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Magnolia, Texas, United States

Magnolia, Texas, United States
Band Country Americana


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"Rosehill - Blake Myers, Mitch McBain, the dynamic duo and their band - Interview"

At only 26 years of age, Blake Myers’ and Mitch McBain’s are ROSEHILL -- incredible talent, brilliantly written songs and perfect blending of rock and roll and country, and being selected and produced by my hero too, Radney Foster they are star-speeding their way to becoming one of the most well known bands in the country.

ROSEHILL is a phenomenon of the best Country Rock Music talent, determination and solid-platinum- to-come. With artist and producer, Radney Foster selecting them as his protégés and producing their new release, soon to come, you know these guys are the real deal!

Blake Myers, Mitch McBain, the dynamic duo and their band, also played at Radney Foster’s 50th Birthday Party at Hill’s Café in Austin, Texas (which is also Mitch’s birthday! Happy belated birthday Radney and Mitch!) singing “What Do You Want from Me Now”, this hopefully will be on their debut release in late March or early April 2010. So, all great things take time but make sure you’re one of the first to pick out this one from ROSEHILL! It’s been a few weeks since I met ROSEHILL ( at the Brazoria County Fair, October 16th, and the duo, Blake Myers and Mitch McBain are ROSEHILL. It’s their impeccable sound that is sending these fast-rising stars into the Country Music scene heavens! ROSEHILL band members also include Cory Pendleton on Guitar and Mandolin/ Kevin Binder on Bass/ Derek Hounsel on Drums, who are no less talented in their perfect musical skills.

Their entire performance at the fair created frenzy and the 3,000 plus fans rocked and cheered as they would have at a sold-out star-studded event! We all couldn’t stand still! And “Yellowbird” convinced me that they were singing to me alone, and I’m sure the other masses felt the same. That’s the sign of real stars and connections with their audiences. A little background and an interview with the band. They were all so gorgeous, it was difficult to focus…. In fact, I had to physically pull my assistant away…. After hearing their incredible musical ability, which I would rate as a 10 on a 1-10 scale, with ten being the BEST, we tracked them down at the fair for an interview.

The interview was with Blake Myers and Mitch McBain, with Matt Cason “media guy extraordinaire”:

SJC: I just experienced my first performance from ROSEHILL and I was simply blown away! You are incredible and I would like you to just feel free to talk to me about whatever you want. (Fact was, I was so mesmerized after their performance, and I didn’t even go by my scripted questions!)

BLAKE: Mitch and I have been songwriting together for almost ten years, started a band called Texas Highlife about 7 years ago. We played that regionally around Texas for about 6 years,

MITCH: And then we decided to mix it up…

BLAKE: We went to Nashville, Tennessee with some of our songs, to see how that would go, and that didn’t go real well, (laughing) So we came back and decided we needed a change – one of them was the band name, the other was just the premise of how we write our songs and how we put on our live show.

MITCH: We learned a lot. The first time we got whipped up pretty bad, came back, licked our wounds, and then went back (to Nashville)

SJC: Nashville, first time? Surprise!!! (All laughing!)

MITCH: The second time it was successful. We got a live demo that recorded in my bathroom at my house. And handed it to Radney Foster. He listened to it and decided to pick us up. He’s producing our first debut album as ROSEHILL.

BLAKE: We’re now a duo, we have the same band members…love those guys… they play their hearts out for us. We’ve been working with Radney about six months writing and we’re going to finally go into the studio in December (2009), and in then we’re going to go do studio time in December, January, February for a late March, early April 2010 release. We’re very excited about it.
(SJC – in my head, I’m beginning to see how close these guys are… their words blend together and where one leaves off, the other continues…amazingly in tune, like brothers!)

BLAKE: So, We’ve changed everything. The band name is now ROSEHILL…we have our websites: ROSEHILL at

MITCH: The same with My Space at

BLAKE: Mitch and I have taken our partnership to a different level musically and finally became this duo and it’s working out really well for us. We’re really happy.

SJC: And where are you guys from originally?

BLAKE: Cypress, Texas – which is actually where the name “ROSEHILL” comes from. Mitch and I grew up off of Cypress-ROSEHILL; Cypress-ROSEHILL was the name of the road, off Hwy. 290.

BLAKE: We left there for college and kept songwriting and kept the band going through college, but once we graduated college, it was like a magnet – we came back… we were drawn back and Mitch lives not even a mile away from Cypress-ROSEHILL and I live about two miles away, so it seems like home to us.

