RoseOnyx is a team of escape artists who perform exciting and motivational escapes! Audiences identify with feeling restrained, cheer as they witness efforts toward freedom and then celebrate as the shared struggle results in exhilaration, motivation and hope!


RoseOnyx is not a team of magicians who perform escape illusions. Rather, RoseOnyx is a team of highly skilled professional escape artists who provide excitement, drama and comedy through the use of escapes. The show includes multi-sensory experiences as images and sounds are projected during the process of escaping. Some of the escapes performed are presentations of those faced by Harry Houdini while others are combinations of modern restraints and concepts designed to challenge the team’s abilities. Volunteers assist the pair by strapping or tying them into some of the escapes. Audiences cheer, laugh and embrace hope as they enter into the entertainment experience RoseOnyx brings.

Clyde has been performing and motivating audiences for several years and is now joined by his lovely wife, Sharon. Sharon is a natural when it comes to escapology and demonstrates her skills well as she faces very difficult challenges. Their common goal is to leave their audiences inspired as well as entertained. Their work seeks to motivate those who are feeling oppressed, restricted or otherwise restrained that they too might find the motivation they need to face life’s challenges. Your audiences will cheer, laugh and embrace hope as they enter into the entertainment experience RoseOnyx brings.


A promotional video is available upon request or can be viewed here or on our website at

Set List

A RoseOnyx performance includes 45 to 120 minutes of non-stop entertainment. Performance may include escapes from: Chain Jacket, Houdini Era Restraints, Strait Jacket, Modern Handcuffs, Chains, Rope, Padlocks, Combination Locks, Air-tight Confinements.