Roses For Panjo (feat. Tanya Leah)
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Roses For Panjo (feat. Tanya Leah)

Bronx, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF | AFTRA

Bronx, New York, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"'Somewhere Beautiful' - a Different Soundtrack of our Lives"

"...Maybe it's because my own mother passed away from a stroke almost ten years ago, or maybe it's because I have spent some time lately looking at the forgotten musical demographic of the over-forty but still breathing population of this country, that I am so moved by Tanya Leah's "Somewhere Beautiful" project.

A successful songwriter and producer with the #1 song "Stand" as well as the recently-released "All About Maggie" debut CD to her credit, Ms. Leah has set about crafting a group of songs to reach her father, who suffered a massive stroke over a year ago and continues to be trapped in a body, frequently agitated and frustrated, but also present and very much alive.

In the process of her daily hours spent with him, she searched for ways to soothe him, calm him and make him happy, and what was birthed in the process was songs that can make us all feel better. It is what she refers to as "happy-making" music.

Thanks to the resurgence of the "independent artist" and websites such as Kickstarter and social media like Facebook, projects like Ms. Leah's "Somewhere Beautiful" can be funded and put out into the world to do the most good for the most people. That is a very different mindset with which to undertake something than the current industry standard. But it is this writer's bold assertion that original projects such as this one can be both meaningful as well as financially viable, if for no other reason than the sheer number of people impacted each year by either illness or other personal trials of which there are never a shortage.

Who on the East Coast hasn't suffered massively this past week? Who anywhere, for that matter, hasn't had a rough go of it recently? (Even Mitt Romney's got to be a little bummed out, don't you think?) Who doesn't need to get away and go "somewhere beautiful?" We all do. And with Tanya Leah's music, we all can."

Ilene Angel, The Huffington Post - Ilene Angel - THE HUFFINGTON POST

""Somewhere Beautiful" Album Review"

“These songs sing with the kind of exquisite sophistication that can only live in the simplest and truest things. Tanya's beautiful tapestries of melodies and words are greater than the sum of their parts and make me forgive my own humanity. So this is what it feels like not to have to strive for joy - but to just be joy - Terah Cox (Author of “The Story of Love and Truth” & "You Can Write Song Lyrics")

"Tuesday Music Review"

Somewhere Beautiful by Roses For Panjo is one of those albums that I listen to and can’t get enough of.
From the first few notes, I fell in love with Tanya Leah’s crystal clear and spellbinding voice. Created for her father after he suffered a stroke to help soothe him, Somewhere Beautiful is a mellow album that you’ll want to put on repeat.
While not designed as children’s album, it is great as a family album, and something you could put on while reading books or getting ready for bed. Tanya Leah’s sound is a similar flavor to Shawn Colvin or Norah Jones, and shines on her latest album.
Standout songs on the album include the uplifting title track “Somewhere Beautiful”, the upbeat “Signs of Spring” and her dreamy rendition of “What a Wonderful World. - Gina Jacobs Thomas - FULL OF IT (blog)

"Tanya Leah gives "Roses For Panjo""

“Her most recent album begins with the flowing melody of "Somewhere Beautiful" and continues with the gentle advice of "Sail"... Tanya takes on the inspirational "What A Wonderful World" with ease and grace, before closing with the smooth, mellow jazz of "Dream With Me." - J. Pasinski - RECORD-JOURNAL

"New album is fond letter to artist’s Riverdale father"

Tanya Leah sits on the couch in her apartment, ukelele in hand. She is poised to play the first song on her new album, “Somewhere Beautiful.”... - Maya Rajamani - THE RIVERDALE PRESS


As a writer, I have been lucky enough to have had numerous other artists record my songs.  Here is a link to view some of those records, if you'd like to see more info on that:

As an artist, I seem to release an album every 14 years or so... :)
My first release was called "Emerging" (2000, Titania Records), and now I've released this project called "Roses For Panjo"(2014, Blue Feather Records).

This latest project is near and dear to my heart, as the songs were written for my father who is ill.  I didn't really feel like I had a choice - those songs compelled me to create them, and dragged me back into the studio!  I'm grateful for it, though, as the result has been a creation of pure love and intention.




"Roses For Panjo" is a band made up of Tanya Leah, an award winning, platinum-selling songwriter/artist/producer, and a whole bunch of her friends who just happen to be fantastic, world-class musicians (who play with Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Rod Stewart, and many other top-tier artists). 

The music for this project was inspired and specifically created to soothe and uplift the spirits of her artist/musician dad, Ira "Panjo" Wollen, who suffered a devastating stroke in 2011.  In her desire to help ease his suffering during his lengthy and ongoing struggle, she wrote and recorded the songs that have since become the album titled, "Somewhere Beautiful."

Though the songs were written with her dad in mind, they are universal in their appeal, and are really for anyone who may need a little hope, sunshine, and a sweet place to escape to (without having to go anywhere at all).

What others are saying about Roses For Panjo:

Who doesn't need to get away and go 'Somewhere Beautiful?'  We all do. And with Tanya Leah's music, we all can.
Ilene Angel (The Huffington Post)

“Somewhere Beautiful by Roses For Panjo is one of those albums that I listen to and can’t get enough of.  From the first few notes, I fell in love with Tanya Leah’s crystal clear and spellbinding voice...” 

~ Gina Jacobs Thomas ( - music review blog)

"These songs sing with the kind of exquisite sophistication that can only live in the simplest and truest things."
                        Terah Cox (author of "The Story of Love and Truth")

"The music itself is soothing, pretty, bright, and warm, a very real artistic incarnation of genuine love."
                        Sean McCauley (Mondo blog)

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