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San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"CD Review from News Beacon"

CD Review from News Beacon

Rosemary’s Garden,
The CD is both impressive and brilliant.
Composed of 14 songs of which three are expected to shoot up the charts quickly. “Forever Lily is destined for FM airtime with its festive and easy to dance to tune. “Scary Song” comes together with an unprecedented combination of vocals and instruments. “Power Pop” displays the bands originality and depth of musicianship that will bloom into a digital download onto everyone’s play list.
Michael-Louis de Terre writes with a philosophical hand, which gently creates a world in each song where band members Ben Levy, Andy Johnson, and Ekko Gaha can glow in with remarkable expertise. “River Song” emphasizes the bands capable connection between each member in both lyrics and music. “I belong to you” is a wonderful song with a Rumba beat that will be a crossover into the growing trend of teenage ballroom danceable music.
Rosemary's Garden's-"La musique du Jardin" is an album that will help shape a decade looking for a musical identity.
Paul Parisi
Music/Movies/Television Division - News Beacon

"Rosemary's Garden- Royal Flush"

Style : Rock
Rate (1-5) :

Inspired by Charles Bukowski’s book “Women”, Michael-Louis De Terre, created ten tracks about love, sex and women for his new album the Royal Flush. The band that originates from L.A. brings with the Royal Flush his second installment, one that is totally different from their debut album. Where as the first album was quite dark, this one is full of up-tempo tunes and comes with huge hard rock/Rock and Roll atmosphere.

On “August” (she’s the one) they even sounds a bit like the Rollin Stones, but in general their sound is one of rough blues-rock with some roots influences. A typical example of this sound can be found on “Jack” that owes as much to ACDC as to George Thorogood. My first impression when I heard this album was actually the Replacements. I don’t know why but it was without doubt the voice of De Terre combined with the rebel sound that led me this way. Another tune that is worthwhile your attention is the ballad like “Stop this Beating of my heart”. It is also the only moment of tranquility you’ll get on this CD as the band quickly moves on to more rockin’ songs like the excellent “Queen of the Harpies” and “King”. Less rocking but equally good are “Hysterical Hysteria” (about the invention of the vibrator) and “Completely Beyond Me”. The album closes with “Cmon Cmon” maybe not the best tune of the album but still good enough to mention.

Royal Flush is a first class rock album that really marks a the quality of leader/producer De Terre. A five star inclusion without doubt.

Mr. Blue Boogie. - Billy Bop - Magazine from Belgium

"Rosemary's Garden - Royal Flush"


The Rosemary's Garden is a Los Angeles-based music formation, which is a bit of indie-rock Popp alloy in trying to create something lasting. The team debut album - La Musique Du Jardin was - created in 2009. The plate debut following years were spent mostly playing live with the band. It seems that the musicians were in the mood again, "cooking plate", as was recently released entitled the Royal Flush new production. The disc using the inspiration for Charles Bukowszki book, published in 1978 by the Women.

- Listening to the disc felt that the band tried to overseas commercial radio stations to please. In fact, the 10 number repertory mainly "radio-friendly" shots were drawn. These include, among others, this beathing Step Of My Heart (Torn In Two) and C'mon C'mon well. The Queen of the harpies and shows that the band are big fans of the Simpson Family's - We also popular - cartoon series.

- Royal Flush of similar quality is very structured compositions consolidated albums. Despite the fact that the indie-rock band's main musical line count of the number of musicians 'different direction' from the melody (pop, rock, folk, etc.). Belecsempésznek is the kompozícióikba. - HIFI CITY FROM HUNGARY

"Rosemary's Garden - Royal Flush"


Published March 27, 2013 at 23:52 by ROGER BENGTSSON
Second album by Rosemary's Garden from LA is supposed to differ quite a lot from the onset. Now it's honest pop / rock in an alternative upbeat format where The Jack stands out as one of the favorites.
But more than anything else is the Royal Flush a visually little strange revelation. Sure, you have read anything by Charles Bukowski, whose novella Women (1978) thematically inspired most of the songs you may not be surprised that much. But closer porrpop than this will at least not my record collection and although it probably hiding some push-significantly-the-border porn / gore / grind flat among hyllmetrarna are the cartoon ladies in the booklet and some of the lyrics no one may throw over whether one is neat to mind. But if you, like me, primarily listen to the music and let the other be of secondary importance when there is a lot to get at Rosemary's Garden. Michael Louise De Terre is a good singer, very can appeal to many, and besides the little rockier numbers, there is also the wonderful little calmer Stop This Beating Of My Heart Torn In Two to smile about.

