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"Lavish, Sensual, Gripping..."

"Her music is lavish and full of vibrant descriptions and imagery..."

"Her lyrics are sensual and extremely well worded, with a magnificent flow. The song, 'Shakin' my head' has strong Pop appeal that the listener won't be able to get enough of..."

"The emotion poured into the song 'Let Go' is truly gripping. The overall impact is attributed to the soulful performance..."

-Judges from Song of the Year
- Song of the Year

"Quotes from Various Press"

“Rose is an audio enigma of stunning proportions”
– United Global Artists, Los Angeles

“Her contemporary arrangements distinguish her from a swarm of up and comers who all sound like they were cut from the same cookie cutter. And people have noticed.” Pique Magazine

“Rosie, who has this amazing voice… She has an amazing pop range, but also a beautiful organic quality to her voice that captured the emotion in the song that we needed for it. She’s just so talented its sick.” Jake Brown, President Versaille Records. - Various

"Audio Enigma..."

Rose Reiter is an audio enigma of stunning proportions. Her mesmerizing blend of eclectic styles from pop to jazz & rock to folk encapsulate a hybrid originality as refreshing as a summer breeze

Rose Reiter is a paradox in the sense of her dynamics within a song; Glowing as a flickering ember & transforming into a full bore bonfire. This is exemplified in the song "One Day". It has a pulsing energy with it's rock driven pulse that has "hit" written all over it. This tune shows the diversity & power of Rose's muse

Contrasting subtlety, in "U Will Know" with its peaceful semblance of ambiance & smooth sleek movement, well showcases this Canadian chanteuse; & in songs like "Can't Go Back" with its lyrical tale of forward momentum & self discovery

The acoustic & plaintive exposition of "Everything" exudes a shimmering warm & earthy beauty, replete with a glowing chorus & ingenious bridge; Whereas "OK Alright" speaks of resiliency with a stark acoustic guitar to accompany her sonic sketches

Rose Reiter has a disarming quality of subtle magic in her music. Although at times the world weary forlorn artist in disguise, it is the simple vulnerable charm that attracts. This paradox is one of emotive parlance & poetic craft

Rose Reiter's vocal gifts are clearly pronounced. Her Credo is apropos in a world full of self doubt & perplexity; As is echoed in …Love Thy Self. It is impossible to not love the sonic scenery that is the artistry of Rose Reiter
- United Global Artists, LA

"Heck - we'll play!"

This Rose a song ‘Reiter'Debut CD catching lots of attentionBy Paul Andrew, The Pique MagazineWHO Rose ReiterWHERE AlpenRock HouseWHEN Feb.19Why is it that almost every time a singer/song writer recommends a song oftheirs, in order to get a good idea of their talent, it isn't the song youthink is the best on the CD?"If you're out of time, please take a quick listen to tracks 3, 5, 6 and7..." was the message from Vancouver's Rose Reiter when she e-mailed someadditions to an interview I had with her a couple weeks back. Fortunately, Iwasn't out of time and discovered a couple other tracks on the CD thatprobably impressed AlpenRock's management and confirmed a booking for the 25year-old musician.Not that the songs she mentioned weren't good because most of the 13 trackson Reiter's debut CD, called What I Don't Get, are solid compositions for adebut album. But she may not have heard the pseudo Eastern rhythms in HeavenKnows, the disc's second track, or realized the strong harmonies on 8 ofHearts near the end of the CD. But like any of the arts, beauty is in the(ear) of the beholder."I basically got the gig at AlpenRock House myself, after Gordon Barkerheard the CD, he called and booked our band, "Reiter said on the phone fromVancouver "So it was footwork, I guess."Perhaps. But a few of the songs on what I Don't Get are much more dancey andenergetic than tunes by some of the young Canadian female crooners lookingfor a major record label. Heaven help any female singer who relies solely onher voice and good looks to break into the music market. The odds arestacked against them. Reiter uses some edgy arrangements behind her strongvocals to give listeners some variety. As a result, it creates energy and afew good tunes."I had an opportunity to do this with another band, see the world, that kindof thing. And Gordon (Barker) compared me to Ivana Santili, which is nice.I'm really flattered by that. But song writing is my number one gift - and Iwrite a lot of songs. It's a whole different animal. I really want to getrecognized as a song writer. Some people think that female song writers allwrite their own stuff.. but many depend on other writer's material."Although Reiter's voice isn't as much pop music as someone such as Santili,she should be grateful. Her unpolished pipes, and to an extent grittycontemporary arrangements, distinguish her from a swarm of up and comers whoall sound like they were all cast from the same cookie cutter. And peoplehave noticed. CBC's Coastal Grooves interviewed Reiter on the radio andplayed a few of her songs, and even the harder edged CFOX radio in Vancouvergave the disc limited spins.Reiter says she's a full-time professional musician who, on the side, "worksas a software consultant and trainer" for a few companies in Vancouver.There are much worse positions to be in when trying to make the transitionfrom one lifestyle to another."Plus, I've owned LionEye Records in Vancouver for two years. And my CD ison the label."Reiter is no stranger to Whistler but has never performed here. AlpenRockHouse is a large venue for any established band to fill, never mind anupwardly mobile indie artist from the city, but she seems confident abouther chances of a good show."I know DJ Morgan at The Beagle and my stuff has been played in there,"Reiter said. "Actually, I dropped off the CD at AlpenRock and Gordon saidhe'd listen to it."Two days later he said he called me at 9:15 in the morning, said that helistened to it all day, and when could I come up and play in the nightclub."

