Alternative rock band drawing influence from Muse, Brand New, Matthew Good, Smashing Pumpkins, Bright Eyes and In Flames. Live shows bounce between folk sing-a-longs, arena fist pumping choruses and hardcore-inspired breakdowns and build-ups.


Rosencrantz is comprised of four early-20s guys from Queens and Long Island, NY, where hardcore, emo and power-pop rule the day.

Mid-90s kids, the band draws influence from everything, not pigeon-holing themselves into a particular movement or genre but rather striving to create something they like to think is original in and of itself.

Drum beats range from post-punk danceable to hardcore driving. Bass lines run from constant to walking. Guitar parts steer through punk, avante-garde and grunge. Vocals vary from folky to emocore.

Rosencrantz has been together for four years, five recording sessions, dozens of songs and shows at dozens of New York's finest venues, from a sold-out Knitting Factory Main Space to Club Show in Times Square, Arlene's Grocery, The Chance in Poughkeepsie and the late great Downtown in Farmingdale as well as the Luna Lounge in Brooklyn and many other clubs. The have also advanced to the semi-finals of both the world wide Emergenza Festival and the Long Island Music Festival.


Beren's Gambit

Written By: Mike Esposito

It started with paralysis
And a single glowing orb
In the pitch black of a wilderness
When in only the silence of my sleep
An hallucination's broken by a face and a smile

And in the morning
There was sunlight
Where I never thought there'd be

Until the front gate's open
I'll have to scale her castle walls
Just to free her from her cell

(He's gonna get there someday)
(If she'd just throw down her hair)

Never have I ever
Seen one that I'd call Tinuviel
And never have I been the kind
To stare into the face of a wolf or two
But never have I ever been so brazen or so able to
Break the gates
Conceal the flash
And brave the crash
To steal away with you

In Through Me

Written By: Mike Esposito

I wonder if it's real
Let go of old suppositions that have been thrown out
There's nothing that surreal
Except a few little glimmer still beneath the light

I woke up today
With nothing to my name except the setting of the sun
I don't know what to say
Because what's the use of words when you're confined to only one?

When you walked in through me I felt alive
As I felt you die
One step closer to the starting line
When you see me know that this is not the time for me

I shut the lights
And stole through darkness that I wrapped tight around me, baby
I found your eyes, alright
When they're still empty can you still see me calling, maybe?

I broke out today
With nothing in my hands except a trembling silver key
And I knew what to say
I spoke to ghosts 'til they no longer cared to hear me

Will you sing for me when I can't find my way?
Will you sing for me, my siren?

Uncle Marcel's Traveling Trapeze Extravaganza

Written By: Mike Esposito

Save it for the audience
I've got an act but not a safety net
And you know there is nothing like the rush that comes
When the breath escapes their chests

I've got something

Right before you fade away
You take some solace in your solitude
An act is all you've meant to me

Save it for the audience
I'll be your quintessential M.C.
If you'll be on the trapeze that we cut from thirty feet
Right before you hit the ground
The last thing that you'll hear is thunderous applause


Written By: Mike Esposito

Keeping it in mind for another day
Wearing thin and out, nothing left to say
But I would run until I passed out
Just to feel the waves

A smile lost underneath the sheets
We can sell our lives on the nearest street
But I would run into the sun
Just to know the taste

Outlined there against the lights
A silhouette, a faded night
Who's given into wanton fantasies
Holding close to these storm clouds
He'll fight the air and scream it loud
But never will he make a sound at all

You'll see

Can you feel the air rise up to greet you
As you're walking up against the wall
Hands tied behind you, unable to break your fall?

Waiting on a saviour to redeem
As you lay in bed amongst the thralls
A shadow of what once was awaiting a call that won't come

Forget the name your mother gave you
The flames in which your father bathed you
They're both now gone, and aren't you enthralled?

You'll see

Everything that rises must converge


2004 -- Rosencrantz Demo (recorded at Lyric Studios by Frank Rocca)

2005 -- Horace and Utopia EP (recorded by Aady Pandit)

2007 -- The Manhattan Sessions EP (recorded at Institute of Audio Research by Dan Grigsby)

2007 -- Beren's Gambit EP (recorded at Cloud 9 Studios by Joe Napoli)

2007 -- Country Fried Rosencrantz (recorded at City College by Aady Pandit)

"The Fashion of Being a Malcontent" has been featured on college radio

"E-Line Propheterring" has been featured on college radio and the Long Island Podcast Network

"Beren's Gambit" has been featured on college radio, the Long Island Podcast Network, Gotham City Radio and The Only Hope Show

Music is, of course, available at

Set List

We've played from single sets to three sets in a night.

A typical single set-list lasting 45 minutes might look like the following, though it is changed from show to show:

Circus Introduction
Beren's Gambit
In Through Me
Uncle Marcel's Traveling Trapeze Extravaganza
The Folk Song
Roulette Messiah
Selling the World Short
Maius Imperium
A Short Story: Boogie You
I, Iscariot

Longer sets involve covers. We love playing older Weezer songs while mixing it up with anything ranging from Dashboard Confessional to Iron Maiden.