"Rosemary's Garden - Royal Flush"

Michael-Louis De Terre (zang, gitaar en songwriter), Ryan Monk (drums), Jason Mezilis (bas, piano), Ben Levy (leadgitaar) en Brian Karscig (percussie) vormen samen de formatie ‘Rosemary’s Garden’ uit Los Angeles. De veelvoudig getalenteerde Michael-Louis De Terre is de charismatische spil van de groep als componist en frontman-zanger.

In 2009 debuteerde de band met het album “La Musique Du Jardin”, een donkere en akoestische plaat die in zowat alles verschilt van de nu verschenen opvolger “Royal Flush”, waarin de elektrische gitaren en de stevige pop- en rocksongs primeren. De radiohits “Adelaide” en “Hard Times” uit hun debuutplaat staan in schril contrast met de voornamelijk upbeat gebrachte nummers op deze tweede cd die in het Californische San Marcos werd opgenomen met Michael-Louis De Terre zelf in de producerstoel.

“Royal Flush” start bijna als een hardrockalbum via de song “O.N.E.” met stevige beats van bas en drums, scheurende gitaarklanken en dito zangwerk. Het is een dynamisch nummer over een meisje dat verlangend uitkijkt naar haar eerste orgasme, vandaar wellicht het etiket ‘Parental Advisory – Explicit Content’ op de cd-hoes, iets dat misschien ook wel geldt voor de inhoud van de song “Hysterical Hysteria” dat gaat over de voor dames historische uitvinding van de vibrator.

Het centrale thema van de meeste nummers op deze plaat wordt gevormd door vrouwen, liefde, sex, verlangen, relaties en verlies. Voor de songteksten zocht De Terre zijn inspiratie in het boek ‘Women’ van Charles Bukowski waarin deze auteur verhaalt over zijn positieve en negatieve ervaringen met de leden van het andere geslacht.

“August (She Is Gone)” is een Rolling Stones-achtig nummer, terwijl “The Jack” en “Queen Of The Harpies” opnieuw stevig rockend doorhameren. De eerste rustige song op “Royal Flush” is de pianoballad “Stop This Beating Of My Heart (Torn In Two)” (zie video). Het is meteen ook ons favoriete nummer op deze plaat en een song waarin de zangkwaliteiten van Michael-Louis De Terre extra in de verf worden gezet.

Niet alle tien tracks op dit album zijn van een gelijkwaardige, hoge kwaliteit. Zo was wat meer vijl- en schaafwerk aan “Walk Of Shame” en “Completely Beyond Me” deze songs zeker ten goede gekomen. De afsluiter “Cmon Cmon” is dan weer wel op niveau en zorgt er voor dat we toch het label ‘geslaagd’ aan dit van een behoorlijk hoge rock and rollgehalte getuigende album mogen bezorgen. (valsam)

“In comparison to their more acoustic debut album ‘La Musique Du Jardin’, the latest release ‘Royal Flush’ contains much more pop and rock and roll songs. L.A.’s band ‘Rosemary’s Garden’ and their front man Michael-Louis De Terre have been trying to demonstrate their diversity and variety in music in ten tracks which are, however, not all pleasing equally and will mainly appeal to the fans of upbeat rock music.” –


Michael-Louis De Terre (vocals, guitar and songwriter), Ryan Monk (drums), Jason Mezilis (bass, piano), Ben Levy (lead guitar) and Brian Karscig (percussion) form the band "Rosemary's Garden" in Los Angeles. The multiple talented Michael-Louis De Terre is the charismatic center of the group as a composer-singer and frontman.