SJC: Such determination… and so the name “ROSEHlLL” means a lot to you… where it all began…that’s wonderful!

BLAKE: We toiled for about six to eight weeks…we came up with a thousand different names. We were sitting on my back porch one day…we practiced every Tuesday and Thursday in the beginning, and we write every Tuesday and Thursday. We were sitting there and we said what about “ROSEHILL”? Why not?! That’s where we’re from, it means a lot to us – that’s where we grew up and so it just kind of stuck…I mean it sounded good to us.

SJC: So do you have a name for the new release yet?

MITCH: No, not yet, it’s completely untitled just now. We have an idea of what it’s going to be, we have an idea of what the first single is going to be, but I don’t want to say it if it turns out to be something different. All I know is that Radney Foster is a hero of ours and for him to want to produce us is dreams come true in itself, we’re so excited, and so it can only get better from here!

SJC: Oh, yes, I have totally destroyed my Radney Foster tapes from listening to them so much!

BLAKE: Have you picked up his new one, Revival?

SJC: (Ashamed…) no not yet but I’m going straight from here to get it…anything Radney does is incredible! Blake and Mitch agreed!

MITCH: Radney Foster’s “Revival” is amazing!

SJC: Ok, I have to ask you this… (As Matt said, that is a terrible question to ask…and it is with such a wonderfully versatile duo!) what type of genre would describe you?

BLAKE: I’m not fond of genres… but I have to say a little Rock and Roll and a little bit Country!
And it’s something we just fell into…because we had so many of all the standard influences. I mean, we grew up on Country music just like Mitch did. And as we got older we got heavily into…my dad was a big Zeppelin fan. And we grew up on 90’s country music like George Strait and Garth Brooks. Then as we got older, we dug deeper in the history of country music back in the ‘70’s and got into all that, but later into ‘70’s rock and roll and it all came together. That’s where we came together to get our sound, from that blending.

SJC: And you do that blend so well!

BLAKE: After 7 years, I feel like it’s finally starting to take our influences and put them together the right way, because every time we write a song, it’s like it just feels like it’s how it’s supposed to be. Where when we were younger, we really didn’t know how to write a song, or the art of writing songs, so that’s been our major development change in our songwriting.

What an understatement! A change…. No, a nova of brilliance! ROSEHILL is the ones to watch and consider ourselves lucky that we also discovered them, dear readers, when we did! And we’ll have our lifelong remembrance of we knew them as they had only just begun….now they’re huge stars, still going farther…and they ARE some incredibly great guys. Godspeed ROSEHILL! This Texas country girl Music Examiner is with you all the way! - Houston


White Lines and Stars (Cypress Creek Rercords) 2010



It is a well known fact that the only constant in life, is change. As with all changes, some are for better, some are for worse. The transition from Texas High Life to Rosehill has been nothing short of a change for the better.

Mitch McBain and Blake Myers were the founding members of Texas High Life, an Alt-Country band from Cypress, Texas. Originating in May of 2003, THL would begin to play all over Texas for the next 5 years. The change began to unfold in 2008 when Myers and McBain moved back to Cypress after college. “When finished with school, we both ended up right back where we started, in Cypress” said McBain. The two began Bi-weekly writing sessions for the next THL record, but as they wrote, they realized that the new material had a different feel to it. The songs still had the THL flare, but the songs were more personal, more open. “The songs just began to flow out of us. We weren’t just writing songs to write songs anymore, we were telling our stories, our lives” said Myers. It was around that time that Myers and McBain decided to start over. New songs, new name, new outlook. They decided on the name Rosehill because they both grew up on Cypress Rosehill Rd. and have returned to Cypress. Myers and McBain live less than a mile away from that road. “We came up with a hundred different names, but kept coming back to Rosehill. It just feels like home to us” said McBain. So in July of 2009, Texas High Life became Rosehill.

Next up for the duo from Cypress is a full length studio album which is tentatively set to release in spring 2010. The record is being produced by Radney Foster out of Nashville. “We sent him a demo acoustic recording of a couple of songs Mitch and I had recorded at his house. A couple of weeks later, he called and said he would like to produce us. We were thrilled! Radney is a true inspiration to us and we can’t wait to record this record” said Myers. The guys will cut the record in both Nashville and Houston at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010.

Everything changes. Names, places, lives, but one thing will remain the same for Rosehill, they will be making music and writing songs for years to come.