Rose Garland

Rose Garland


Influenced by the music of the Grateful Dead, our repitoire is open to any of the 100's of songs the band ever played onstage. Our styles include rock, country, jazz, folk and freeform jam. All 4 members sing. Electric or acoustic sets. Rose Garland also has its own established, thriving fan base.


All four members are acomplished musicians with many years of live performance experience in a variety of bands. The current lineup has been together for almost five years, gigging regularly in Southern Ontario. We're known for our dancable groove and "turn on a dime" jamming style.

Previous shows have included multiple gigs at the El Mocambo and the Comfort Zone in Toronto, the Festival of Friends in Hamilton, the Hardball in Milton, the Pepper Jack in Hamilton, the Lancaster Tavern in Kitchener/Waterloo, The Merchant Ale House in St. Catharines, and numerous other club dates, festivals, and private shows throughout Southern Ontario.

Set List

In the spirit of the Grateful Dead, to keep our shows fresh Rose Garland never repeats the same setlist twice. We draw from a current repitoire of over 150 songs to create a setlist specific to a particular show's needs: everything from their well-know radio hits (Touch of Grey, Truckin', Casey Jones, Uncle John's Band, Sugar Magnolia) to the songs that they covered on stage by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Band and many more. We have the flexibility to play anything from acoustic sets to regular 3x45 minute bar sets to full 2-hour concerts.

Some of the songs you're likely to hear at a Rose Garland show (and the list continues to grow):

Alabama Getaway
Beat It On Down The Line
Big Railroad Blues
Big River
Bird Song
Blow Away
Brown-Eyed Women
Casey Jones
China Cat Sunflower
China Doll
Cold Rain and Snow
Crazy Fingers
Cumberland Blues
Dark Star
Dire Wolf
Don't Ease Me In
Easy Wind
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Feel Lik