In 2009, the band debuted with the album "La Musique Du Jardin", a dark and acoustic album that almost everything is different from the now published sequel "Royal Flush", in which the electric guitars and solid pop and rock songs prevail. The radio hits "Adelaide" and "Hard Times" from their debut album are in stark contrast to the mostly upbeat numbers placed on the second CD in the Californian San Marcos was recorded with Michael-Louis De Terre himself in the producer's seat.

"Royal Flush" starts almost like a hard rock album on the song "ONE" with strong beats of drums and bass, heavy guitar sounds and ditto vocals. It is a dynamic song about a girl who looks longingly at her first orgasm, then perhaps the label "Parental Advisory - Explicit Content" on the CD sleeve, something that perhaps applies to the content of the song "Hysteria Hysterical 'that is about the women's historic invention of the vibrator.

The central theme of most of the songs on this album are women, love, sex, desire, relationships and loss. For the lyrics sought The Terre his inspiration in the book "Women" by Charles Bukowski which this author recounts his positive and negative experiences with members of the opposite sex.

"August (She Is Gone)" is a Rolling Stones-like song, while "The Jack" and "Queen Of The Harpies" again firmly rocking by hammering. The first quiet song "Royal Flush" is the piano ballad "Stop This Beating Of My Heart (Torn In Two)" (see video). It is immediately also our favorite song on this album and a song where the vocal qualities of Michael-Lo - Rootstimes From Belgium in DUTCH AND ENGLISH

"Rosemary's Garden - Royal Flush"

Afgaande op de decadentie die je aantreft op het spuuglelijke hoesje van ‘Royal Flush’, opvolger van de debuutplaat, ‘La Musique Du Jardin’ uit 2009 van de L.A. band Rosemary’s Garden, vrees je het ergste. Wanneer er daarenboven ook nog eens het label ‘Parental advisory explicit content’ wordt opgekleefd grijpt de argwaan nog een stuk feller om zich heen.
Gelukkig loopt het niet zo’n vaart voor wat de muziek betreft. Michael-Louis De Terre (zang, gitaar, piano, harmonica), Jason Mezilis (bas, piano), Ben Levy (lead gitaar) en Ryan Monk (drums) serveren hier weliswaar een stevige pot rock, maar het ‘Parental advisory’ label slaat vooral op de teksten die nu en dan zwaar aangebrand uit de luidsprekers komen.
‘O.N.E.’ gaat bijvoorbeeld over een juffrouw die slechts één enkel orgasme wenst te krijgen.
In ‘Hysterical Hysteria’ hebben de jongens van Rosemary’s Garden het over ‘Mothers Little Helper, batteries required’, met ander woorden het gekende toestelletje dat dames best niet in de mond nemen om aldus nauwelijks te herstellen schade aan de tanden aan te richten.
Bij Rosemary’s Garden hebben ze nochtans goed naar The Rolling Stones geluisterd en dit komt tot uiting in een track als ‘King’ of de power ballade ‘Stop The Beating Of My Heart (Torn In Two). Bij ‘The Jack’ klinkt de gitaarsolo zelfs een beetje als Dick Dale.
De grootmoeder van Michael-Louis baatte een goktent uit die Rosemary’s Garden heette. Vandaar de naam van de band en de titel van de cd.
Wanneer je ouders geen enkele notitie van de Engelse taal hebben, zullen ze u zeker de toelating geven om ‘Royal Flush’ van Rosemary’s Garden in huis te halen.

Ivan Van Belleghem (3)
If you can deal with the heavy lyrics, then ‘Royal Flush’ by Rosemary’s Garden will appeal to you.


