Rosehill’s debut CD, “Bluegrass In Waltz Time” is an eclectic blend of bluegrass, Texas swing, and classic country. The traditional lyrics delivered by Adams and Bonnett’s two-part harmony have been described as pure, sweet and unexpected.


The Ladies of "Rosehill" have been best friends since grade school. They are well known throughout their Texas hometown for their strong vocal performances, and have a smooth harmonic blend that is very well received by their audiences. Over the years, they have developed their own unique vocal style and arrangements.

They were approached by C.H. Worrell, a Houston song writer, who heard them singing at a Bluegrass Jam. He loved their voices and immediately asked them to record his songs. When the two reviewed his material, they knew his songs were something really special. They knew immediately that his songs lent themselves to really great melodious harmony. The ladies agreed to record his music, and the result is this delightful 12 song debut CD, “Bluegrass In Waltz Time.


Leave Me Some Pride

Written By: Clifton Worrell


Leave me some pride when you leave me
Let me just say that you’re gone
And I don’t know how long you’re planning to stay
But I’m doing fine all alone


I don’t want friends asking why you went away, calling me up everyday
Let them keep thinking that you’re coming home
But I’ll be forever alone

Leave me some pride to hold on to
When all that you left goes away
Then I’ll have my pride and my memory of you
And some how I’ll get through the day


Leave me some pride and I promise
That I’ll never tell what you’ve done
They don’t have to know you were being untrue
It may be my fault that she won


I Might Not Get Over Your Leaving Again

Written By: Clifton Worrell

You want to start over and I’m tempted to try
For life’s been so empty since you said goodbye
But I’m almost over the pain I knew then
And I might never get over your leaving again


There are too many heartaches that I still recall
And you walked out and left me to stand or to fall
There were to many battles I never could win
And I might never get over your leaving again

You know that I love you and I still miss you so
But if I had you again, could I let you go
I almost went crazy when you left me before
Could this heart you’ve broken ever take anymore


Blue Sky Over Texas

Written By: Clifton Worrell

There’s a blue sky over Texas
I heard the newsman say
But that Texas sun won’t shine for me today
For he’s off somewhere in Houston
And he left me all alone
And the rain keeps falling down in San Antone

And I’ll always wonder why
He never said goodbye
I guess he thinks my heart is made of stone
There’s a blue sky over Texas, some-where today
But the rain keeps falling down in San Antone

There’s a blue sky over Texas
Cattle lowing, blue birds sing
And a-ll around you see the signs of Spring
I know I must forget him
I know that life goes on
But I hate these rainy nights in San Antone

There’s a blue sky over Texas
But a dark cloud over me
Old memories from the past won’t let me be
For the sun has left my heaven
Since you’ve been gone
And I’m walking through the rain in San Antone

Fighting Battles Nobody Wins

Written By: Clifton Worrell

When I look out my window at the leaves falling down
Like my plans and my dreams all have done
And I think of the heartaches and tears that were shed
Fighting battles that nobody won

And the flame of our love brightly burning
Went out in the heat of the fight
But we have our pride and we never give in
And it’s so lonely where we are to might

I look at our picture on our wedding day
How happy we both were back then
But I was wrong and I’m sorry are words we don’t say
While we fight a war we can’t win


Dream World Waltz

Written By: Clifton Worrell

I live in a dream world when we’re waltzing
A dream world where love never ends.
But I can’t let you know how I’m feeling
To yo-u I must be ju-st a friend.

You made your choice long ago and I know
You love her, not me.
And you can’t let her go
Though I can never say what my heart wants me to
You’re mine when I’m waltzing with you.

So I live in a dream world and keep hoping
That some day you'll be free again
Maybe then my arms can hold and keep you
In a real world where love never ends.


(Tag Line)
Yes, you’re mine when I’m waltzing with you

Shattered Lives

Written By: Jodi L. Adams

As we travel through this life,
There are choices that we make
One path leads to happiness, the other leads astray
You never know what lies ahead,
Till you're comin around the bend
Then too late to turn back and start it all again

Shattered Lives, Shattered dreams
Broken hearts, torn at the seams
Now you’re gone, from our world
And I know we’ll never be the same, that’s for sure
No we’ll never be the same, that’s for sure

Things will happen in this life that we sure don’t understand
Times that cause us misery and grief,
And we lose all faith in man
But God is watching over you,
He’s there to lend a helping hand
His angels there to guide you, and restore your faith again


(Tag) “NO we’ll never be the same……our Shattered Lives.”


Leave Me Some Pride, Bluegrass In Waltz Time, A Bed of Roses, Fighting Battles that Nobody Wins, Dream World Waltz, Would He Have Died, I Have To See What's Over The Hill, I Might Not Get Over Your Leaving Again, He Hung The Stars, Blue Sky Over Texas, Our Last Waltz & Anniversary Roses." You can listen to streaming audio of all 12 songs on, and

Set List

Our typical set is about 45 minutes long, which gives us time for about 10 songs. We primarily play local bluegrass venues at this time.