Rose's Devotion

Rose's Devotion

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Rose's Devotion live, is more than just the music. There are recordings for that. Rose's Devotion puts more on than just a gig, puts on a show. Creating atmospheres with lush sounds, lights and images that leaves the crowd in a state of surrealism not found in many bands today.


The beginning of Rose's Devotion can be found in the ashes of Nostalgia. A short lived band, Nostalgia, saw Danix grow more experimental and gave him the confidence to venture into unkown territories. Danix, after being an integral part for many bands, decided to begin this journey after Nostalgia faded away due to internal conflicts.

Named after a ficticious character inside a short story Danix wrote years ago, Rose's Devotion would slowly evolve from an idea into a vehicle to tranport soundscapes and imagery. And so, Danix became enamoured with the magic that multitracking can be, embarking into the recording of what would be "The Prophesy EP".

After many offers, Danix decided to tranform Rose's Devotion from an exclusive studio project into a live band. With the help of a revolving cast of friends, Danix took Rose's Devotion to the stages of NYC, PA, NJ and many places in between. Like so, meeting many other bands, musicians gaining mutual respect, introducing Rose's Devotion into the underground music scene.

Radio interviews later, countless shows, an EP finished and a second one brewing, the journey has just begun. Rose's Devotion and its devotees can only multiply...


"The Prophesy EP"
"Mountains EP"
first single off the Mountains EP now streaming on

Set List

With two EPs recorded plus a full length album being written and many b-sides, Rose's Devotion live show changes constantly primarily depending on the "feel" of the show. Many fan favorites are however staples of the live show including the singles "She Said", "The Moon". The show opener "This Face" was debuted live a year before it was even properly recorded and quickly became a crowd pleaser.