Rosie Soul and the Rock & Roll Cowboys

Rosie Soul and the Rock & Roll Cowboys

 Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA

Rosie Soul & the R&R Cowboys are the hottest party band on Earth. They are the largest drawing band in central VA, setting attendence and bar sales records at every turn. Thier nonstop, high energy set of original and cover Rock & Roll keps the dance floor packed. ALWAYS a party at a Rosie show.


It began with a question. What would it sound like if Tina Turner was the lead singer of AC/DC? The soaring, soulful voice of a great female blues singer over crushing guitars and a powerhouse rock and roll band. When the pieces came together, it was evident that Rosie Soul and the Rock N Roll Cowboys was a force to be reckoned with. From the very first time this band took the stage, people knew they were witnessing something special. Within just a few weeks the buzz was all over. The band quickly became the largest draw in Richmond, setting attendance and bar sales records wherever they went, and playing some of the largest events in the area. A Rosie show quickly become known as a spectacle, an unparalleled rock n roll concert. A phenomenal band fronted by the outrageous Rosie Soul, whose powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence keeps the crowds on their feet and on the dance floor all night long. In 2012, Rosie and the Boys garnered Style Weekly Magazine's coveted Best Band in Richmond Va honors. With a January 1, 2013 release, the band's debut record Serial Thrilla has Rosie Soul and the Rock N Roll Cowboys poised to launch from being the undisputed heavy weight champ of the Central Va music scene into the East Coast circuit and beyond...


Let's get f'ed up- Single
Crimson Society-Single
Serial Thrilla- EP
Song of Orion- Single

Set List

The set list is tailored to the venue. Originals only, or covers made up of the best Rock N Roll and party music from every decade. AC/DC to Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder to Iron Maiden. Family friendly to R rating.