of its capabilities. On the brim of satisfaction the trio opened a door and found Dan Boos (bass). He was the skeptical chance taken on the good ole' Craigslist. Things started to move fast when many positive enhancements were realized. Shortly after the partnership with Dan, a new drummer, Oscar Silva stepped into the picture.

I love to take a step back with my role in the band to listen to where the boys are playing from. More than anything I want to understand their tendencies, influences and the past they carry with them,” says Haile.

The web of Rosechild is a strong one, however the delicacy is in every strand. Josh and Dan carry a heavy drive as well as a euphoric tone with them that accentuates the places Haile gives hints to in her rhythm. You can find traces of 90's alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, folk and singer-songwriter that creates a vivid array of attitude and soul in the music.

Just outside the Silverlake neighborhood in a town called Glendale is where the band has their studio. No bigger than an obnoxiously priced studio apt in NYC and undeniably louder than the basement you played in as a kid, ear plugs are highly recommended.

The midsummer of 2014 Rosechild began the self recording of their first EP. Choosing to hold onto a few songs from the mysterious Josh and Haile days to linking them with a couple new songs leaves one with a timeless story. Spending every window of available time working on the EP and tracking everything step-by-step, the band wrapped up five songs by the end of September. The tracks were sent to engineer, Pete de Boer, World Famous Studios, from Haile's hometown in Colorado to be mixed down to analog tape.

Anxiously awaiting the Final Masters of the EP in combination with cover artwork designed by our dear friend, Rex, the EP title Remedies made its way to the forefront of the groups voyage. You may have a hint at the EP title taken from a line in the song, “You”.

We are Rosechild. Stirring up Remedies in a chaotic world through the mind, body and soul of the one thing we know how to do best... music.

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