Rosemary's Garden: Royal Flush

Judging by the decadence that can be found on the case of 'Royal Flush', successor to the debut album, "La Musique Du Jardin 'in 2009 by the LA band Rosemary's Garden, you fear the worst. When the CD is also labeled "Parental advisory explicit content" is stucked grabs the suspicion still much more rampant.
Fortunately it is not that bad as the music is concerned. Michael-Louis De Terre (vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica), Jason Mezilis (bass, piano), Ben Levy (lead guitar) and Ryan Monk (drums) serve here although a sturdy pot rock, but the "Parental Advisory" label mainly refers to the texts now and then severely burnt from the speakers.
"ONE" is about a lady that only one orgasm wants to get.
In 'Hysterical Hysteria', the boys of Rosemary's Garden on the 'Mothers Little Helper, batteries required', in other words, the known device that ladies should not in the mouth thus hardly to repair damage to the teeth to align.
When Rosemary's Garden, they nevertheless good to The Rolling Stones listened and this is reflected in a track like 'King' of the power ballad "Stop The Beating Of My Heart (Torn In Two). In 'The Jack' the guitar sounds even a bit like Dick Dale.
The grandmother of Michael-Louis was operating a gambling joint in which Rosemary's Garden was called. Hence the name of the band and the title of the CD.
If your parents no note of the English language, they will definitely give permission to 'Royal Flush' Rosemary's Garden in the house!

Ivan Van Belleghem (3)
If you can deal with the heavy lyrics, then 'Royal Flush' by Rosemary's Garden will appeal to you.
- Keys and Chords from Belgium

"Rosemary's Garden - Q&A Interview With The Band"

Rosemary’s Garden
Posted on January 5, 2013
Standing out in the crowd of LA-based bands is Rosemary’s Garden, an alt/pop/rock act that doesn’t mind telling the masses, “Simply put, this band kicks more ass than yours!” The band has a raw style of performing, though balanced with truly talented players, and they have a new record out that you should take note of titled, Royal Flush.
We asked the guys to get into the collection; they tell us “You can expect the same sound found in our live performance; good, honest, in your mug, fun, high-energy, sexy rock and roll. It’s like good steamy sex that moves along at a dangerously break-neck pace and ends before the 35 minute mark leaving you wanting more. Our remedy is to just leave it on repeat! The CD, that is.” Check out Royal Flushand keep an eye out for more from Rosemary’s Garden. There’s much more to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: Rosemary’s Garden (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others in your genre?

We would describe our sound basically as alt/pop/rock, and what makes it stand out over others that in the same category of music is the sound of our singers voice and the raw style of his vocal delivery. This, and the band behind him has superior skills and thorough formal musical training that can match and compliment that level of intensity on stage and in the studio. Simply put this band kicks more a than yours!

PEV: Calling Los Angeles, California home, what kind of music where the members of the band into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

It was our singer solely who grew up in LA but he grew up going to a lot of punk and alternative shows. His first concert was The Dickies, Circle Jerks,and Bad Religion on the same bill. Ryan Monk is from upstate NY and loves Pearl Jam with a passion while Ben Levy is from DC and was more into progressive rock like Tool. Jason Achilles Mezilis who played bass on the CD is from North Cal and was weaned on metal.

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the music scene in your hometown, when you first started out as a band? What was your first show like together as a band?

Although we weren’t all from Hollywood originally that’s where we met and it all came together for RG. LA’s a REAL tough nut to crack with the amount of talent and legions of bands there.

Everyone in LA has a brother, uncle, cousin, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., etc. in a band, and in fact it’s so saturated that folks are tainted about it and so it’s very, very hard to get momentum there. Getting people to even clap in LA is an accomplishment. The strangest thing that happens in clubs in Hollywood is the room empties out and well hopefully refills after each bands set. In other words people come to watch their friend, lover, AA Sponsor, whatever then leave immediately after the set like ghost town style. Tumble weeds and all and so generally you’re not getting exposure to other bands fans. You’re playing to your own, that is it…

Can’t recall anything special about our first LA show however.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Rosemary’s Garden show?

