Rosin Coven

Rosin Coven


A strangely beautiful mix of classical, jazz, chamber, fiery tango, wild klezmer, sultry lounge, dark cabaret, and cinematic dreams. Eight musicians create a theatrical blend of violin, two cellos, bass, guitar, harp, vibraphone, trombone, drums & lush vocal harmonies.

Band Press

"vaudevillian theatricality and the precise elegance of a chamber orchestra" – Flavorpill SF

"Rosin Coven, the Bay Area's much beloved "pagan lounge" players, need little introduction. The classically trained instrumentalists attack strings and percussion with a blend of vaudevillian theatricality and the precise elegance of a chamber orchestra." – Tanya Feldman, Flavorpill SF (May 21, 2008)

"a suggestive melange..." – SF Chronicle

"A suggestive melange of tango, chamber exotica, junk opera, and bonyard instrumentals, the group lurks in the cob webbed corners of cabaret."

"Listen Up!" Guide to Bay Area Music – SF Weekly

"This seven-, eight-, sometimes nine- or ten-piece lounge act blends cabaret, jazz, and danse macabre for an effect not unlike the soundtrack from Broadway's Sweeny Todd. The brooding strings, wailing horns, and ethereal voices of vocalists Midnight Rose and Elyea Zeker are bewitching, but it's the group's sense of humor that steals the show."

"wowing audiences from the SF Bay Area and around the world..." – Teaparty Magazine

"For the past seven years, this colorful troupe has been wowing audiences from the SF Bay Area and around the world with its unique fusion of musical/theatrical alchemy via performances that conjure up a late-night cabaret that channels Burning Man's love of crazy costumes and unabashed silliness...Part of Rosin Coven's charm lies in it's playful juxtaposition of the serious and the absurd. Classically trained cellists are free to brandish whips and parade around in hot pink beehives. Audiences, in turn, have license to let their hair down and revel in a no-strings attached good time."

"See and Be Seen" – SF Weekly

"Imagine, if you will, the raw sexiness of cabaret complemented by moth-eaten aesthetic flourishes -- the operatic purring of a lead chanteuse named Midnight Rose, a gloomy bass jokily overlaid with a whiny vibraphone, and the ominous enchantment of commedia dell'arte puppetry. Naturally, we're describing Rosin Coven, the self-titled "World's Premiere Pagan Lounge Ensemble," the kind of act that has genre dogmatists scratching their heads.

An umpteen-piece band full of pale-faced, velvet-clad cool cats playing everything from cello and contrabass to accordion, the group falls on a continuum between Rocky Horror camp and medieval danse macabre. The members of Rosin Coven, a Berkeley-based troupe with a vigorous following, look and sound like well-traveled carnies with formidable heaps of classical training; the roguish ensemble is even easy on the eyes."

"rollicking rhythms and hummable melodies..." – SF Weekly

"The rollicking rhythms and hummable melodies of "March of the Modern Pagans" and the high-drama beat of "Beyond the Crimson Planet" could very well spur devotees to strut Cat in the Hat-style around the home entertainment room."