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Seven Magpies

Written By: Rosie Bell

Seven Magpies

On my pillow there's mascara,
And my eyes are salty red,
Patch my face up in the mirror,
Another day of lead.
And my work is never finished,
Deadlines come and gone,
My status has diminished,
Will they keep me on?

Meet my friends and we go drinking,
As we play our social game,
I wonder if they are thinking,
She never says his name.
Half my life is left unspoken,
What is it that they suppose?
They may guess my heart is broken,
But no-one really knows.

I'm so superstitious,
Fate's upon my side,
Omens look propitious,
But every sign has lied.
Riffling through the papers,
Read his horoscope,
All those silly capers,
For those who live by hope.

I see seven magpies perching,
Here's my sorrow, where's my joy,
Where's the girl? and I'm still searching,
For that baby boy.
Now my hair is showing silver,
Where's my ring of precious gold.
All I'll have to keep for ever -
A secret that's not told.

Urban Fox

Written By: Rosie Bell

Urban fox - can you hear him shrieking,
Shrieking out like murder in the park,
Longing for the mate that he is seeking,
Anguish keening in the wintry dark.

Under a cold sky,

Half-instinctive, half-creative creatures,
World too complex for our hybrid brain,
Navigate when fog hides all the features,
Map that no-one ever can explain,
Blundering, we always lose our bearing,
Passions cross intelligence and will,
And the final goal to which we're steering,
Thought of it strikes with a bitter chill.

Under a cold sky,
Under a cold sky,
Under a cold sky.

Join the dots between the things that happen,
What's the picture? couldn't we be told?
Astrologers turn stars into a pattern,
But oh those stars they look so white and cold,
Under a cold sky
Under a cold sky
Under a cold sky