A high-energy kick ass rock and roll show with no frills; just an in your face raw performance from exceptionally talented guys doing it in the way only we can. Another notable thing is that our singer being a multi-instrumentalist switches between piano, acoustic, electric guitar, and harmonica, so each song has a fresh aesthetic which keeps it much more visually interesting and entertaining while at the same changes the sound dynamic from song to song quite a bit. We always break a sweat for the audience, big or small doesn’t matter. We play every show as if it were our last!!

PEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage?

Where’s the beer? No seriously guys where’s the beer?

PEV: How has playing in Rosemary’s Garden different than working with other artists or projects in the past?

We just clicked with this one and that’s a special thing. We’ve all had bands in the past or even side projects presently but nothing gets our rocks off like Rosemary’s Garden does. It’s the real deal stuff!

PEV: What was the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do get your best ideas for songs?

Michael-Louis writes all the songs and he says all the best songs are about girls…

PEV: Thinking back to when you first started out do you ever look back at your career and think about your earlier days and how you’ve arrived where you are today?

Hmmm. Not so much (laughing).

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about the members of Rosemary’s Garden?

Some of us have a guilty pleasure for pop music like Lady Gaga and The Tings Tings but we won’t say who though.

PEV: Tell us about your latest release, Royal Flush. What can fans expect from this work?

You can expect the same as ou -

"Rosemary's Garden- Royal Flush"



For those who dig lively and pretentious straight-out no-bullshit rock’n’roll served up with loads of glee and gusto, this here be the album for you. Crunchy guitar riffs? Check. Fabulously raw-throated open up and holler vocals? Yep. Strutting basslines and fierce jumpin’ drums? Ditto. Almighty galloping beats and forward-ho speedy tempos? Yes, we got ‘em! Concise lyrics that cut right to the chase with admirable profane honesty and directness? Also present and accounted for. Shake it up with a surplus of grit, keep it simple, and play it loud, baby! - The World According to Wawrzyniak

"Rosemary's Garden - Royal Flush"

Rosemary’s Garden, Royal Flush
November 13, 2012By Skope

Removed from the acoustic leanings of their debut album, Rosemary’s Garden has returned with their follow-up, Royal Flush—10-tracks of L.A. Pop-laced Alt a la the Charles Bukowski novel, Women. Thematically, the album is rife with lyrical matter that all fall in the range of “love, sex and relationships.” The musicality has also taken a shift with producer, Brian Dobbs. This one is for fans of straightforward, to-the-face Rock & Roll leanings spiked with elements of raw indie.

“O.N.E” charges headlong into the album theme with up tempo guitar and thundering percussion leading the way into a lyrically-charged song about a woman who simply wants “one orgasm.” The guitar work is a prime mover on this rocker while lurking just below the surface is a slight vein of Social Distortion swagger. “August” leads with the heavy twangs of slide guitar over a foundation of Alt Pop sensibility while “The Jack” features gritty guitar interplay between drone strum work and effects-laden wails. The agro percussive pace carries this one along with lots of distortion and fuzz at the fills (this writer’s fave track on the album) and it just reeks of raw rawk. “Queen of the Harpies”, replete with jangle and driving chug chord tandem, continues the album subject matter. Again, front man Michael-Louis de Terre channels Mike Ness in another Social D-esque vocal delivery. With the driving Rock power behind him, the vocals work and continue to add a raw, organic “dirtiness” to the track (this writer’s second fave), which only adds to the honesty of the song. Rounding out Royal, is “Cmon Cmon” with its piano lead and slight backing percussion opener. Electric takes a slight back seat to allow the jangle piano melody to flow and rest just on top of the instrumentation. At the midpoint, guitar makes a slight appearance before returning to the tinkling melody. Again, this one is hallmark Alt Pop a la college radio.

In terms of RG’s new approach to their sound, I am all in. I like the honesty of it and the commitment of the group to allowing their music to do the talking. The instrumentation is tight and the musicality is good. I also like the ebb and flow of the album arrangement, giving appropriate tastes of differing highlights from track to track. I wondered if there were bands out there that were still just making good, legitimate Rock & Roll… I like the answer I got with Rosemary’s Garden. Start to finish, this is a four star album.

