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Roselind @ Gwynedd Mercy Academy (HS)

Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hook-laden songs and feral lead guitars..."
-Courier Times

"...this is ROCK AND ROLL!!!!"
-Garage Band, L.A., California

"...the perfect amount of old-school groove and new school quality"
-Garage Band, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
-, Courier Times

Roselind was put into Origivation Magazine last year (2004) for being an underage band you must see. - Origivation Magazine

Roselind placed second in the nation in VH1's "School of Rock/Battle of the Bands" Contest. It was a songwriting contest for anyone 18 and under. - Paramount Home Entertainment/ VH1

Roselind took 2nd place in 2003, and first place in 2004. The event was sponsored by Hoshino (Ibanez and Tama), MTV, and Pepsi. - Bensalem Battle of the Bands

With appreciation for the music from our rock legends
such as The Stones and Zeppelin, the newest rock and
roll messiahs to come on the rock music scene,
ROSELIND are writing their own chapter in the book of
rock. The first chapter starts right here with their
powerful self-titled debut release. Roselind is
powered by, Josh O'Neill on lead vocals and guitar,
Tommy Mosca on lead guitar , Scott Cumpstone on rhythm
guitar, Andy Laub on bass. Brian Vinikoor on drums.
The songs are well written, and vocals...impressive.
It's refreshing to hear a band with no gimmick except
great songwriting and great musicianship. Roselind are
a group of young rockers that can actually play their instruments. The guitar tandem of Mosca and Cumpstone work well together with a chemistry that is tighter than white on rice. Then you have Josh O'Neill has one hell of a "soulful" voice. While the rhythm section of Laub and Vinikoor provide the band with its solid foundation. The songs run the gamut of the rock n' roll game to sweet perfection, from the out-and-out rockers "Dreams," and "Hobbyhorse" to the tender swagger of "Hard To Touch" and the mid-tempo groove of "Stranger". There isn't one ounce of pretentiousness on this record. It's all coming straight from the heart and soul. I am typically a little wary of bands that are still young enough to get carded buying cigarettes, but Roselind have made believers out of me and deserve all the praise they get. Roselind's debut outing redefines all the recent music standards and turns back the clock to when rock had its roll. This album is must have for any "classic" rock fan and for any one bored with the current status of modern day rock. It's refreshing to hear a band with no gimmick except great songwriting and great musicianship. That is what you get with ROSELIND. A rock and roll band that is definitely built and ready to ROCK the future.

- Tony Sison, All Access Magazine


"Roselind is here on a mission: To bring back the spirit of rock and roll." -Candace Stevens - The Villanovan

"For being such a young band, they sure sound like they're veterans of the genre." -Iris - AudioXposure

"Five musicians from Philadelphia are hoping to bring a little class to the rock music of today with their band, Roselind" - Megan Jicha - The Northeastern News (Boston, MA)


Roselind- Self- Titled debut released October 10, 2005.

Out now on itunes and



Roselind is redefining Rock N� Roll: The Rolling Stones swagger, the Led Zeppelin riffage, the Bon Jovi catchiness, and the AC/DC drive; that identical old-school attitude with an injection of the 00s. At only 18 years old, Roselind has already unleashed their feral live performance on the stages of the Grape Street Philadelphia, The Khyber, KatManDu, Commerce Bank Amphitheater, and the Theater of Living Arts. They have played alongside Philly elders Peppers Ghost, Still Standing, and Jealousy Curve. Roselind�s melodic songwriting has caught the attention of major companies such as VH1 and Paramount Entertainment, placing in the top five in a national songwriting contest. With their debut EP out now, others are quickly catching on to Roselind�s hook-oriented music. Roselind�s persistence to succeed is evident every time they set foot on stage or in the studio; playing like every performance is their last. Roselind�s great songwriting and hard work will someday land them on-top of their genre and make the rockers who came before them proud. ROSELIND, an eight-letter word spawning a Rock N� Roll revolution!