Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Classy/Jazzy/Pop. A mixture of Adele and Michael Buble.


Music has been hoping, patiently waiting for an artist who will change the criteria of greatness; Rose-Marie may just be that voice. Her vision and passion for the craft of sound has inspired world respected management, song writers, and producers.

Professionally recording tracks in the studio has industry leaders amazed by her unique and inviting tone. Rose-Marie’s love is rooted beyond the glitz and glamour of the spotlight, instead it is within the power music possesses.

Rose-Marie’s strong values and fun-loving natural ability to giggle all day long, is complimentary to the raw talent that listeners automatically appreciate. She simply stands apart from other singers; her pop/classical/jazzy twist of a beat is one of a kind, and tends to keep captivating fans.

Her humble attitude has led her thus far and there is no stopping her now. Rose-Marie is the “next big thing,” consistently rising alongside the future of music.


Single - Understand

Set List