Christopher West – - Skope Entertainment Inc

"Rosemary's Garden - Royal Flush"

It's not that I necessarily have anything against indie folk, but when I hear a band name like Rosemary's Garden, my thoughts immediately turn to hushed lyrics over minimal guitar plucking, while people huddle in the fetal position to quietly weep over what they're listening to. And from what I had quickly read about La musique du jardin, the California quartet's 2009 debut, I'm apparently not too far off from a gentle, childhood-memories-meet-acoustic-guitar perspective. If that's your cup of Tazo tea, that's cool, but something obviously came over this band in the years since...

Rosemary's Garden's handle reportedly takes its inspiration from singer/songwriter Michael-Louis de Terre's grandmother. If Rosemary is still around today and got a taste of Royal Flush, she'd probably go red with embarrassment. It's quite the raunchy departure; it would seem that de Terre's vocals have become a lot more whiskey-raw, backed throughout by an infinitely more bluesy, almost ragtime rhythm. I wouldn't be surprised to tune into one of those genealogy reality shows and find out that de Terre is in fact related to George Thorogood. Somewhere in Rosemary's garden, there's a tree with "Destroyers" carved into it. OK, bad attempt by me at humor, but I'll tell you what's not a joke - How rocking this album is!

Luckily for Rosemary, it's not all drunken debauchery and palling around with the Devil. There are some nice, retrospective moments with piano accompaniment on "Stop This Beating of My Heart (Torn in Two)" and "C'mon C'mon". Some tracks, like "King" in particular, are also more hokey than folky. And if for no other reason, as a longtime Simpsons fan, anyone with a song called "Queen of the Harpies" instantly registers with me, as it was no doubt drawn from the 1991 episode The War of the Simpsons. It doesn't hurt that it has some kick-ass harmonica playing! Leave the indie folk in the proverbial backyard and come inside to have some fun; Royal Flush is a winning poker hand if ever there was. - Music Emissions

"Rosemary’s Garden – Royal Flush (CD)"

Rosemary’s Garden – Royal Flush (CD) / 2012 Self / 10 Tracks / /

O.N.E. opens up Royal Flush, and the track will immediately find its home with any listeners that find themselves digging alternative or traditional rock styles. Hints of Jet, AC/DC, and Cornershop can all be heard during this introductory salvo. The Jack strips things down, allowing the act to craft a blend of blues, surf, and psychedelic rock. This track opens with an extended instrumental introduction, ensuring that the vocals are highlighted when they kick in.

Royal Flush is a success based on each of the 10 tracks contained within, but I feel as if the production of the album is integral for its unqualified success. Stop This Beating of My Heart is a perfect example of this, allowing each element – vocals, piano, guitars – to succeed alone and as a whole. Completely Beyond Me is a perfect late-album track. The song allows Rosemary’s Garden to come forth with a new set of influences; listeners will be able to pull out bits of Nirvana, Mudhoney, and even the Meat Puppets before the track ends. Cmon Cmon closes Royal Flush; the act is able to let listeners down gently while still probing bold new avenues.

Royal Flush is an album that stays strong through the entirely of its runtime; Rosemary’s Garden is able to make their eclectic and unique rock style work, no matter what constellation of influences they may utilize. Make it a point to check out Rosemary’s Garden whenever they stop in a city around yours, and check out their Twitter or main website for more information about the band and any new efforts that they may release.

Top Tracks: Stop This Beating of My Heart, Queen of the Harpies

Rating: 8.3/10 - NeuFutur Magazine C/O James McQuiston 6065 Pebblebrook Ln #55 Kent, OH 44240


Rosemary's Garden debut CD titled "La musique du Jardin" Produced by Brian Dobbs (Metallica,ACDC,Bon Jovi,Aerosmith,The Cult etc) and Michael-Louis de Terre released on March 31st of 2009.