- Pique Magazine

"Pop & Beauty"

"I believe Rose Reiter has something special to offer the contemporary female music category. U will know is a unique, well mixed, melodic journey through Roses world. U will know has JUST enough pop flavor to be an easy sell in the commercial market. Rose is also a natural unassuming beauty that some major label is bound to pick up on."
-- Ed Antisdel, -


2009 - January February: Back to NY to cowrite with several artists including Nadia Ackerman ( Various tunes co-written with Ackerman that have been released / currently being released.

2008: Various singles being released in conjunction with "Pay it forward" campaign. "Can't hold me back" videos released, "Tender Sky" released, "Pretty Bird" Released.

2008 (Nov 25): "Stairway to Heaven" - Versailles Records. Received acclaim for her version of this classic tune. Available on Itunes

2007: Advertisement for TC-Helicon for Voice Tone the "Create Pedal".

Oct 2006: "Let go" and "Phantoms" featured on the Canadian film "Crossed". Directed and Written by Rick Alyea. "Crossed" was selected for the FAIF International Film Festival.

July 2006: "Real v3.0" release date: Distribution in Canada, parts of US (New York, LA, Florida), UK and other parts of Europe. Full album, Contemporary Pop genre.

June 2004: "I Don't Wanna Fight"
Tina Turner Tribute album, U.S. release - Versailles Records, N.Y. (Features artists including Jeff Healey, Allanah Myles, and Tiffany. Distributed by Big Daddy Distribution)

Lead vocals on "Focus27" Score - various scenes
Feature film - Release date: TBA, Ron McCall, director

1999 - What I don't Get, full album, Lion Records,



"Her music is lavish and full of vibrant descriptions and imagery... Her lyrics are sensual and extremely well worded, with a magnificent flow. The song, 'Shakin' my head has strong Pop appeal that the listener won't be able to get enough of... The emotion poured into the song 'Let Go' is truly gripping. The overall impact is attributed to the soulful performance..." - Judges from Song of the Year

Writer, Vocalist, Pianist, Guitarist, Co-Producer

Rose's passion for writing and playing music was evident at the age of 3, when she began to play piano by ear. After various refusals from piano teachers to take her on (due to her tiny hands at age 3), her father finally found a music teacher who took her in and began conservatory training.

As the years went by, Rose studied dance, theatre, piano, guitar, and she always enjoyed live performance. In her teens, she began to do studio work (vocals) for a variety of projects, and also performed in Spain, Japan, and Canada for international festivals.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts (Germanic studies, Music, Theatre, history and english), she went on to start her 2 businesses: Lion Records, her indie label, and Direct Corporate Solutions, (Software training and Project management). Since the fall of 2008, she has made the leap and committed herself fulltime and solely to Lion Records.

With the kind and generous help from friends and industry contacts, her first album, "What I don't Get" was released late 1999 and received acclaim on the West Coast, and now, around the world via the power of internet.

She continued to work towards developing a home studio, so that she could capture more of what she was writing - as her name suggests, "Reiter" (pronounced "writer" and short for her legal name Hastreiter), she writes dozens of songs every year and now has a pre-production home studio that she and her husband work in (he is also a professional musician and composer).

Rose's vocal range reaches almost 4-octaves and she sings a variety of styles, and still lends her voice to the studio.

Her songwriting has won her several awards, and since she writes for a variety of genres, her style of writing varies - but for her own brand, Rose Reiter, her style is deeply emotional, connected to soul and insightful.