Rose Coen

Rose Coen


Rose Coen has been writing songs since she was twelve. She performs them in front of crowds young and old in every imaginable venue. Her unique blend of rock, folk and country music has earned her quite a reputation; One fan calls her “part singer-songwriter part comedienne.”


Rose Coen has just completed recording her first album of original songs in Nashville. The record was produced by legendary multi-Grammy winning Bil VornDick (Alison Krauss, Ralph Stanley, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Jan Smith), and includes performances by stellar musicians, including current Ricky Skaggs' Kentucky Thunder members Mark Fain (Dolly Parton, Bruce Hornsby), Cody Kilby and Andy Leftwich; guitar virtuosos Johnny Hiland and Joel Key, and drummer Bob Mater. Rose also continues to own and operate Musical Round-Up, a preschool music business. She performs her original songs at classes during the week and at parties on the weekend. Her two records of original children's songs are available for purchase at or at


No One Left To Lie To

Written By: Rose Coen

Now I know that I was wrong
All those years I blamed you
With my pride holdin' on strong
It's hard to let the truth break through
What do you do when you realise
That you have been a fool?
And what do you do when your heart tells you
There's no one left to lie to

Now I know where my love has gone
I've thrown it all away
Spend my time on things that don't last
And not what can't be replaced
(repeat chorus)

Lookin' hard for a place that I can hide
but there's nowhere left to turn
And it seems as though there are no tears left to cry
But my heart still burns


Give me one more chance
To get it right
Give me one more chance

Now I know that I was wrong
All those years I blamed you

Follow The Wind

Written By: Rose Coen

written by Rose Coen

Is it a leaf or a butterfly
Is it heaven or just the sky
Is it the sea or some awesome power
Is it Love or just a happy hour

I’m moving, I’m moving, and changing again
I’m moving, I’m moving, I’ll follow the wind

Is it early, is it late
Circumstance or gift of fate
Maybe a message from the Gods
Or the probability of odds

Are you friend, well I don't know
You’re the one who hurt my soul
Did your best to cause me pain
Then you healed my heart again

And I don’t where this road I’m on will lead me to
But I’ll find my way
And I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back this way to you
So at least we had today

Is it life or is it death
Makes you wanna be your best
Makes you conquer all your fears
Live the dreams you’ve held for years

Someone told me long ago
You don’t have to worry so
Can’t hold on to the past
There’s only one thing that’ll ever last



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