"Royal Flush" is the sophomore release for Rosemary's Garden and was engineered by Brian Karscig of Louis XIV
(Atlantic Records)
A track "Stop This Beating of My Heart (Torn in Two) has reported eight weeks in row on the Billboard Reporter Charts and has been spinning for several months on various commercial markets in the US. (Verifiable)

Here is a video of the song directed by
Ricardo Spencer (3 Time Best Rock Video Director MTV Brasil)

"The Jack" another track is featured on Rock Band 3

Here is the game demo and another clip for "The Jack" filmed on location in Brasil by Ricardo Spencer

Game Demo

Official Clip




Inviting fans to take another trip to check out Rosemary’s Garden, multi-talented front man
Michael-Louis de Terre has a perfect, crafty explanation for the L.A. based band’s shift from the often intense, dark, acoustic vibe of their 2009 debut “La musique du Jardin” to the upbeat, electric driven accessible alt pop/rock on their second full length set Royal Flush.

It was all about the explosive evolution of their live performances, as the group—including co-founding members Ben Levy (lead guitar) and Ryan Monk (drums)—performed over the past few years everywhere from Brazil to all the hotspots on the Sunset Strip (The Roxy, Viper Room, etc.) and across the U.S., creating a particularly strong fan base on the East Coast. The exciting result is a straightforward, high energy, fun rock and roll collection (also featuring Owl guitarist Jason Achilles Mezilis aka JAM on bass) that won’t surprise any fans who’ve seen them in action—and will no doubt expand Rosemary’s Garden’s legion of college radio fans; tracks like “Hard Times” and “Adelaide” from their first album that earned them airplay on 88 college radio stations across the country.

The sonic shift between albums is also significant in that “La musique du Jardin” was produced by
Brian Dobbs (Metallica,The Cult, Aerosmith, AC/DC), who discovered de Terre when he was fronting his previous band Gringo Star, which he started with fellow students at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. RG’s first album also featured bassist Chris Wyse (The Cult, Ozzy, Mick Jagger).

“More and more, I started wanting to create a set that felt rocking and validated not only me but all of us as musicians,” says de Terre. “I wanted to show my own diversity by playing different instruments during the set. I might open with electric guitar, then play piano or acoustic guitar on the ballads. We took some time off from the road to prepare and record the album that became Royal Flush and as it took shape, I felt I was tapping into a new kind of swagger, like a Stones record. Lyrically, it’s more topical and transparent too, finding fresh ways to express universal themes like pain, frustration, love and loss.”

Thematically, the majority of Royal Flush’s songs were inspired by “Women,” a renowned 1978 novel by transgressive fiction writer Charles Bukowski, which chronicles the many dissatisfactions the protagonist faced with each new women he encountered. Songs that boldly embody the themes of love, sex and relationships include the percussive, hard driving opener “O.N.E.” about a girl wanting just one orgasm; and the cleverly titled edgy pop tune “Hysterical Hysteria,” a whimsical reflection on a serious historical moment: the invention of the vibrator, which was sold in the Sears catalog as a household item six years prior to the appearance of the electric iron, early in the 20th Century.

Two tracks off the women theme that were written later in the process inspired the eventual album title Royal Flush which was engineered by Brian Karscig of Louis XIV (Atlantic Records). One is the rumbling, Dick Dale-influenced crowd pleaser “The Jack,” which rocks with the declaration, “I’ve got an angel and a devil, and we’re walking side by side.” The other is the raucous, super-swaggering “King,” written for a Gene Simmons produced TV series that never came into fruition about high-profile celebrity doctors in Beverly Hills. Another key track is the lush, piano centered power ballad
“Stop The Beating of My Heart (Torn In Two),” which showcases the gentler side of de Terre and Rosemary’s Garden.

“The album is essentially a bunch of good songs we love to play live,” de Terre says. “For us it’s all about getting up there and having fun onstage. We’ll never stop. We’ll never be satisfied”—which is great news for those seeking refuge through music and daring enough to jump the fence into Rosemary’s Garden.