Rosin Coven

Rosin Coven


A strangely beautiful mix of classical, jazz, chamber, fiery tango, wild klezmer, sultry lounge, dark cabaret, and cinematic dreams. Eight musicians create a theatrical blend of violin, two cellos, bass, guitar, harp, vibraphone, trombone, drums & lush vocal harmonies.


Rosin Coven is the World's Premiere "Pagan Lounge Ensemble"; eight musicians blend voices, cellos, contrabass, accordion, violin, guitar, trombone, vibraphone, drums, and percussion to create their own style of theatrical cabaret. Edith Piaf does the cha-cha with Charles Mingus, Eric Satie tangos with Sun-Ra, and Kurt Weil broods over Doris Day. Rosin Coven presents an irreverent yet elegant balance between musicianship, poise, theatricality, and humor. They're found where you least expect nightclubs, theatres, parks, festivals, museums, deserts, parades, galas, and foreign lands.

"An umpteen-piece band full of pale-faced, velvet-clad cool cats playing everything from cello and contrabass to accordion, the group falls on a continuum between Rocky Horror camp and medieval danse macabre. The members of Rosin Coven, a Berkeley-based troupe with a vigorous following, look and sound like well-traveled carnies with formidable heaps of classical training; the roguish ensemble is even easy on the eyes." - SF Weekly, August 2006

And now... the Ladies:

Carrie Katz as Midnight Rose: vocals, guitar, harp, alchemy - "Welcome to The Pagan Lounge" beckons our darling host Midnight Rose. The year is 1996: she has the vision of a jazzy, loungey, dark, and strangely beautiful ensemble where everybody comes together to create that which they could not do alone: alchemy through music. Midnight's life has been filled with art and music since her earliest days; she was raised on a steady diet of Broadway and cabaret, had a brief fling with New Wave, and studied art and film at the Art Institute of Chicago. She brings her passion for alchemical transformation to her work as a somatic & expressive arts psychotherapist, working with individuals, couples, teens and children, and presenting workshops for serious play.

Lila Sklar as Jasmin Garden - violin, vocals - specializes in Balkan and Middle-Eastern styles as well as having roots in western classical and improvised musics. Jasmin has been playing the violin since the age of four, and studied for many years with assistant to Jascha Heifetz and Sherry Kloss. She has toured and performed extensively throughout the US, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East playing with such groups as Joanna Newsom, Bjork, Bauhaus, The Tokyo Youth Philharmonic, The Quarta Dolce Quartet, Gypsy Caravan, Land Of The Blind, and Sherefe. Lila has also participated in a nationwide tour playing Turkish Sufi music with vocalist Latif Bolat. You can see her in several local Bay Area bands including The Toids, Za'atar, and 3Spell.

Beth Vandervennet as Gingerbread Candy Monahan: cello,vocals - Gingerbread Candy, the woman responsible for the Coven's fiery Jalousie, moody Empty Jar, and sinister Dybbuk's Dirge, is no stranger to string ensembles. She is a professional, classically trained player who performs with the Oakland East Bay Symphony, the Santa Rosa Symphony, and Marin Symphony as well as Principal Cello in Vallejo Symphony. Rosin Coven allows her to leap out of the classical world and trade her formalwear for whips, leathers, and lashes. You'll never know where her boa might land. Let us just say, look out for the lady behind the ladies, because this Gingerbread is hot!


Menagerie (2004)
Live in The Pagan Lounge (2002)
SF2000: A Time Capsule (compliation - 2000)
Penumbra (1999)
Hippopotamus Polka EP (1998)

Set List

Our sets can vary from 30-90 minutes, with a 50-60 being standard. We can play up to 3 sets of original music without repetition. We hardly do any covers, with the exception of Dan Hicks' "I Scare Myself" and some excerpts of classical scores.